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AjNa SS: Dil ki Baatein.. Dil Hi Jaane (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 - Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan Maaf Ho

Ajay's POV

Today is the day I am going to take my first step towards fulfilling my dream. If you would not have been there I wouldn't be here fulfilling my dreams. Today I must miss my parents, but I miss you the most Sanjana I wish you were here to see me. I wish I could make you proud, I wish I could pamper you with the first salary I would receive after the successful completion of the online store. I wish I could have you back in my life, just for a moment so you could see that I'm following your words just as you said following my heart.

Sanjana's POV

Today is my big day. I'm officially the choreographer of today's event. Today's event somehow makes connect me to my past. Even Ajay had dreamt of something similar. I wish I could see him fulfill his dream. 

"Shut up Sanju! He cannot be here!" 

I need to stop connecting everything to Ajay. He is gone for good and I have moved on. Even if I meet him anywhere in future, things will never change between us. 


"Sanju, kya kar rai hai? Rehearsals are in full swing. The event is in an hour aur tu yahaan aapne aap se gappe lada rai hai?" Asked a irritated Raj.

"Arre haa bas aa hi rai thi.. Ready ho rai thi.. By the way kaisi lag rai hoon?" Sanjana asked in her usual bubbly self.

"Tu toh hamesha mast hi lagti hai re. Par ye classical dance performance start wali mast nai lagne wali. Ye log steps bhul rahe hai yaar." Said Raj dramatically.

"Stop stressing Raj! Mai abhi dekhti hoon." Said Sanjana.

Raj was Sanjana's first friend in Mumbai. He was a Mumbaikar. They had become best of friends in these six months. Sanjana had told him all about her past with Ajju and Ajay. She didn't mention the names to Raj. She didn't want to somehow. He didn't judge her infact was always by her side as a support system. 

After an hour the event started with the classical performance. At the end of the performance Sanjana came ahead and joined hands with her team and bowed down expressing a thank you to the audience. 

Suddenly somewhere in the audience, she cought someone staring at her. 

Her world stopped for a minute if possible. It was Ajay and his family. This was Ajay's dream project. She was a part of it. She never knew.

Sanjana felt a pull, thats when she realized she had to exit the stage.

She faked a smiled at audience and left immediately. As she came down fresh tears were ready to flow of her eyes. 

"Kyu ro rai hoon mai? Is it because I'm happy to see him? Or maybe cannot bear the consequences of meeting him?" Sanjana cried.

Ajay on the other hand left everything and was on a spree of finding Sanjana. Tears were on the verge of falling off. His dream has come true today. She will see his dream being fulfilled. That was what he had asked from god before coming to the venue. 

"Sanjana, I know you are here. Kahaan ho tum?" Said Ajay silently to himself. 

Finally he found Sanjana talking some team member. He rushed towards her. She saw him coming. They stared at each other while Ajay went closer.

"Mr. Ajay Pathewala, can we have you on the stage please?" They heard a man say. 

"Your being called" said Raj intervening.

Ajay moved back towards the stage while Sanjana just stared at the  retreating figure. 

Sanjana was just about to leave the venue when she heard him say

"Just before I came here, I had asked for something to God which just got fulfiled." Started Ajay.

Sanjana could not face him. She had her back towards him but she was listening to him. She wasn't suppose to but still she wanted to be a part of this.

"I'm so happy to say today that our shop now has a branch in Mumbai. This was my dream project to place an brach either in Mumbai or Delhi. The are the main cities of our country so they deserve the best sweets shop in thier city also." He laughed.

Sanjana smiled to herself feeling proud for him.

"So Mr. Pathewala, this must not have been so easy right? Who do you think is behind your success?" Asked a reporter.

"As many people say 'behind every successfull man there is a woman' well in my case its true behind me here is my wife. Without whom I would not have the courage to take up the challenge" said Ajay.
Sanjana turned around and looked staraight into his eyes. Her eyes were red. She was angry. What was he trying to prove now? She decided to fully ignore him.

The rest of the event just passed by with Ajay following Sanjana, her ignoring him and as they move away having some intense eyelocks.

She had not said a word to him but he could feel the accusations she was throwing on him by her eyes. They could'nt speak as Sanjana never let him come near her. But their eyes had done a lot of talking till now.  From accusations to justifications.

Sanjana was never a easy nut to crack. He had known that. But now that he had found her. He'll surely try and get her back into his life, forever.

"Hi" Ajay said as her he came near Sanjana.

Sanjana just faked a smile and moved away. 

The next 20 mins passed just like that. Ajay following Sanjana and Sanjana moving away. 

Ajay was irritated and so was Sanjana. 

'Nerve of the man! First reject her then follow like a joru ka gullam.' Thought Sanjana.

Suddenly after a while Sanjana was very pissed and looked back to give Ajay a piece of mind. He was not there. 
"Thank god!" She said to herself.

Sanjana moved towards the green room to check on her team when suddenly she felt a pull.

It was Ajay. He had pulled her in a vacant room. 

"Stop ignoring me Sanjana" he said in the lowest voice touching his head with hers.

"Muje jaane do Ajay" said Sanjana trying to move away. She had closed her eyes feeling him. But this was wrong. He could not manipulate her like this. She pushed him but in return he pulled her more towards himself. Their faces touching each other. Ajay was about to kiss her when suddenly she pushed him with all her might. 

Sanjana was angry. She raised her hand to slap him but controlled herself. She walked towards the door. Ajay was tearful. 

"Was'nt she happy to see me?" He wondered.

"We are over long back.. And the only feeling I have for you is hate. I hate you Ajay. Aagli baar mere paas aane ki koshish mat karna." Sanjana said without even looking back towards him.

Saying those words she left the room without even sparing a glance to him.

Tears flowed from Ajay's eyes. He just realized the blunder he had made.

"I love you Sanjana and I know you love me too. I'll do whatever it may take to get you back. Tumhari maafi ke liye kuch bhi kar jaunga!" Promised Ajay to himself.

Silently he returned to his family. Ayush kept his hand on his shoulder understanding him. He smiled to him. 

Sanjana was also there standing with Raj and the other team members. 

The event was over and all they did was steal glances of each other.


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