Monday, 9 June 2014

AsYa SS: Fangirling Over Mangalpur (Chapter 4)

It was a month after the Mangalpur incident. Zoya & Asad were engaged nearly before 2 weeks. Zoya's family had come to Bhopal for her. Zoya had to leave Khan Villa but she knew she had to come back here only so she had left with a smile. She used to come everyday to get a glimpse of her Mr. Khan before he leaves for office.

Today was a sunny sunday. Everyone was out shopping for their Nikah leaving them alone at thier respective places. Zoya had quickly made her way to Mr. Khan.

"We are engaged to be married Mr. Khan!" Zoya exclaimed as she sat on Asad's lap.

"Its unbelievable I know." Asad laughed.

Asad slide his hands around her waist as if making a baby sit on his lap. 

"She's so cute" he thought.

"Mr. Khan I miss you so muchh! Aap kabhi ghar nai aate." She complained.

"Kyunki aap roz subah subah jo aa jati hai." He giggled.

"Hawww!! Mera ghar hai mai kabhi bhi aa sakti hoon." He said confidently.

"Bikul" he replied and kissed her forehead.

"Thank you for coming in my life and making me understand the value if love. Mai aapse bahut mohabbat karta hoon." He said getting emotional.

She cupped his face and said

"Yahi baat sunne ke liye mere kaan taras gaye the. Mai bhi aapke bina nai reh sakti. Waise agar kch mahine pehle kisine muje kaha hota ki mai aapki god mein baith kar aapse inti pyaar se baat karungi toh maine uska bada mazaak udaaya hota!" She said lighting the air.

"Mai uska muh tod deta." Asad laughed.

"Mr. Khan give me the remote!" Said Zoya as she climbed on him to reach the remote.

"Arre areee ruko! Chade hi jaa rai ho." He said.

He passed her the remote. She changed channels and found one of her loved Salman Khan movie. It was  'Pyaar kiya toh darna kya' staring Salman Khan and Kajol Devgan.

"Mr. Khan, this is one of the best romantic movies. I so love it. Aapko pata hai Salman kitni mehnat se Kajol ki family ko manata hai? They make him do so much work and he does it only for his love. And the bond of Kajol and her bade bhaiyaa share its just like you and Najma." Zoya went on and on..

Asad just stared at her while she kept narrating him the story.

After a while Zoya shifted her attention to the movie and they watched it together till the end. 

"Dekha Mr. Khan Saccha pyaar kabhi nai haarta" said Zoya proudly.

"Ji" was all Asad could reply.

Zoya had ordered some pizzas they were on the doorstep. She went and collected them. Thats when something striked her and she ran to her Mr. Khan with a tensed face.

"Kya hua Zoya?" Asked Asad worried.

"Mr. Khan hamari kahani mein toh koi villian hi nai hai. Hum apne bacho ko kya kahaniya sunayenge?" Asked Zoya tensed.

Asad just stood there with a straight face. Facepalming himself for such a thing was also shameful.

"Zoya, atleast SOMETIMES talk sense. Please!" Said Asad.

"Mr. Khan hamari story kitni easy hai no villian nothing. Aisa thodi hota hai? Kisi bhi movie mein nai hota." She said.

"Yeh movie nai hai. Hamari zindagi hai. Aur kisine kaha kahaniyaan nai hai? Yaad hai jis din se mile the ek dusre ko sirf taane dete the. Vahaan se yahaan tak ki journey bahut lambi aur twists se bhari hui hai! So dont worry about the stories." He said smirking.

"Yaa. I guess you are right. I love you!" She hugged him.

"I love you too!" He said and broke the hug. 

He kissed her on her lips for the first time himself. He wasnt sacred to love now. He knew life with Zoya was going to be extremely entertaining.

As they broke off. The pizza striked to Zoya. 

"Mera pizza thanda ho jayega." She ran away.

"Was she really shy?" He was puzzled.

Zoya was breathless. Mr Khan was getting bold. That was'nt a good news to her. He had actually taken over her. It was'nt the first time we kissed but the first time Mr. Tehzeeb Khan initiated.

Zoya smiled and concentrated on the pizza while Asad stood by the door observing her smiling.

"This is going to be fun." He thought.

After sometime both of their families entered. 

They had bought the dresses for the function which was there today in an hour. 

Asad was quick he got ready in half an hour while Zoya just struggled with the sari. She was'nt so good with wearing it. 

Najma, Dilshad , Zeenat had asked of she needed help but her 'know it all' attitude didnt let her take the help.

Asad peeped inside Zoya's room just before the function starts.

He saw Zoya clad in a pink blouse and matching saree. But the saree was'nt properly worn. He understood the problem. He knew she wont take anyone's help. He entered.

"MR KHAN" Zoya shouted horrified.

"What?" He asked.

"You cant just enter like that." She said. 

"I can you are my to be wife. And remember you had only told me tagt i have seen it all. So why so shy?" He said casually as he sat on the floor putting the saree in a proper form.

Zoya was crimison red. Asad enjoyed it. Finally he had a upper hand on their relationship somewhere.

He tucked in the saree near her waist tickling her. Thats when she realized that he had made her wear the saree so perfectly.

"Ammi ko ek do baar madat ki thi!" He winked and left.

Zoya just kept her hand on heart trying to slow its fast beatings.

"Mr. Khan toh shy shy hi aache the" she thought.

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