Monday, 9 June 2014

AsYa SS: Fangirling Over Mangalpur (Chapter 2)

Zoya's POV

I woke up to find a Mr. Khan's hand firm on my midthigh which were bare i wonder how and Mr. Khan's other hand on my belly.

He looked cute though. I removed the duvet around me as it was too hot.

"I know climate darling you are really hot but you dont need to show it off all the time dude!" 

Mr. Khan's hand just lay below my private asset on my mid thigh. I blushed. Then i realized i had'nt worn my undergarment. I quickly checked for my bra and even it was'nt there. I checked myself to realize i was just in a knee length bathrobe which had come up so much to reveal me due to my stupid sleeping positions.

Mr. Khan's hand moved up near my private part and i felt goosebumps. He was sleeping but i was turned on. He is hot. I came back to reality. I removed his hand and pulled my bathrobe down trying to remember something. I realized i was'nt in Mangalpur anymore. Mr. Khan had bought me home. 

"But how did i come on his bed naked only in a bathrobe? Vo muje puche bina kuch aisa vaisa nai kar sakte." I knew that.

Everything came back to me. From getting burried to recieved mouth to mouth breath from Asad.

He kissed me. I blushed. Thank god it was him. I put my hand in his hair and kissed them.

I remembered myself uncomfortable with the dirt around me. I had heard the doctor tell him to keep me clean as was on speaker. I remembered him being nervous about giving me bath. My eyes popped out.


Now what i remembered made me laugh. He had tried to put water on my face to wake me. I was indeed awake but had no strength to reply to him. I was'nt awake though but my subconscious mind was wide awake maybe thats why i remember everything. 

"He had given me a bath. I could not do anything even if he did anything with me but this man always amazes me. I love you Mr Khan. I always did! But today i realize you love me too. Its high time to admit now. But hell whenever he wakes up things are going to be very awkward but i cant loose him. Never."

I blushed at the memory of him deciding that i was so comfortable in the bathrobe and i indeed am. I giggled. I should be shy here but somehow i dont mind because it was him and i know if i am with him then everything is going ro be alright.

"I ll make something for him." I decided

I tried to get up but my body ached so much that i could not do that. My slight movement waked him up.

"Zoya?" Said Asad as he woke up.

"Yes Mr. Khan I'm here!" Zoya replied. 

They stared at each other for a while. There was a awkward silence. 

"Miss Farooki, i can explain! It was'nt my fault. I had no bad intentions. It was just the situation which forced me to... Clean you up..." Asad said finally.

Zoya smiled.

"I know Mr. Khan! Till I'm with you nothing bad can happen. I trust you with my dignity. I mean what i said Mr Khan. Dont worry!" Said Zoya cupping his face.

Asad was amazed. He almost had tears in his eyes.

"She trusted me with her dignity? So easily? Does that mean she loves me too? If yes i need to learn to express my feelings! I cannot loose her!" Thought Asad.

"Kya hua Mr. Khan?" Asked Zoya.

"Kuch nai! Aap change kar lijiye. Mai aapke liye breakfast laata hoon!" Said Asad quickly trying to move away.

"Mr. Khan I'm not able to get" started Zoya.

"Kahiye na Miss Farooki!" Said Asad.

"Can you help me dress a little! Phuphi and Najma can be here any moment i dont want them to witness all this." Zoya explained.

"Butt..." Asad started.

"How does that matter you have already seen it all." Zoya blurted out.

Zoya was flushed. She mentally kicked herself.

Asad without any more arguement moved out to her room towards her cupboard to find her clothes. He came back locked the door and closed the curtains. Both were in a wierd kind of situation. He took her clothes to her. He had bought two pieces of everything. Two undies, two pyjamas and two tops. She selected one pair of clothes while threw off the other pair on the nearby dressing table. Asad rolled his eyes.

He helped her get off that bathrobe. She kept on looking at him but he did'nt look at her. He just concentrated on his work.

"Just imagine you are dressing Najma's barbie" Asad mentally told himself.

He just could not believe that she allowed him to do this and here it was him who thought she would not even look at him the next day.

Asad was just helping her. When she used to call he used to help the other time he used to turn and stand. Zoya was deeply in love with this guy now. 

The hooks of her bra were not getting closed. This was bad how can she call Asad for this now. Finally she called him and he without any expressions hooked it. While doing that his hands accidently touched her breasts. He took them back just as she had just given him a shock. She smiled shyly. He made her wear her kurta and picked her up. He took her to the kitchen and placed her on the platform. 

"Here is your food. I made all these sandwiches and soup yeaterday for you!" He declared.

"Thank you" she said.

"With your Ipad" he added with a grin.

Zoya's face was as if she had just seen a horror movie.

"I guess even you have seen all of me? Taking my shirtless picture would be only the starting right?" Asked Asad.

"Vo toh bas aisehi!" She replied.

Zoya concentrated on her sandwich and kept one in Asad's mouth too. They enjoyed thier kitchen breakfast.

"And yaa the password was good too!" He again said.

"Mr. Khan?" She asked with a change in tone.

"Yes?" He replied.

"I really like you. Do you like me too?" She asked with fear in her eyes.

"I never hated you Zoya!" He said as he picked her up again as if she was a baby and put her on his bed.

"Sleep! You need rest." He said and kissed her forehead lightly.

They smiled to eachother. Zoya slept for sometime whereas Asad was on his laptop doing his work.

"Atleast we reached till liking, love is not so far!" Both of them thought.

Work was ar away for Asad today all he did was look at a sleeping Zoya and remember how comfortable she was with him. She did'nt hesitate any of his touches. He knew she was a girl with her principles but she gave him all her space maybe a space in her heart too.

The door bell rang and finally Dilshad & Najma were back.

They questioned him about them coming so early. Asad truthfully replied excluding the moments he spent with Zoya recently.

"Mai Zoya se milke aati hoon!" Dilshad & Najma said in unison.

"So rai hai!" Asad replied.

"Dekh ke aati hoon phir." Saying Dilshad went towards Zoya's room.

"Uhh.. Vo mere kamre mein hai!" Asad said.

"Kyun?" Asked Dilshad with a smile.

"Vo thik nai thi!" He replied.

Najma smiled seeing her brother blush. They moved towards Asad's room to see Zoya.

As Dilshad and Najma entered they were in shock. Two bathrobes thrown in two different sides. By the side of his bed were the clothes she rejected to wear. To his bad luck her inners were the most visible thing near his dressing table followed by her pyjamas and top by its side.

He was horrified. He just could not look the two ladies beside him.

Dilshad & Najma just tried hard not to laugh. They walked off the room.

"Ye ab tumhaa kamra nai lagta!" Said Dilshad as she left giggling.

"I know Ammi!" He said after she left in a low voice.

He smiled at what just happened and went over to clean his room.

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