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AsYa SS: Fangirling Over Mangalpur (Chapter 5) Last part

CHAPTER 5 (Last Chapter)

Two days had already past Asad & Zoya's marraige but Asad had no time for Zoya. Zoya was getting extremely pissed now.


Asad had just entered his room realizing that his room was'nt only his anymore. He smiled shyly and went towards Zoya.

"Finally, you are all mine!" He said in the sweetest tone possible.

Zoya smiled at him shyly and hugged him tightly.

After couple of minutes Asad got a really important call from his office and he had to leave. Zoya understandingly agreed. Asad left unwillingly.


"Understanding ki bhi haad hoti hai! 2 din ho gaye maine unhe thik se dekha tak nai hai. Roz late aate hai aur jaldi bhaag jate hai." Said Zoya frustated.

It was 11 in the night. Zoya was sleeply. She did'nt realize when her eyes were closed and she fell asleep on the sofa in their room. 

Asad returned home by 12:30 and went to his room. He saw a sleeping Zoya on the sofa.

He picked her up in his arms and laid her on thier bed. His ammi and tamatar had made him aware about the fact that Zoya was really pissed with him.

He smiled and played with her hair. He kissed her forehead.

"I'm sorry Zoya! I'didnt mean to ignore you but the deal for really important. I promise I'll make up for it tomorrow." He talked to her while she lay asleep.

He freshen uped and laid down beside Zoya, hugged her and went to sleep.

Next morning when Zoya woke she found Asad's hand on her waist tightly. She smiled at the sight. She also hugged him tight and went off to sleep again forgeting that she was angry with him. 

Asad woke up after a while and untangled him. He successfully sent his mother & sister for a romantic action pack movie.

He went to the hall for the preparations for his dear wife. Zoya woke to not find Asad beside her. She frowned then made her way to freshen up.

"Sunday bhi Mr. Khan bhaag gaye!" Frowned Zoya.

After an hour when Zoya entered the hall, her eyes brimmed with tears. 

There were all the family pictures of them which included her. Once he had told her that she was just a mear guest and this day, she was a part of his family moreover he agreed to it. Her best days had started indeed. 

There near their bedroom was thier Nikah's picture in a large. The house was set in such a way which shouted that is was Zoya's.

Thats what Asad wanted and he indeed succeded.

"Can i have a breakfast date with my wife please?" Asked Asad in a 'aww so sweet' tone.

"sure" she said.

Suddenly the all anger she had for him had dissapeared. Thats what happens in love right? When you see the person you love doing something for you, you just melt. Zoya had already melted.

They had quite breakfast of all sorts of unhealthy stuffs which Zoya happily enjoyed. 

"I'm really lucky to have you Mr. Khan!" She said.

"I know that but can we please change it to Asad?" He asked highly irritated by the formalness.

"Awww! Asad darling! Is that fine enough" She said putting her hands around his neck.

Asad blushed.

"Maybe" he said.

"Its the first time i have let a women come so close to me Zoya. I'm so glad you entered my life." He said starring in her eyes.

"Just because I am from New york doest'nt prove you are'nt my first one! You the first man whom I allowed myself to be close with. Jo mere abbu ne meri ammi ke saath kiya uske baad darr lagta tha. Par jab aap aaye mai kho hi gayi, jab tak muje kuch pata chalta muje aapse pyaar ho chuka tha. You are my first and last Mr. Khan! That will never change. I love you!" She said wiping away her tears.

"I love you too" he replied smiling.

He took her to the tv room and switched it on. 

"Aaj toh Dhoni ka match tha! Mai kaise bhool gai?" She shouted and made herself comfortable on the sofa.

Asad joined her smiling at her cuteness. 

An Hour went on like that. They had cuddled into each other. Whenever there would be a four or six both of them used to jump on the sofa with decency ofcourse due to Asad.

Finally there was half time. Zoya's head was on Asad's shoulder. Asad looked at her, cutely all into him. 

"Am I forgiven?" He asked.

Zoya looked up to him not leaving his shoulders.

"Not yet" she smiled mischievously.

Asad leaned down smiling and captured her lips with his. They kissed for a long time and broke off smiling putting their heads together. 

After a while they kissed again forgetting the world around them. All they knew was they were together like this after a long time and they missed each other.

They kissed each other a couple of times for a good amount of time. 

The match was long forgotten. After about half an hour of kissing each other, they stared at each other. The desires in thier eyes were very evident. Asad slowly went towards her neck and kissed her there. Zoya closed her eyes in contentment. He nibbled there for a long time and finally his hand reached the zip of her kurti and there she realized that they were in the hall almost about to make out. 

They were married but yet that was a inappropriate place. Asad soon understood and pulled himself back.

"Lets make something for Ammi & Tamatar as a surprise." She said awkwardly.

"Yeaa sure" he said and they decided to cook together. Suddenly there was a six and both of them shouted together forgetting the awkwardness. Both burst of laughing. They laughed thier heart out.

"Tonight's gonna be a good night!" He whispered smirking cutting the vegies.

"Surely!" She replied smiling shyly frying the cut vegies.


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TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 15) Last Chapter


1 Year Later

Things had'nt changed much but they wer'nt kids anymore. They were graduates. The gang had done immense hardwork to start up a Dance academy. They succeded at that. St.louis advertised thier students and advised to take training from D3 academy for taking parts in competitions.

Taani was doing her MBA. She had passed her entrance exam (CAT). Arjun and Arohi's wedding anniversary had just gone a day back. The gang had visited them giving them a surprise. Arjun & Arohi were real love birds. Nothing had changed. Rahul was also doing well in his career. 

Life was at peace. Swayam, Taani, Rey & Sharon's family were aware of thier childrens love interests. They had decided to get them engaged.

Finally it was decided that the engagement of both the couples would be arranged together.

The couple were not allowed to meet.

It was finally the day. The venue was in mumbai highly decorated in a classy way.

Rey and Swayam stood down waiting for thier partners. Taani and Sharon walked down the stairs in a typical bridal way. They shyly smiled as all the attention turned towards them.

Both the couple exchanged rings and were finally committed to each other in true sense.

Arjun, Arohi, Rahul & the gang had danced so much on thier sagai.

Everyone was tired and retired to thier respective rooms booked for a day in the hotel where the venue existed.

Later that night Swayam & Rey sneeked into thier fiance's room unknown to the fact that Sharon & Taani shared a room.

As both of them sneeked together, the girls had thier own time laughing.

Swayam excused him and Sharon leaving Rey & Taani behind.

"I love you Rey" Taani said in tears looking at her ring.

"I love you too cutiiee" Rey said smiling at his innocent angel.

"I feel complete Rey! Today I feel content" she saod hugging him.

"Mee too! I waiting for today's moment! Your mine and only mine from now on." Rey said tighting his hold on her.

"I was always yours Rey! Hamesha se. Aur uparse aaj mai double khush hoon ek apne liye aur bhai aur Sharon bhabhi ke liye! Aaj aisa lag raha hai ki everything is falling in place. Sab kuch aisa hi hona tha aur ho gaya. Bahut accha lag raha. I just want this moment to stop." She said smiling.

"Noo.. Muje toh chahiye ki jaldi se hamari shadi ho jaye aur tum hamesha ke liye mere paas aa jao!" He said pouting.

"Aww!!" She said pecking him on his lips lightly.

Rey pulled her closed looking in her eyes.

"Its you who started. Not my fault!" He said as he pulled her into a kiss.

They deepened the kiss and broke off for oxygen and smiled at each other.

"Aur isse aage tum badhne nai deti" he pouted.

"Shadi ke baad!" She laughed and pushed him out of her room.

All this while Swayam and Sharon sat down in the garden bench. His hand in hers smiling at each other. No words exchanged. They were no simple couple they were matured. They were feeling the new phase of thier life.

"I'm loving where life is taking me"  Sharon told Swayam in his ears.

"Mee too!! I just love the feeling of having of beside me every moment." He smiled at her.

"I'm so lucky to have to by my side Swayam. Muje koi idea nai hai tumhare bina mai kya karti!" She said tighting her hold on him.

"I'm going nowhere without you. You are my most priced possession Sharon." He said as he looked into her eyes truthfully.

A tear escaped her eyes. He kissed her tears and then kissed her forehead. They smiled at each other and made thier way towards the room.

On the other side Rey smiled at Taani. She was from a small town but matched everything. He loved everything about her. He stood there smiling at the door before making his way out.

Taani giggled in her bedsheet. She felt like a love struck teenager. Butterflys flying in her stomach making it difficult to release her blush.

Swayam and Sharon met Rey on thier way. 

"Saath mein room mein chalte hai. Pehle Sharon ko chodna hai!" Said Swayam to Rey.

"Okaay" said Rey

They reached girls room. 

Taani opened the room in her cute night suit which made Rey chuckle.

"Good nightt babyy" wished Swayam to Taani sidehugging her.

"Good nightt Bhaii!" Taani wished back.

"Good nightt babyy!!" Rey copied Swayam laughing.

" Aapko bhai bulaungi toh aapko aacha nai lagega" Taani replied sweetly to which all laughed at Rey.

"Nightt Reyy" Sharon laughed.

"Nightt" replied Rey flushed.

Rey & Swayam smiled to their partners to which Taani & Sharon responded with a smiled and left.

Outside the room Swayam and Rey exchaged a bro hug.

While as the door closed,

"Eeeppp" shouted Taani & Sharon together hugging each other.

All of them were excited about the new journey of thier life.

All of them slept that night witha smile of content on thier faces.


Till next time,

TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 14)


The next day It was Arjun-Arohi's wedding. It was over very nicely. The whole gang was very impressed with swayam's family. It was a grand wedding. 

Arjun & Arohi were sitting for some extra rasams after marraige when Swayam approached them.

"Congratulations, di and my official jeeju now!" He hugged both of them.

"Thank you" both said together.

"Ye rasamein by god ki kasam khatam hi nai ho rai dude!" Arjun said tired. 

"Koi nai jeeju sirf thodi der aur!" giggled Swayam.

Arohi caught Swayam's ears and said "kyunn haa? Zyaada dimaag chal rha hai tera?"

"Arreyy di dukh rha hai! Sorry baba sorry!!" Said Swayam.

"Teri punishment ye hai ki yahaan mere paas baith aur bore ho!" She said.

"Arre di bahut kaam hai!" He replied turning away.

"Muje sab pata hai kya kaam hai!" Arohi winked and made him sit.

Three of them continuously chatted while Swayam's mom let out a tear from her eyes seeing the bond her kids share. 

The wedding was over, the bidaii was done. Everyone became eventually upset due to Arohi's departure but happy that she found an amazing partner for life.

Taani moved to her room from the hall and cried her heart out. It was never like Arohi was 24/7 with her but she knew she can easily catch up but now she had a new family too. 

Rey entered her room from the window and saw Taani like that. His heart melted for her. The whole function she was happy and now like this crying in a corner.

"Hey! Hey!! Rone ki kya baat? Tumhe toh khush hona chahiye ki tumhari di khush hai jahaan bhi hai! Right?" Said Rey.

"Di ki priorities change hone wali hai Rey!" He cried again.

"Di ki jitni priorities change ho par tum unki 1st priority tum hi rahogi." Added Swayam from back.

He was teary eyed too. Sharon was with him all the while. He had managed him and come over to meet Taani. 

Taani hugged Swayam tightly and both of them cried their heart out. Sharon and Rey joined them and smiled at the bonding. Thier parters bonding was as perfect as theirs.

Taani remained in swayam's and Rey's arms and sharon in swayam's. Four of them didnt realize when sleep overcame them. 

Next morning when Seema came to Taani's room, she was in an 'awww' condition. She knew Swayam an Taani would be highly affected as Arohi left but their friends will be there and get attached was never in her wildest thoughts.

She smiled and woke them up.

"Taani tera management course toh tu ghar se padh sakti hai par mere kyaal se tuje mumbai jaake apna last year pehle pura karna chahiye." Seema told her.

"Haa Taani. Jitni bhi degrees ho graduation zaroori hai!" Said Swayam.

"I agree." Said Rey & Sharon at the same time.

"Jaisa aap kahe!" Replied Taani.

"Thats a right decision you took!" Said Rahul as he entered.

"Maybe" she replied.

"I'm leaving today in the afternoon. Urgent work. Come over for lunch you all. I know even you people are leaving today yet! Please." He said 

"Surely Rahul! I'll miss you so much..!" Said Taani.

Seema left with a smile on her face while Swayam & Sharon left for thier respecrive rooms. 

Rahul also left after sidehugging Taani.

Taani was yet not in a mood for anything. Rey cupped her face kissed on her forehead and told her "everythings gonna be fine now. Like it was, perfect!"

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IshRa OS: My love, my wife

IshRa OS: My love, my wife
Today was absolute working saturday for the bhallas after all Raman's 'dur ka' cousin had in invited them for the dinner tonight. Everyone seemed to be too busy in the preparations to notice that Ishita had a blank face. She preparing for a person she was'nt introduced about.

"Oyee Ishita puttar aaj na chole de bhature banade. Mere puttar nu bada accha lagta hai. Akela rehta hai pata nai roz kya khata hoga?" Chirped Toshi.

"Haan ji mummiji! Par ye hai kaun? I mean pehle kabhi aap logne bataya nai." Ishita asked confused. 

"Oyyee ye na bhallaji ke dur ke bhaika beta hai. Par hamare dilke bahut kareeb hai. Issiliye aake sabse pehle humein khane pe bulaya. Inna changa munda haina...ki daasu ab mai tenu?" Chirped Toshi

"Ji! Abhi banati hoon." Replied Ishita.

Raman returned from his work and had bought a saree for Ishita on the way just like that this time.

He went to their room and kept the packet on the bed.

Ishita entered and she saw him keeping the gift. 

"Ruhi ke liye gift laaye hai? Kya hai ussmein?" She asked like a kid.

"Baachi ho kya?" He tuanted.

"TuantKumar" she muttered under her breath.

"Waise tumhare liye hai." He added.

"Mere liye?" She asked innocently.

"Haan meri baachi ki maa tumhare liye." He said.

She opened the gift quickly and saw that it was beautiful saree.

"Mehengi hogi na? Aapne kyunn..!" She was about to start.

"Raman Kumar Bhalla ki biwi ho tumhare liye kya sasta kya mehenga?" He cut her and went to the washroom.

She somehow kept very good when he called her his wife. It was a good feeling. Moreover she liked it.

She took it out and decided to wear it today as all the bhalla's were getting ready to meet their darling relative.

When Raman came out of the washroom he saw a sight he would never forget.

With her paining hand due to weekness she had managed to wear the saree but the blouse had somehow came out to be loose. She had worn it properly but just when Raman entered the room, her blouse fell off her shoulder.   He had purposely selected a backless one and a decent low neck one. After all he believed that all the other view should be limited to him only.

He blushed on his thoughts.

"I have started liking her" he admitted.

Ishita's hands were full. She was preparing Ruhi a little time back thus her hands were full of powder as Ruhi had started to play with it. 

"Mai kaise bahar jau ab?" She wondered.

"The blouse was already covering less and now this!" She cried.

Raman advanced towards her and put his hand on her bare shoulder.

"Aayo murugan!" She shouted.

"Mai hoon. Chup!" He told her.

Ishita looked down not able to meet his eyes.

He turned her around and and pulled her hanging blouse up. She closed her eyes tightly. He liked the effect he had on her. Moreover he loved the fact the he was the first one to touch her this way. He went to her back and pulled the doris tightly in such a manner that her bare back came crashing to his chest.

She didnt respond but neither did she move away. He delibrately took his time tying the dori and moved his hand on her bare back.

He turned her around and made her face him. She was looking downing blushing and scared.

He cupped her face and leaned in. Ishita opened her eyes to find him extremely close to her. She didnt move back infact she closed her eyes again. He smiled and looked at lips and finally pressed his lips to her forehead. 

Ishita opened her eyes and looked at him. She saw something different. Love? Really? She actually saw love. She looked down immediately shyly. A small blush crept in. Raman smirked and walked away.

Their drive with the family to place was a silent affair. Both were in a dilema about what just happened. Raman realized he was falling for her, he smiled at the thought. Ishita realized she had accepted him as her husband in all means and actually started falling for him. The blush was'nt ready to leave her face today.

They finally reached. The family rushed while Ishita stayed back with Raman for parking.

Both were very obvious to the silence. Raman parked the car while Ishita waited outside. Finally Raman joined her and caught her hand firmly as Ishita went ahead.

Sensing the grip Ishita looked back. Raman pulled her and caught her on her bare waist. She flinched. This was all new. The sensations, a man's touch moreover these feelings.

"Ramann..." She muttered.

"I have something to ask by the way." He said pulling her closer.

"Shoot!" She said acting as if she is not understanding what he is doing.

"How do you manage to always look so pretty in these kapdon ki than?" He asked in her ears making sure his lips touched her earlobes.

And she just couldnt go back to the Jhansi ki rani mode and she did not want too also.

"Raman kumar bhalla's wife is suppose to be that pretty right?" She asked blushing.

"Right!!" He said as he kissed her cheek and snaked his one hand on her waist and walking towads the destination claiming her as his.

"Inni der neeche kya kar rahe the?" Toshi asked seeing her children.

"Romance aur kya!" Replied Romi laughing.

"Chup kar!" Said Raman was once and no one dared to tease again but secretly giggled.

"Hello Raman!" He heard his cousin.

"Hey Rahul! How are you?" Asked Raman.

"Absolutely good! Its a pleasure to have you people here." Rahul said with a smile.

"Meri biwi Ishita." Raman introduced.

"Ishu? Tum? Raman ki biwi? OMG!" Said Rahul and hugged her.

"Haa haa shadi ka invitation bheja toh tha par padhega kaun right?" She said sarcastically.

"Tum dono ek dusre ko jaante ho?" Asked Raman.

"Haa Raman hum labmates the" said Rahul.

"Mai ek destist thi aur Rahul ek surgeon par hamari labs same hua karti thi. Hum dono bahut aache dost the. I mean hai." Ishita expalined.

Rahul and Ishita were were very happy to see each other but Raman was the only one wanted his wife's attention only to him. 

The bhalla's gave the tiffins to Rahul.

"Iss sab ki kya zarurat thi? Maine cook rakh li hai! Aapke jaisa na sahi par aacha khana bana leti hai." Rahul said

"Iss baar maine nai Ishita ne khana banaya hai" said Toshiji proudly.

"Ishu ne punjabi khana banaya hai? Woowww toh mai isse sambhal sambhal ke khaunga!" He replied.

Everyone sat for dinner and the food was pure punjabi. The food was so delicious the romi and toshiji had already overeaten.

They chitchatted a lot about Ishita's college days. How she was the prettiest of all and everything. 

"Raman pata mere pass videos bhi hai mere aur Ishu ke. Hum na kabhi kabhi weddings mein dance bhi kar lete the agar equipments ke liye paise kam pad jaate toh! Haina Ishita?" Said Rahul.

"Haan! Kya din the!" She said.

"Hum bhi dekhenge." Said Raman

"Sure" he replied and went in to get the dvds.

Raman and Ishita sat together.

Raman held Ishita's to which she was shocked but later smiled and let it be there.

Their relationship was growing.

They saw so many video of Ishita. Raman realized that she was much more lively and funloving before. She had indeed changed a lot!

Everyone decided to retire as the were tired. Everyone was on the door but Raman was finding his phone he finally found it near the TV. 

He was about to leave when he heard

"I loved him..i loved him so muchh... I would never maybe be able to love someone now.. Anyways he wasnt worth it... He told me that my infertility was the reason i didnt even let him come near me...how cheap was that...mere kitne sapne the ki vo aisa hoga vaisa hoga mujse pyar karega, baat karega, kyaal rakhega par sab ek jhooth hai..sirf jhooth!"

He heard Ishita say in the video to Rahul. it seemed like a cctv one.
He left the place in thoughts.

"kahaan reh gaye the?" Ishita asked him innocently

"Bas aisehi" he said and they moved towards home.

As they entered their room when Raman caught Ishita by her arm and bought her near him.

"You love me right?" She heard him say.

She was shy but he was adamant.

"Ramann..." She started.

"Shh...haan yaa na?" He asked.

She went back and he went ahead finally Ishita met the bed and fell down taking Raman together on top of her.

"I'm sorry" she said quickly.

"Thank you!" He said

"Huh?" She was confused

"You gave me my another kuch kuch hota hai moment" he uttered leaning on her in her ears.

"Ramann..pleasee.. Jaane do.." She uttered

"Kyun? Biwi toh tum meri!" He said smiling.

"Muje kuch ho rha hai Raman..please" she said 

"Vo hamesha hota hai jab mai tumhare karib aata hoon" he said huskily kissing her neck.

He came back to her face finding her eyes closed in fear. This was new to her he knew. He smiled.

"I love you Ishita and this time I mean it." He said as he kissed her forehead.

He saw tears flowing from her eyes. He quickly got up and sat beside her.

"I'm sorry Ishita! There is no force. Everything can stay normal if you want. Please Ishita dont cry" he said scared from her reaction.

Ishita still lay on the bed. She could not believe this. Her Ravan Kumar loved her and told her. She got up only to see a tensed Raman.

All she could see the hurt of rejection and pure love towards her in his eyes. 

She jumped on him and hugged him with all her might.

"I love you too Raman! I have waited for long to hear this from you! I'm crazily in love with you, my husband, my Ravan" she said hugging him tightly.

"I knew it" she hugged her back with all his strengh.

They broke the hug after a long time. Raman cupped her face and kissed her forehead. As he moved towards her lips a little hesitant if she would like it or not. She smiled at his confusion and moved ahead placing her lips on his. They both smiled in the kiss. 

Tears flowed from out from thier eyes and but the smiled never left thier face. They were just not full of each other. The caught each other tightly while kissing each other peacefully indicating that they never want the other to leave. 

"ISHIMAA PAPA" they heard Ruhi shout from a distance.

They parted and looked towards the door to find their little angel opening the door and running to them.

They both were very near so Ruhi came and sat on both of thems lap.

"Mai aap ke saath soungi, neend nai aa rahi" Ruhi said

"Okaay" her parents said together as they slept first time as a real family together. Raman, Ruhi & Ishita on the bed with one of thier hands on Ruhi and the other one with each other. 

Today thier life was complete. Thier past was dull because thier future had to be even brighter.

Three of them slept instantly with a smile adoring thier faces.