Tuesday, 18 November 2014

TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 14)


The next day It was Arjun-Arohi's wedding. It was over very nicely. The whole gang was very impressed with swayam's family. It was a grand wedding. 

Arjun & Arohi were sitting for some extra rasams after marraige when Swayam approached them.

"Congratulations, di and my official jeeju now!" He hugged both of them.

"Thank you" both said together.

"Ye rasamein by god ki kasam khatam hi nai ho rai dude!" Arjun said tired. 

"Koi nai jeeju sirf thodi der aur!" giggled Swayam.

Arohi caught Swayam's ears and said "kyunn haa? Zyaada dimaag chal rha hai tera?"

"Arreyy di dukh rha hai! Sorry baba sorry!!" Said Swayam.

"Teri punishment ye hai ki yahaan mere paas baith aur bore ho!" She said.

"Arre di bahut kaam hai!" He replied turning away.

"Muje sab pata hai kya kaam hai!" Arohi winked and made him sit.

Three of them continuously chatted while Swayam's mom let out a tear from her eyes seeing the bond her kids share. 

The wedding was over, the bidaii was done. Everyone became eventually upset due to Arohi's departure but happy that she found an amazing partner for life.

Taani moved to her room from the hall and cried her heart out. It was never like Arohi was 24/7 with her but she knew she can easily catch up but now she had a new family too. 

Rey entered her room from the window and saw Taani like that. His heart melted for her. The whole function she was happy and now like this crying in a corner.

"Hey! Hey!! Rone ki kya baat? Tumhe toh khush hona chahiye ki tumhari di khush hai jahaan bhi hai! Right?" Said Rey.

"Di ki priorities change hone wali hai Rey!" He cried again.

"Di ki jitni priorities change ho par tum unki 1st priority tum hi rahogi." Added Swayam from back.

He was teary eyed too. Sharon was with him all the while. He had managed him and come over to meet Taani. 

Taani hugged Swayam tightly and both of them cried their heart out. Sharon and Rey joined them and smiled at the bonding. Thier parters bonding was as perfect as theirs.

Taani remained in swayam's and Rey's arms and sharon in swayam's. Four of them didnt realize when sleep overcame them. 

Next morning when Seema came to Taani's room, she was in an 'awww' condition. She knew Swayam an Taani would be highly affected as Arohi left but their friends will be there and get attached was never in her wildest thoughts.

She smiled and woke them up.

"Taani tera management course toh tu ghar se padh sakti hai par mere kyaal se tuje mumbai jaake apna last year pehle pura karna chahiye." Seema told her.

"Haa Taani. Jitni bhi degrees ho graduation zaroori hai!" Said Swayam.

"I agree." Said Rey & Sharon at the same time.

"Jaisa aap kahe!" Replied Taani.

"Thats a right decision you took!" Said Rahul as he entered.

"Maybe" she replied.

"I'm leaving today in the afternoon. Urgent work. Come over for lunch you all. I know even you people are leaving today yet! Please." He said 

"Surely Rahul! I'll miss you so much..!" Said Taani.

Seema left with a smile on her face while Swayam & Sharon left for thier respecrive rooms. 

Rahul also left after sidehugging Taani.

Taani was yet not in a mood for anything. Rey cupped her face kissed on her forehead and told her "everythings gonna be fine now. Like it was, perfect!"

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