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SharMan SS: Ye toh Made For Each Other Hai Ji! (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2- Chupana bhi nahi aata

Suman had held Shravan very tightly as if she never wants to let him go. Shravan was happy he saw his Sumo after so long. 

Shravan then saw that the dupatta he had given her was burning. It had caught fire while she ran to him. He took off the dupatta and kept his hand on her waist where the Kurta was torn. 

Suman just realised what happened and just smiled back to him. To his surprise she didn't mind him and there was no discomfort. 

"Tum theek ho?" Asked Suman in a low voice cupping his face.

"Ye tum muje puch rai ho toh almost aag mein jaal sakti thi. Sumo kyu?" Asked Shravan.

Shravan knew this time was the worst to make such a conversation but Sumo always made him do wierd random things.

"Kyunki mujse nai dekha gaya." Admitted Suman as she looked down.

Shravan hugged her assuring her everything will be okay now.

"Kyu nai dekh paayi?" Shravan asked her looking directly in her eyes.

Tears rolled down her eyes. She wanted to answer this question but she had promised Ramnath Uncle.

"Kyunki tum mere best friend ho" Suman replied smiling softly as tears rolled down her eyes. 

"Kisi bhi dost ko kya tum apne itne kareeb aane dogi? Aise chune dogi? Aag mein khud jaogi? Tell me Sumo what is wrong. We can make it better." Said Shravan cupping her face.

The family could not do anything but stare at them. No one could really hear them but only Ramnath knew what conversation was going on there.

Ramnath, after all this did realise the mistake he did by keeping two bestfriends away. Their relationship had definitely moved much more ahead than friendship but they always solved problems, their fights, sorrows by listening, cribbing, maybe sometimes even shouting at each other like how every bestfriends do.

Pushkar and Preeti had seen the tension between them since days. With Shravan and Suman, they couldn't do much as they would just shut them with "hum bade hai".

"Ek dusre ke saath nai reh sakte aur ek dusre ke bina bhi nai reh sakte." Murmured Pushkar.

"I know right. Ajeeb log!" Replied Preeti.

The fire brigade had arrived and they were doing their work. Even they wondered how can two people talk so casually in between of a fire.

The fire was now less. Thus a curious firemen went to Shravan and Suman and asked them.

"Aap logo ko darr nai lag rha kya ?" 

"Agar hum saath hai, toh humein kisi ka bhi darr nai" answered Shravan sweetly.

"Chahiye ab woh side se kamre se nikal jaye" smiled the firemen to both.

As they came out, Ramnath hugged Shravan tightly and Nanu did the same to Suman.

"Aaj ke liye bahut ho chuka, ghar chalte hai." Nanu said.

"Nai" Both Shravan and Suman said together.

"Matlab aaye hai toh rasam karlete hai" again said Shravan and Suman together and looked at each other surprised but then started laughing.

"Ye baache bhi na jaan nikal di thi." Said Lalaji.

"Ab sab thik hai. Chale?" Asked Shravan.

All the family members had their own set of questions but they decided to stay mum due to the guests.

The Sagai happened with no more problems. Everyone was happy. Shravan and Suman were stealing glances at each throughout the event. Shravan would just follow her and Suman would run away. 

"Ab ye sab kab tak chalega Sumo. Baat toh tumhe karni hi padegi. Aur vo bhi akele mein. Tumne hi muje mera vakil wala dimag use karne pe majboor kar diya hai. Iss baat ki teh tak toh mai pouchke hi rahunga." Shravan said determined.

Ramnath was observing all the while all others were busy in the sagai. 

"Maine hi sab bigada hai, theek bhi mai hi karunga." Smiled Ramnath.

At night when everyone was asleep Ramnath moved towards his son's bedroom. He knew his son stays up late these days due to him only.

"Shravan?" Ramnath knocked 

"Ji Papa aaye na." Shravan stood up.

"Beta mai tumse maafi mangne aaya hoon. I'm really very sorry." Said Ramnath as he sat beside a confused Shravan.

"Kya hua Papa? Aap kyu sorry keh rahe hai?" Shravan asked.

"Beta, mai galat tha. Muje tumhe aur Suman ko alag nai karna chahiye tha. Maine hi Suman ko kaha tha tumse dur rehne ke liye." Admitted Ramnath.

"Kya? Papa aap aise aise kar sakte the? Papa you knew ki mai Sumo se.." Shravan got up 

"I'm sorry beta. Mai toh tumhe sirf dard se bachana chahta tha par. I'm sorry. Par sab mai hi theek karunga. I promise beta." Ramnath stood beside Shravan.

"Papa aapki vajah se maine apna pyaar kho diya." Shravan sighed sadly.

"Nahi beta. Kal mai tumhare rishte ki baat karne jaaunga." Ramnath smiled and kissed his son's forehead.

"Sachii?" Shravan asked excited.

"Haa" Ramnath smiled.

"Par Papa muje pehle Sumo se baat.." Shravan started.

"Nahi pehle muje tiwariji se baat karne do phir tum karte rehna Suman se baat." Ramnath laughed.

Shravan could not sleep that night. He was eagerly waiting for tomorrow. Suman was also awake. The difference was only that one was awake smiling and the other crying.


SharMan SS: Ye toh Made For Each Other Hai Ji! (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1- Tere Bina Kya Jeena

Suman POV

"Thak chuki hoon mai tumse chup chup ke. Phir bhi kahin na kahin se tum saamne aa jate ho. Mat karo aisa Shravan tumhe jitna dard hota hai muje usse kahi zyaada ye soch kar hota hai ki meri vajah se tum hurt ho rahe ho." Suman thought to herself as she found Shravan staring at her with expectations.
I turned away from him so I don't have to face him. I saw his eyes go down in disappointment again and that hurt me so much.
If only the situations were different, things would have been so much better. We would have been laughing, running, enjoying with each other. 

Shravan POV

"Kyu ignore kar rai ho? Ab aisa kya hogaya hai jo meri taraf theek se dekh tak nai sakti. Hum kabhi normal kyu nai ho sakte baaki logo ki tarah. Hamesha kuch na kuch aisa ho jaata hai jisse hum ek dusre se indifferent ho jaate hai hai. Par abhi toh aisa kuch nai hai toh phir kis galti ki sazza de rai ho? Bata toh do. Please Sumo aisa mat karo!" Thought Shravan to himself as he saw Suman moving away.

Suman had gone to washroom to avoid Shravan but while coming out her kurti tore.

"Oh god! Shayad bhagwaan bhi muje saza de rahe hai Shravan se aise bartaav ki." Muttered Suman under her breath.

Shravan saw Suman fidgeting with her kurti and when he is so closely he realised that she had a malfunction. Shravan went to her and put the dupatta around her.
Suman raised her head and when she saw the care in his eyes, she started feeling disgusted by herself and her actions towards him.

"Thank you!" Suman said in a low voice and just left from there.

Shravan looked on at her as she left wondering what was happening .

It was her sister's sangeet Suman had to look happy. She was happy for her sister but also she was concerned about Shravan.

Shravan through looked very happy sitting beside Pushkar but she only knew how hurt he was.

Preeti was continuously talking to Suman about the wonderful arrangements they had made to which Pushkar also agreed.

"After all Sumo aur bhaiyaa ki jodi toh hai hi best!" Said Pushkar as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

The function was happening really nicely. No one really noticed the tension between the bestfriends but Ramnath did. Obviously because he had created them.

Ramnath was happy as he could see Suman following his instructions but at the same time, he was hell upset seeing his son.
He was in a dilemma.

The light went off suddenly in the house thus Shravan said he would just check out what's wrong.

" Aree yaar yahan toh kuch nai dikh raha" Shravan muttered to himself.

"Pushkar please ek candle leke aana" Shravan shouted.

"Ji bhaiyaa" Pushkar shouted back.

" Aree tu toh dulha hai! Suman de aayegi candle. Haina puttar?" smiled Kamini evilly.

"Ji Aunty" Said Suman.

Suman went up the stairs in the store room where Shravan was and handed him the lighted Candles. Shravan took them put it in such a way ao he could see the fuse box. 

" Sumo please a ek lakdi bhi le aao so shock wock na lage" said Shravan to which Suman nodded and went out.

"Ye ladki muje pagal kar degi! Aise kaise pehli baar mein baat maan li usne? Chodo aaj kal kya karti hai samaj waise bhi nai aata muje." Shravan spoke out loud to himself in frustration.

In the mean while Shravan didn't notice that candles had fallen on the curtains and it would turn into fire soon. As it qas a store room, it was filled up with boxes thus would help the fire to turn wild. 

Here Suman couldn't find the lakdi Shravan mentioned.

As Shravan looked back to see if Sumo was here he realised the candles had fallen and would cause fire. Just before he could do anything the fire broke off and he could do nothing.

He shouted seeing the fire amd thus caught everyone's attention.

"SHRAVAN" shouted Ramnath as he saw his son in fire. 
It was a small room thus the fire took over easily.

The family members were really worried but could do nothing. They called the fire brigade.

Suman ran upstairs hearing the screaming.

Ramnath was held by Lalaji. He wanted to help his son. He could not take this helplessness.

" Papa please aap vahin rehye abhi fire brigade aa jayegi. Please Papa" Shravan shouted.

Suman was frozen. She remembered all the recent moments she had been rude to him without reason. Tears fell of her eyes and she realised the situation.

"SHRAVAN" she shouted amd jumped in the room even she didn't realise how.

"Oh god NOOO SUMOO" Shravan shouted as he realised how stupid she is.

Suman just was on the verge of breaking down due the ignore Shravan mission and then this happened. How could she even control herself.

Suman ran into his arms giving a damn to the family who looked on. They never did care. Everyone knew that they were incomplete without each other but today what they saw was different. Something more than friendship, something like love.


h Other Hai Ji! (Prologue)


Suman *Point of view*
"Please Suman mere bete se dur raho" Rang in Suman's ears

"Muje tumse duri maintain karni padegi par muje pata hai ek din tum sab theek kardoge. I love you Shravan!!" Said Suman to herself as tears went down her eyes.

Shravan *Point of view*

"Kyun ignore kar rai ho? Samaj nai aa rha kuch. Bas ek baar puchlo mujse kya kehna chahta tha, apna dil khol ke tumhare haath mein rakh dunga." Said Shravan as he recalled their moments together.


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ShraMan TS- She Loves Me (Part 2)

"I did what?" Suman asked unsure of her ears.

"You kissed me Sumo" Shravan replied.

"I didn't. Why will I?" She replied confidently.

"You did. I remember." He said straight on her face.

"No! You can't remember! You were high." She said in one go.

"There you said it Sumo. Why?" He asked again.

"Why did you kiss me?" He asked again now sitting on the bed with ease enjoying at her expense.

"I said I didn't " she replied trying to leave.

"You just agreed Sumo." He said rolling his eyes.

"Okay! I kissed my husband. What the heck is your problem." She replied as he stopped her waving his legs from the bed.

"Woah Sumo I'm your husband. Obviously it's my problem." He said getting up standing right in front of her surprised.

"toh mai kya karu? Case karoge apni biwi pe? Kuch illegal nai kiya maine." she replied and started to leave.

He caught her by her wrist bringing her back to him. 

"Why Sumo?" He asked caressing her face lovingly.

She looked in his eyes and saw the sudden softness in them which she had been missing since so long.

"So you remember?" She asked looking at him tears almost about to fall out.

"Yes I do." He said as he leaned in to give a peck to her on her lips.

They looked at each other smiling and Suman hugged him tightly.

"I thought you would never remember. I thought we will never be that close again. I thought..." She said unable to continue.

"We will be close always Sumo. No one can keep us apart not even us." He said as he kissed her forehead.

"I love you Shravan" she said full of emotions.

Shravan knew she loved him but hearing it from her made his heart flutter. He had been waiting for this moment since 10.5 years now. Tears were ready to fall out from his eyes.

"I know" he replied looking into her eyes loving.

Suddenly he saw a change of emotions on her face. Confused, he looked at her. 

"I have been waiting for this since 10 damn years and you say I know? I have been waiting for you since the day you left me. I felt as if I lost everything and you say I know! Brilliant!" She said sounding irritated.

"Really?" He asked so happy that she loved him since forever.

"No." She replied sarcastically.

"I love you Sumo." He said and took her in his arms.

"I love you more Shravan." She smiled.

He leaned in to kiss her but she stopped him surprisingly.

"What?" He asked.

"Chance maar rahe ho?" She asked.

"Apni biwi pe maar raha hoon." He replied and leaned in to be stopped by her again.

"It is so wierd to kiss my Bestfriend." Saying which she folded her hands.

"Husband." He corrected.

"Ya ya I know! But still jab bhi mai tumhare samne aati hoon vo chota sa Shravan meri aakhon ke saamne aa jata hai. Ab bachhe ko kaise kiss karu?" She told him confused.

"Really?" He laughed.

"Vo shayad issliye kyunki tum apne Shravan ko itne dino se miss kar rai thi. Par ab uss Shravan mein aur iss Shravan ke pyaar mein koi farak nai hoga. But Sumo, I'm a grown up man now. Na mai bachha hoon na tum." He said as he pulled her close to him by her waist.

"Mai jaanti hoon." She said looking at him lovingly.

"Lagta toh nai hai Mrs. Malhotra." He said making a face.

"It was you who passed out while making out with your legally wedded wife." She smirked.

"I promise today that won't happen." He replied with a smirk.

He leaned in to kiss her finally when they heard Ramnath call out Shravan for a important case.

Shravan's face fell down. He was in no mood to leave.

"Go Shravan." She said circling her arms around him hugging him.

"I don't want to." He said sadly but then went to the washroom to get ready.

When he came back, he saw his clothes kept neatly for him to wear. His wallet, keys, phone also out so he need not make an effort. He smiled seeing the wifefy side of Sumo.

As soon as he got ready, Suman rushed in with some parathas.

"Come on have fast. Papa is calling." She said.

"Woah Sumo. Aalo ke parathe." He exclaimed.

"Itna time nai hai." She said as she stuffed the paratha in his mouth after rolling it.

"Thanks." He smiled hugging her.

"You're welcome." She smiled.

"Shravan!" She called he when he was about to exit the room.

"Haa bolo." He asked.

"Jaldi aana. I can't wait to be yours." She looked down slightly shy.

Shravan went near her and made her look at him.

"I can't wait to make you mine too. I'll be back soon. I'll pick you up from PCT as soon as I'm done." He said and winked at her.

Finally both of them left for work with genuinely content smiles on their faces after real long.

ShraMan TS- She Loves Me (Part 1)

ShraMan TS- She Loves Me

It was a month into Shravan & Suman's wedding. Things were smother than they had imagined. Suman was his perfect wife and Shravan her perfect husband.

Shravan had accepted that now she was his wife and is going to be there forever. There was no point hating her and it is better if he just keeps fulfilling his duties as a good husband. He could not get over the fact the she had chosen Aditya over him but finally he understood that it was her choice and her right to choose. Whatever it was somewhere he was happy that in the end Sumo was his. Nothing could separate them now but they were not normal with each other anymore. There was a hesitation in their relationship which was never there before.

On the other hand, Suman also was a dutiful wife. She knew Shravan was a male chauvinist sometimes but she knew he respects her a lot too. Somethings can never change better not try. Suman was happy that atleast now Shravan had accepted their relationshipbut the hesitation in their relationship most of times got on her nerves. She loved the 'Husband Shravan' but she loved the 'Bestfriend Shravan' more. 

Shravan had taken a lot. He tried a lot to forget everything and move on but he just couldn't maybe because he always claimed her as his and when she choose someone else his heart shattered. He just couldn't take this anymore. Drinking was becoming his daily habit before marriage but soon after marriage he understood that Sumo was uncomfortable thus he he stopped drinking on a regular basis. 

Today Suman was supposed to stayover at the Tiwari Killa as it was Mama Mami's anniversary thus getting a good chance Shravan entered the bar.

The celebrations were done at the Tiwari Killa. Suman was in her room wondering about Shravan. She realised she was so habitual of him that she couldn't get sleep without looking at him. She hurried and picked up her bagpack which was not even opened and informed everyone that she was leaving. After a good amount of teasing session, she drove back home. 

Suman hurried up the stairs to her room to find it empty. Surprised she looked here and there to find Shravan climbing up the stairs with difficulty. She ran to support him and bought him to their room.

This was not done. His drinking habits were bad! Real bad! 

"Shravan!! Araam se." She said balancing him as went towards the washroom.

"Yahaan bhi aaogi kya?" He asked looking at her.

"Haalat dekhi hai apni?" She replied taking him in.

She turned around and he did his business. She silently bought him
back to the room and helped him change. 

"Ek taraf mai hoon jisse Shravan ko dekhe bagair neend nai aati aur ek Shravan jisse koi farak hi ni padta." Thought Suman as she tucked him to bed. 

Shravan all this while kept looking at her. She did not meet his eyes. Some tears fell off her eyes but she silently rubbed them off.

Suddenly Shravan held her hand firmly which made her fall on him partly. 

"Shravan please so jao." She tried 

"Ye parvah karne ka drama kyu karti ho Sumo?" He asked as a tear fell off his eye.

"Mai koi drama nai karti Shravan. Out of all I thought ki tum muje aache se jaante ho but I guess I was wrong." She answered bitterly.

"Nai jaanta mai tumhe. Beech mein toh yeh galatfaimi bhi hui thi shayad pyaar karti ho tum mujse." He said as he smiled sadly.

"Shayad beech ke waqt mein hi tum muje samajte the. Aaj kal toh lagta tum mere Shravan ho hi nai." She said letting the tears flow off.

"Kehna kya chahti ho?" He asked innocently.

She smiled. She wondered how could he possibly look so cute drunk like this asking silly questions. She realised maybe he wouldn't even remember this tomorrow morning thus playing along wasn't a bad idea. Atleast there was no hesitation right now. She could spend time with her Shravan after so long even if it was like this. 

"Lawyer ki degree nakli hai kya?" She asked playfully leaning fully on him playing with his hair.

"Lawyer hoon issliye proof chahiye. Kanoon sabooth mangta hai." He said sheepishly.

She laughed at his bad attempt at a joke and gave a peck on his lips.

"Enough proof Mr Oxford graduate lawyer?" She asked smiling.

"I could never ever get enough of you Sumo." He said as tears fell of his tears. The next second he pulled her onto the bed and kissed her as if assuring himself that this was for real.

Few Minutes later, she realised he wasn't responding anymore thus she looked up to see him sleep peacefully with a smile on his face.

"How could a man possibly pass out while making out with his wife!" She wondered.

She just laughed seeing Shravan sleeping with open mouth. Without changing her position a lot she slept beside him this time as his rightful wife. She was loving this new feeling. She knew maybe tomorrow Shravan will be indifferent to her again but she will cherish this night forever.

The next morning Suman overslept due the late night adventures caused by Shravan. For the first time in the month, Shravan woke up before Suman only to find her fully on him with a smile on her face. How he wished they woke up everyday like this. 

He wondered how they ended up like this. Last he remembered was Sumo was supposed to stay back at Tiwari Killa. He was shirtless and her clothes were not decently neat as they were always when she woke up. He tried hard to go back to previous nights memories but it was vain. Suddenly he felt Suman wake up. He immediately closed his eyes and acted as if he was still sleeping. She hurried and went towards the washroom. She had a smile on her face he noticed. 

"Weird" he thought to himself.

He just got up and he saw Sumo come out and pass a smile to him. He awkwardly smiled back.

"Tum kab aayi Tiwari Killa se?" He asked and her smile suddenly faded.

"Umm..vo kal raat hi aa gai thi. Mai kuch bhool gai thi. I'll get you some lemon juice." She said quickly and went away. 

"What had I even expected? He was totally high! How in the world was he suppose to recollect our previous night conversations" She thought to herself sadly and wiped off the tear which was about to fall.

Suman went to Shravan with the lemon water just to make sure he was alright. 

"Kal raat bahut zyaada ho gai thi Shravan. Please don't do this again. I was so scared." She told him as he drank away all the lemon juice.

After a while as his hangover was going, the previous night became a lot more clear to him. He could remember them, their conversations and their little make out session.

"Shit" he thought to himself.

He looked at Suman who was looking at him through the mirror and as he looked back she started making her hair.

"Sumo mai vo..." He started as he went near her. A little scared she ran away down making a excuse.

"I just don't understand " he muttered to himself.

"Di aapka box gharpe reh gaya tha. Mummy usse kholne hi wali thi pata hai" saying Preeti entered the room.

"Suman abhi neeche gai hai." Shravan said.

"Achha mai unhe baadmein de dungi." Saying Preeti tried to leave.

"Muje de do. Mai de dunga." He said.

"Umm..vo koi baat nai mai baadmein de dungi." She tried again.

"Aisa kya hai iss box mein ki tum aise chup chupate layi ho?" He asked genuinely curious.

"Kuch bhi toh nai bas thoda purana saaman." She replied.

"Achha muje de do. Pati hoon uska hamare beech waise koi secrets nai hai." He said taking the box away.

"Shravan..par vo" she tried but was cut by Shravan.

"Chachi bula rai hai tumhe"

Preeti left unsatisfactorily. 

Shravan closed the door and locked so Suman could not get in at the wrong moment like she always does.

He opened the box to find all his pictures in it. The box was full of their childhood photos and some recent ones too. In the inside part of the box, it was written 'Sumo ka Shravan aur Shravan ki Sumo'. He smiled looking at all the memories. She had indeed waited for him. She wasn't lying. He kissed their picture and kept everything back neatly.

"Shravan!! Darvaza kholo kya kar rahe ho?" Suman banged the door.

"Wrong timing" He smiled.

He opened the door slightly.

"Kya kar rahe ho? Aane do na." Saying she entered like she always does.

She saw the box on bed. She looked back at Shravan.

"Preeti aayi thi. Keh rai thi ki yeh box bhul gai thi tum. Kuch secret secret kar rai thi. Kya hai issmein Sumo? Last time bhi nai bataya tha tumne." Asked Shravan.

"Kuch nai. Bas thodi purani yaadein. Mummy Papa ke photos aur sab." She replied.

"Oh! I thought so. Dikhao na." He said.

"Kya" she almost shouted as he reached the box.

"Nai nai abhi nai. Baadmein." She almost snatched the box from him and put in the cupboard.

Shravan smiled. He had remembered every incident of the previous night after his hangover got over. He remembered everything but now he wanted to play with her.

"I can't remember much of the stuffs but some I do." Shravan started.

"What stuffs?" Asked Suman looking at him.

"Why did you kiss me the previous night Sumo?" He asked looking directly at her.

She was stunned by his question and didn't know how to answer it.

"Tumhe toh yaad hoga na kal kya hua tha, tumne thodi pee rakhi thi." He added.