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AjNa SS: Dil ki Baatein.. Dil Hi Jaane (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 - Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan Maaf Ho

Ajay's POV

Today is the day I am going to take my first step towards fulfilling my dream. If you would not have been there I wouldn't be here fulfilling my dreams. Today I must miss my parents, but I miss you the most Sanjana I wish you were here to see me. I wish I could make you proud, I wish I could pamper you with the first salary I would receive after the successful completion of the online store. I wish I could have you back in my life, just for a moment so you could see that I'm following your words just as you said following my heart.

Sanjana's POV

Today is my big day. I'm officially the choreographer of today's event. Today's event somehow makes connect me to my past. Even Ajay had dreamt of something similar. I wish I could see him fulfill his dream. 

"Shut up Sanju! He cannot be here!" 

I need to stop connecting everything to Ajay. He is gone for good and I have moved on. Even if I meet him anywhere in future, things will never change between us. 


"Sanju, kya kar rai hai? Rehearsals are in full swing. The event is in an hour aur tu yahaan aapne aap se gappe lada rai hai?" Asked a irritated Raj.

"Arre haa bas aa hi rai thi.. Ready ho rai thi.. By the way kaisi lag rai hoon?" Sanjana asked in her usual bubbly self.

"Tu toh hamesha mast hi lagti hai re. Par ye classical dance performance start wali mast nai lagne wali. Ye log steps bhul rahe hai yaar." Said Raj dramatically.

"Stop stressing Raj! Mai abhi dekhti hoon." Said Sanjana.

Raj was Sanjana's first friend in Mumbai. He was a Mumbaikar. They had become best of friends in these six months. Sanjana had told him all about her past with Ajju and Ajay. She didn't mention the names to Raj. She didn't want to somehow. He didn't judge her infact was always by her side as a support system. 

After an hour the event started with the classical performance. At the end of the performance Sanjana came ahead and joined hands with her team and bowed down expressing a thank you to the audience. 

Suddenly somewhere in the audience, she cought someone staring at her. 

Her world stopped for a minute if possible. It was Ajay and his family. This was Ajay's dream project. She was a part of it. She never knew.

Sanjana felt a pull, thats when she realized she had to exit the stage.

She faked a smiled at audience and left immediately. As she came down fresh tears were ready to flow of her eyes. 

"Kyu ro rai hoon mai? Is it because I'm happy to see him? Or maybe cannot bear the consequences of meeting him?" Sanjana cried.

Ajay on the other hand left everything and was on a spree of finding Sanjana. Tears were on the verge of falling off. His dream has come true today. She will see his dream being fulfilled. That was what he had asked from god before coming to the venue. 

"Sanjana, I know you are here. Kahaan ho tum?" Said Ajay silently to himself. 

Finally he found Sanjana talking some team member. He rushed towards her. She saw him coming. They stared at each other while Ajay went closer.

"Mr. Ajay Pathewala, can we have you on the stage please?" They heard a man say. 

"Your being called" said Raj intervening.

Ajay moved back towards the stage while Sanjana just stared at the  retreating figure. 

Sanjana was just about to leave the venue when she heard him say

"Just before I came here, I had asked for something to God which just got fulfiled." Started Ajay.

Sanjana could not face him. She had her back towards him but she was listening to him. She wasn't suppose to but still she wanted to be a part of this.

"I'm so happy to say today that our shop now has a branch in Mumbai. This was my dream project to place an brach either in Mumbai or Delhi. The are the main cities of our country so they deserve the best sweets shop in thier city also." He laughed.

Sanjana smiled to herself feeling proud for him.

"So Mr. Pathewala, this must not have been so easy right? Who do you think is behind your success?" Asked a reporter.

"As many people say 'behind every successfull man there is a woman' well in my case its true behind me here is my wife. Without whom I would not have the courage to take up the challenge" said Ajay.
Sanjana turned around and looked staraight into his eyes. Her eyes were red. She was angry. What was he trying to prove now? She decided to fully ignore him.

The rest of the event just passed by with Ajay following Sanjana, her ignoring him and as they move away having some intense eyelocks.

She had not said a word to him but he could feel the accusations she was throwing on him by her eyes. They could'nt speak as Sanjana never let him come near her. But their eyes had done a lot of talking till now.  From accusations to justifications.

Sanjana was never a easy nut to crack. He had known that. But now that he had found her. He'll surely try and get her back into his life, forever.

"Hi" Ajay said as her he came near Sanjana.

Sanjana just faked a smile and moved away. 

The next 20 mins passed just like that. Ajay following Sanjana and Sanjana moving away. 

Ajay was irritated and so was Sanjana. 

'Nerve of the man! First reject her then follow like a joru ka gullam.' Thought Sanjana.

Suddenly after a while Sanjana was very pissed and looked back to give Ajay a piece of mind. He was not there. 
"Thank god!" She said to herself.

Sanjana moved towards the green room to check on her team when suddenly she felt a pull.

It was Ajay. He had pulled her in a vacant room. 

"Stop ignoring me Sanjana" he said in the lowest voice touching his head with hers.

"Muje jaane do Ajay" said Sanjana trying to move away. She had closed her eyes feeling him. But this was wrong. He could not manipulate her like this. She pushed him but in return he pulled her more towards himself. Their faces touching each other. Ajay was about to kiss her when suddenly she pushed him with all her might. 

Sanjana was angry. She raised her hand to slap him but controlled herself. She walked towards the door. Ajay was tearful. 

"Was'nt she happy to see me?" He wondered.

"We are over long back.. And the only feeling I have for you is hate. I hate you Ajay. Aagli baar mere paas aane ki koshish mat karna." Sanjana said without even looking back towards him.

Saying those words she left the room without even sparing a glance to him.

Tears flowed from Ajay's eyes. He just realized the blunder he had made.

"I love you Sanjana and I know you love me too. I'll do whatever it may take to get you back. Tumhari maafi ke liye kuch bhi kar jaunga!" Promised Ajay to himself.

Silently he returned to his family. Ayush kept his hand on his shoulder understanding him. He smiled to him. 

Sanjana was also there standing with Raj and the other team members. 

The event was over and all they did was steal glances of each other.


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AjNa SS: Dil ki Baatein... Dil Hi Jaane (Chapter 1)

AjNa SS: Dil ki Baatein...                              
                                      Dil Hi Jaane

Chapter 1 - Lost & Lonely

Ajay's POV

I really don't understand what is happening. I only wanted her to leave me and go away. Now when she's gone forever I'm not liking it. I'm not even sure if I am allowed to think about her this way. She had told me that she loves me and I was the one who rejected her. I don't understand when my feelings for her changed so much that I am missing her so much today not only today every day, every day of my life. It's been six months that she's gone now. I had told her to sign the papers. Our divorce papers. Now I believe that was the biggest mistake I had ever made in my life. Even after me calling her characterless, she cared for me and my family and returned to me showing me some stupid provisions of the law in our marriage. She not only successfully reunited us but also made me fall for her head over heels. I wanted to tell her how I feel for her now, but I had to be a good friend. I could not do this to my friend. She left me the day she exposed Sherya Bhabhi. Everyone was stunned! Sherya bhabhi was shown doors by Bhushan bhaiya. But nani somehow managed it and made sure Sherya bhabhi could understand her mistake. Sanjana had created place in the heart of every family member including me. I had never thought that I would ever fall for Sanjana. Everything in the family is back to normal except my Sanjana. She's not here. She gave me the divorce papers back to submit to the court which she had kept with herself so she gets time to expose the evil plans that were plotted in my house. I still have them in my cupboard. I have not submitted them. Neither do I plan to submit them. I have clearly told the family that I do not wish to divorce Sanjana ever even if she's not here with me. They understood me. I think they also have got to know the change of feelings which I have gone through for Sanjana.

 I tried to find her but was unsuccessful. She has closed all the doors by which I could reach her. I'm incomplete without her. I want her back. I wish someday I will be able to justify myself before her. I have hurt hurt her so much that I feel I don't deserve her anyway. But just once, only once I want to tell her that I love her too. I am one of those unlucky people who know that their partner loves him but still don't get a chance to tell thier partner how they feel for her. I wish Ajju had told me before that he had no plans to return now. I would never let her go. Never ever. But I will do whatever she wanted me to do. She wanted me to fulfil my dreams and that's what I'm concentrating on right now. Tomorrow we, the whole family are going to Mumbai to inaugurate an online store office there as per my dream. I'm going to miss you so much. I wish you were there with me today, so you could also see me fulfil my dreams. 

All I can say right now is I love you Sanjana and I miss you in every moment of my life.

Sanjana's POV

I had never thought that forgetting someone would be so difficult. For me before this I could handle any situation but this situation is something out of the world. It's been six months and still I cannot get him out of my mind. I wonder if he still remembers me. Why would he remember me? He never loved me. Or maybe he did and never realised it. Or maybe all I saw in his eyes was friendship for me or Ajju. The height of complicatedness he is! I still don't get it if we are actually divored or not. But how will he tell me? I have changed my number, city and I am even in progress of changing myself now. I wish you understood me, I wish you loved me back, I wish we were together, I wish I never met you. Here in Mumbai everything is different. No one has time for anyone's bullshit. One of the most straightforward city have ever seen. I should admit that I am starting to love this city at least it is not hurting me the way you did. I find peace here, alone!

I sometimes miss Agra so much after all it is my native city. After all I have been there since I was born. I have some different kind of love for Agra. But I do not plan to visit it anytime soon.

There is still something which is holding me back. I have moved on but moving away from that pain is becoming impossible. Papa visit me every month with didi. I wish I had the courage to stay with them in Agra as always again.

After these long six months, I do not understand that do I still love him? Or Just hate him for ruining me.

I hate you Mr. Ajay Pathewala! I hate you! I wish I never met you. 


AjNa OS: Falling For You

AjNa OS: Falling For You

It had been some days now after the comstruction site event where Sanjana's dad tried to kill Ajay. He had forgiven him on the spot but Sanjana could not do that easily.

Sanjana's feelings for Ajay were changing she could feel that and even kind off understand that. Staying close to him made her happy at the same time she felt guilty has she is comitted to Ajju. 

Ajay's feelings for Sanjana had also changed. He had started to like her. He felt guity too because he knew that she was his bestfriend's girlfriend.

Both felt as if they were in a big soup of emotions and had to somehow overcome it. 

Both of them were in the same room since good 10mins but it was really awkward. Both of them waited the other to start.

"Bhaiyaaa , Bhaabhii!! Guests aaye hai neeche aapse milne!" Avani came into their bedroom.

"Aate hai!" Both of them got up suddenly by the voice and said together.

"Ji" Avani smiled at their awkward faces.

They went down to meet the people. Arjun and Natasha had arrived. They were their classmates. Arjun happens to be Sanjana's childhood friend and Natasha happens to be a cousin who is somehow related to the pathewalas. 

Arjun and Natasha are to be engaged and everyone knows about it.

"Actually issbaar graduation ceremony ke cards baatne ka zimma humein mila hai!" Exclaimed Arjun dramatically to Ajay.

"Accha hai kuch kaam toh karega tu iss bahane" laughed Sanjana who just came from behind.

"OMG Sanju you look pretty in sarree" Said Arjun and hugged her. 

The family had got a little awkward but they were kind off forward so didn't mind. They knew him as Natasha's fiance.

"I agree yaa..saree and all?" Natasha also joined the hug.

"Congratulations" Natasha smiled to both of them.

"Thank you" they said in unison.

"Waise bahut galat kiya tune..muje bola ki uss Ronit se shadi karne wali hai aur bhaag gai Ajay ke saath?" Asked Arjun.

"Arre nai yaar mai kitni baar batua ki mai akeli bhaagi thi Ajay ke saath nai...usse toh pataa bhi nai tha...!" Replied Sanjana instantly 

Arjun & Sanjana were best friends thus had already forgotten that other people were also listening. 

"Arjunn..." Started Ajay 

"Nai Ajay ruk tu!" Arjun cut him.

"Par bhaagne toh wali hi thi na? Muje bola kyu nai? Akele itna sab." Asked Arjun 

"Kyunki mai nai bhaagne wali thi!" Said Sanjana dramatically 

The whole family gasped and so did Ajay.

"Ye marvayegi" muttered Ajay

"WHAT?" Said Arjun & Natasha together.

There was a sudden sadness on Sanjana's face. Ajay went to her but before he could stop her she already started speaking.


Sanjana was crying continuously. She had told Ajju some days back only that she has to stand by her father. She could not break his heart. She was going to marry Ronit that day in the morning. 

She had received endless messages from Ajju and Ajay to not marry Ronit.

Suddenly she heard some noise from her window. She got scared to death to see Ronit standing there. 

"Kya kar rahe ho yahaan par? Woh bhi raat ke 2 baje" She asked

"Tumse milne ka mann kiya toh aagaya" he said 

"Please jao" she demanded

"Chala jaunga pehle apni dulhan se mil toh loon" he said nearing her

He touched her face and then tried getting close to her.
She threw him on her bed, ran out of her room locked the room from outside and ran to the nearby guest room. She locked the room and windows and cried loudly.


"Uss raat mai so nai paayi! Mai bahut rooyi uss raat par muje sunne wala koi nai tha. Papa manne nai wale the. Faas chuki thi mai. Subah 4 baje tak maine decide kar liya ki mai ye shadi nai karungi. Ab jaan much ke kaun narg ki aag mein jale? Mai muhrat ke 2 ghate pehle bhaag nikli akeli. Maine raat ko Ajay ko phone kiya tha par obviously vo so rha tha shayad subah uthke miss calls dekhe honge. Mai bahut stressed thi tab tak papa ke log mere peeche pad chuke the. Maine usse sab bataya. Hum court gaye aur papa bhi wahaan aa gaye. Humnein papers sign nai kiye the. Par papa ke aane ke darr se..." And then she realized she was speaking even to the family suddenly.

She passed a silent prayer to God that she had not mentioned both the Ajays differently.

Ajay was shocked too. He didn't know she went through so much trauma. 

"Sigh!! She didn't mention Ajju!" Muttered Ajay to himself.

Ajay and Sanjana looked at each other. Ajay nodded and Sanjana smiled.

"Aur phir papa ke darr se maine aur Ajay ne papers sign kar diye. Hum dono bahut darr gaye the so maine PG le liya aur Ajay apne ghar chala gaya. Hum dono mein se tabhi kisi mein bhi himmat nai thi ki Ajay ki family se baat kare! Soo..." She completed finally.

Waiting for reactions she looked back at everyone's shocked faces and Ajay's smiling one.

Ajay reached her and said "kya ghumaya end mein haa?"

"Kya karu mai toh bachpan se hi hoshiyaar hoon! Par muje kyu lag raha hai ki tumhari family humpe phir barasne wali hai?" she muttered to him.

"Kyunki kuch der pehle tumne ek bomb phoda hai." Said Ajay look towards Sanjana.

"I'm sorry! I got carried away." She said silently.

"Ab waise bhi kya kar sakte hai." Muttered Ajay to himself.

"Matlab ye sab planned nai tha? Tum dono ki shadi ya kuch bhi?" Asked Mamiji.

"Nai sab toh hote hote ho gaya. Aapka dil dukhane koi irada nai tha." Said Ajay sincerely

Mamiji hugged Ajay and cried.

"Mai jaanti thi mere sanskaro mein koi khot nai hai" Mamiji kissed his forehead

"Hum sabne bahut socha phir iss nateje pe aaye hai ki jo bhi hua uss mein tum dono ki galti hai par hum bhi tum dono ko bahut saza de chuke hai..issliye aaj hum sab tum dono ko maaf karte hai" said Mamaji smiling

There was a new glow on Ajay and Sanjana's face. In the excitement they hugged each other in front of the whole family tightly showing their happiness to the family and most importantly each other.

The whole family coughed to let know the lovebirds that they were still there in the same room. Ajay and Sanjana left each other embarassed, soft smiles playing on thier lips. 

This was'nt the plan, they knew it. The family was'nt suppose to accept Sanjana. If this has happened now it would be really tough for the family to let her go back to Ajju.

They were thinking the same thing, but this time they were happy about it.

This was wrong, they knew it! But somehow, it felt perfect! Maybe it was perfect now atleast till Ajju returns.

The family and friends had left long back. They were standing there still. Somehow today this happiness made them understand that they were falling in love with each other and they liked this feeling.

Ajay and Sanjana finally noticed everyone gone and looked up to each other. They passed each other a genuine smile and walked away from each other somehow trying to control their uncontrollable feelings!