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TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 12)


"REYYY!! REY!!" Shouted Sharon for the nth time now.

"Kya hai Sharon?" Asked Rey a bit irritated.

He had'nt slept properly the whole night.

"Mai kaisi lag rai hoon?" Asked Sharon.

"Isskiliye uthaya?" Asked Rey again.

"Shut up i need to impress Swayam's family and you too so get up. 10 min mein pooja shuru hone wali hai." Sharon spoke.

Rey got up in haste and went for a bath. Swayam came in the room and noticed Sharon.

"Tumpe indian bahut accha lagta hai!" Swayam complimented.

"Thank you!" Sharon blushed.

" chalo ab late ho rha hai! Rey kahan hai?" Asked Swayam. 

"Aa rha hai! Waise tumhari family muje like karegi na?" Asked Sharon.

"Kyun nai karegi? Itni pyaari lag rai ho." Said Swayam lovingly.

Thats when Taani entered.

"Sorry sooryyy sorryyy!" Taani turned back.

"Overact mat karo. Chalo ab!" Said Swayam laughing.

"Rey?" Asked Taani.

"Nah rha hai!" Said Sharon.

Three of them left.

The person who is the closest to Arohi had to do the pooja. Taani did the pooja. She by her actions told Sharon to cover her head and she did so. Swayam just stood there adoring both of them.

Rey entered making no noice and stood behind so he does'nt get noticed of coming late.

He was finding Taani. There she stood with the aarti ki thali in her hand doing the pooja. He changed his place and stood and her extreme right to have a proper view. Rahul who was observing this just smiled.

"How ethernal did she look covering her head with that dupatta! She looked liked an angel!" Rey mentally noted. 

The pooja was over. Taani was serving everyone the prasad. At the end she reached Rey. Her eyes were downcast and hands reaching up to him to give him the prasad. He took it and his hand brushed hers. She quickly moved away and left for other arrangements.

"Vo aise nai manegi! Bahut pareshaan kiya haina tune usse? Bhav khana toh banta hai uska!" Said Rahul as he stood beside Rey.

"What?" Said Rey.

"Did Taani tell him everything?" Rey wondered.

"Taani mujse kch nai chupati!" Rahul answered his thoughts.

"Ohh!!" Replied Rey now uncomfortable.

"Chill! Kha nai jaunga tuje mai" said Rahul taking Rey near the kitchen.

"Kya karu? Pyaar karta hoon usse aur vo hai ki.." Rey could'nt complete.

"Pyaar ka kya hai? Vo toh vo bhi tujse karti hai! Baat ye hai ki tune uski feelings ka mazak bana ke rath diya. Aachanak se ek din vapas aake agar tu kahe ki lets start fresh toh aisa thodi na hota hai bhai!" Explained Rahul.

"Toh mai karu toh kya karu?" Asked Rey.

"Mai teri help kar sakta hoon afterall Arohi ke baad mai hi hoon jo uski raag raag se vakif hai... Par.. You need to promise me ki agli baar aisa kch nai hoga! Aur agar hua toh mai tere chehre ki geography badal dunga!" Said Rahul.

"I promise Rahul! Usske saath aisa phir kabhi nai hoga!" Replied Rey.

" Then listen. Ye jo tu aage peeche uske ghoom rha hai usse kch nai hone wala. Taani ko manane ke liye sirf ek choti si cheez karni hai sur vo kch zyaada keemti nai hai. Usse apna thoda time aur undivided attention de. See Taani ek demanding ladki nai hai par usne hamesha apne price charming ke sapne dekhe hai usse pura kar vo maan jayegi. Emotional dhakan hai vo! She will melt!" Explained Rahul.

Rey looked confused but soon a grin appeared on his face.

"I hope you understood what i mean." Said Rahul.

"Yes!! Thank you so muchh!! Maine tumhe pehle galat samja tha! Taani is really lucky to have you by her side. Thank you! I now know what to do!" Replied Rey and sped off.

Rahul stood there smiling and left for his place.


It was the mehendi ceremony of Arohi. She was very happy. Taani and her friends were dancing for her. Soon Taani also sat for mehendi. 

Taani's eyes serched for Rey but was'nt there. All were present excluding him. A girl came to her and said that the gas in the kitchen was not closed properly.

Taani ran to the kitchen to find everthing ok. She turned to find Rey. She was about to scream but Rey put his hand on her mouth. 

"Mai hoon" said Rey.

"Kyun ho?" Said Taani irritated.

Rey picked her up in a bridal style and took her to dark corner of the garden where people never used to come thats what he heard from Swayam last night. 

Taani was astonished to see the decorations there. It was full of sorry's. He heart actually melted t the sight but she managed to put up a straight face.

She turned around to see Rey but he was'nt around.

"What the heck? He brings me here and leaves just like that?" Muttered Taani under her breath.

Taani was really angry now. She saw a little unussual kind of spotlight. She looked up to find a torch uo there. She giggled looking at the torch used as a spotlight.

Suddenly 2-3 more torches were also providing spotlights. She was about to leave when She felt Rey.

 Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon

Taani heard someone sing.

Ke Aarzoo Jagaoon

He turned around to find no one.

Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon
Ke Aarzoo Jagaoon

She again turned around to see Rey close to her.

Agar Tum Kaho

Rey was on his knees. 

Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon
Ke Aarzoo Jagaoon
Agar Tum Kaho
Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon
Ke Aarzoo Jagaoon
Agar Tum Kaho

Rey danced around her as she was his most priced possession.

Tum Ko Bulaoon
Yeh Palkein Bichaoon

He bought her closed to him, lowered his eyelids.

Kadam Tum Jahan Jahan Rakho

He took his hand head and told signaled to walk.

Zameen Ko Aasman Banoo

Rey bought a artificial blue cardboard and made her stand on it showing it to be sky.

Sitaroon Se Sajaoon
Agar Tum Kaho

He again went on his knees and stared at her lovingly.

Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon
Ke Aarzoo Jagaoon
Agar Tum Kaho...
Main Titliyoon Ke Peeche Bhagoon
Main Jugnuoon Ke Peeche Jaoon
Ye Rang Hai, Woh Roshni Hai
Tumhare Paas Dono Laoon

He ran across the artificial garden he had created.

Jitni Khushbooain
Baag Mein Milein
Haan, Jitni Khushbooain
Baag Mein Milein
Main Laoon Wahan Pe
Ke Tum Ho Jahan
Jahan Pe Ek Pal Bhi Thairoon
Main Gulsita Banaoon
Aga Tum Kaho

He took some rose petals and showered it on her.

Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon
Ke Aarzoo Jagaoon
Agar Tum Kaho...

He bought some fairy tale books and kept in front of here and danced.

Agar Kaho To Main Sunaoon
Tumhe Haseen Kahaniyaan
Sunoogi Kya Meri Zubani
Tum Ek Paari Ki Dastaan

He came near her telling her she was the 'pari'

Ya Main Karoon
Tumse Baiyaan
Ya Main Karoon
Tumse Baiyaan
Ke Raja Se Rani
Mili Thi Kahan

He showed her a picture of boys room where the met the first time.

Kahaniyoon Ke Nagar Mein
Tumhe Le Ke Jaoon
Agar Tum Kaho
Tum Ko Bulaoon
Yeh Palkein Bichaoon
Kadam Tum Jahan Jahan Rakho

He put tge rose petals around her whereever she walked.

Zameen Ko Aasman Banoo
Sitaroon Se Sajaoon
Agar Tum Kaho
Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon
Ke Aarzoo Jagaoon
Agar Tum Kaho
Haan, Agar Tum Kaho

She jumped here and there and finally sat on his knees in front of Taani with a rose in his hand,

"I love you Taani" said Rey loving looking in her eyes.

Taani's eyes were filled with tears. She bent to him took the rise and hugged him tightly.

"I love you too Rey!" Replied Taani.

After sometime they parted to see the gang there. Rahul had tried to keep Arohi & Atjun away from the garden but it did'nt. 

Tears flowed from Arohi's eyes. She never knew that her little sister could keep such a big secret from her.

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