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AsYa FF: Time to go back (Chapter 27)

Asad & Zoya stared at each other wide eyed.

"Whats wrong Miss Zoya?" Asked her assistant in her ear.

"Nothing Stella!" Zoya replied with a plain smile.

"So Mr Asad Ahmed Khan, i guess it will be fun working with you!" Said Zoya.

"Yeaa..!! I am looking forward to work with you" Asad replied a little unsure of what he was saying.

Zoya had a smile pasted on her face all the time. Asad was unable to decide was this a official one or she is upto something weird again.

Zoya: Ummm... So today i would like to show you some minute details about your site which should be known to you. If we overcome the list of problems i have listed out here your deal will be carried out easily.

Asad: Okaayy!! Aman if you could check out the file Miss Farooki is talking about with Stella then it will be good.

Aman: Okaay sir!

Aman & Stella left for the office leaving Asad & Zoya alone.

Asad: What are you upto? Tum chupana chahti ho ki hum ek dusre ko jante hai?

Zoya: Arree Mr Khan aisa nai hai! Mai toh sirf thoda maaza le rai hoon! Aur assistants ko batane ki kya zaroorat? Mere boss ko bhi toh pata chale ki jis client ke liye vo upar se neeche ho gaye hai vo mere fiance hai! Unka muh dekhne layak hoga!

Asad: Kya??

Zoya: Sirf saath dijiye! Baaki mai dekh lungi!

Asad: You are unbelievable!

Zoya: Whatever ab kaam ki baatein karein?

Asad: Oh! Sure Miss Farooki!

Asad & Zoya discussed about the plot in details and carried out their work. 

Zoya: Mr Khan aap chahe toh Mai ye plot aapko badi aasani se dila sakti hoon!

Asad: Nai Miss Farooki! Ye galat hoga! Influence is never good! Aur usse aapki bhi reputation kharab hogi!

Zoya: Sab jagah hota hai Mr Khan!

Asad: Nai galat kabhi sahi nai hota! 

Zoya: Fine! Chaliye mai aapko apne boss se introduce karvati hoon!

Zoya smiled!

Asad: Chaliye!

They reach Zoya's office.

Aman: Sir! Deal is fine and immpressive!

Asad: Okaay! Give the file.

Aman: Yes sir!

Zoya: Good work Stella! you may leave now!

Stella: Thank you so much mam!

Zoya smiled.

They went to Zoya's boss.

Mr D'costa: Hello Mr Khan! Its a honour to have to here. Did Zoya let you know the details well?

Asad: Yaa!! I must say! You have a wonderful staff! 

Mr D'costa: Yess!! She is one the best employees we have here! Thus i sent her to you to explain stuffs.

Asad: Thanks a lot!

Mr D'costa: Well we had the deal before only about that plot but recently issues were created and i guess now you know well them too!

Asad: Yes! I would like to have legal procedures start soon! I am really impressed by the solutions given by Miss Farooki!

Mr D'costa: Yupp!! We will do that tomorrow!

Zoya: Umm...! Sir?

Mr D'costa: Yes!!

Zoya: The day i came you asked about my fiance right?

Mr D'costa: Yeaa!! So?

Zoya: Meet my fiance Mr Asad Ahmed Khan!

Mr D'costa's eyes popped out.

Mr D'costa: What? I mean how can that be possible?

Asad: Why cant it be possible?

Mr D'costa: No no! It definately can!

Zoya: Won't you wish us a happy married life?

Mr D'costa: Yeaa!! Congratualations!!

Asad & Zoya: Thanks!

Asad & Zoya finally left hand in hand.


"What the hell dude?" Shouted Karan.

Karan: Thik se koi kaam nai hota?

Roy: What sir?

Karan: I mean the file you have presented is not at all presentable to the clients! Look at the spelling errors!

Roy: I am so sorry sir!! I ll just to do that!

Karan: Quick!

Roy: Yes sir!! 

"Uugghh...Fukat mein zyaada daat diyaa! Whats wrong with me?" Shouted a frustated Karan for the Nth time on himself!

Karan: Stop thinking about her! Vo soch bhi nai rai hogi tere baare mein!


"Ugghhh...kya pehnu mai? Karan aata hi hoga! He had promised ki muje New york ghumayega" said a utterly frustated Najma.

Najma: Vo mere baare mein soch bhi nai rha hoga!! Aur mai? Mai call karti hoon... Naai...haannn matlab promise kiya tha ussne! Partner hai mera! Haann..!! Done!


Karan picked up his cell without noticing the caller ID.

"What?" Asked a pissed Karan. 

"Karan?" Najma asked unsure!

Karan: Ohh!! Vo partner! Actually i am busy! I ll call you laterr!

Najma: What? Tumhe yaad nai?

Karan: Kya?

Najma was teary she didnt know why but the fact that Karan forgot something related to her irked her!

"Kuch nai" Najma replied in a faint voice.

Karan noticed the tone and then it striked to him. 

"Was'nt I supposed show around New york today to her? Anyways I wasnt doing any fruitful thing in the office. I need to go to her! I could not break her heart!" Karan noted in his mind.

He was already in his car when just halted.

Karan: Break her heart? Her voice was low seeing me forget a thing about her! Shit!!! I guess she likes me back? But she didnt show it anyways!

A sad Karan started driving.

"How would she show? She is so innocent! I think she does not even know how babies are born" he mentally noted again.

With a smile on his face he drove away.


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TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 5)


The very next day Arohi was at home  choosing the clothes for the function. She had also instructed Swayam to be tip top tonight as its his sisters special day. Swayam came sat her sat on her bed.

Swayam: Di ye function toh college mein hai na?

Arohi: Haan! I know kind of weird but they always happen with me! So nevermind!

Swayam: Di college mein heavy kapde thoda weird nai hai? I mean you are gonna wear this saree abhi se raat ke liye?

Arohi: Nai re duffer. Function ke time only i will change in the college. Aur tu bhi aisa hi karna duffer kahika! Koi college attend karne ke liye heavy kapde kyun pehne? Ab doubt solve ho gaya ho toh let me change i need to reach the college bahut tyaariyan baaki hai!

Swayam: Okaay di! Good luck!

Arohi: Thanks!


Taani: *to herself*
Hey krishnaji mai jo kar rai hoon sirf di ke liye! Iss beech Rey ko muje face karna hi padega! Help me!

Rahul: Kya soch rai hai?

Taani: Kuch nai! Ticket mili?

Rahul: Nai tickets mili!

Taani: Matlab?

Rahul: Malab meri princess mai bhi aa raha hoon!

Taani: KYUN!?

Rahul: Well meri eklauti bhabhi top doctors mein nominate hui hai yaar issliye! Ye le! Mai aata hoon!

Taani: Okaayy!!! 

Rahul goes!

Taani: Arre yeh toh 3 tickets hai!

"Hum kyun peeche reh jaaye" Taani heard a voice.

Taani: Aap? Arjun? Jeeju!?

Rahul: Yepp!! Bin bulaya mehman!

Arjun: Tujse zyaada mera jaane ka haq banta hai! Samja? Bina kaam ki sawari!

Taani: Bas bas!! Ab flight miss ho jayegi aur di bahut daategi! 

Arjun: Your right!

They head towards the check in counter and the security checks!


Arohi: What the hell? Aaj 100 log jo yahaan aayenge unke liye yeh kitna bada din hai andaza hai aapko? Aapka kaam thik se kijiye warna mai kisi aur ko le lungi! Line lagi hai peeche!

The gang watched from behind!

Rey: Perfectly Taani ki behan! Gussa aaya tab samne wale ki maut!

Sharon: I swear! 

The gang were in canteen for lunch.

Swayam: Di ne lunch nai kiya hoga i ll check!

Arohi entered.

Swayam: Aru di!

Arohi: Heyy!!

Swayam: Lunch khaya?

Arohi: Nai vo mai..actually!

Swayam: Chalo!

Arohi: Par...muje kaam hai!

Swayam: Haan kar lena BAADMEIN!

Arohi: I love you!

Swayam smiled!

Arohi: Plzz say mee too!

Swayam: Mee tooo!!

They had their lunch together.

"Aru last minute checks dekh le" They heard someone shout.

Arohi: Mai chalti hoon and thanks! Love you! Aur haan ye lo entry cards you all are invited tonight!

Gang: Thanks di!

Arohi: Ahh!! Nevermind!

Taani, Rahul & Arjun reached the Mumbai airport.

Arjun: Well tumhari dear sister hogi kaha?

Taani: Card pe venue toh college ka hai! Vahin kisi pe chilla rai hongi!

Meanwhile Arohi was shouting for proper arrangements. 

Rey: Umm...! Di vo mai dekh leta hoon aap tyaar ho jaye!

Arohi: Nai nai aise kaise?

Rey: Arre kyun nai! Aap ready ho jaye!

Arohi: Fine mai jaldi aati hoon haa?

Rey: Okaaay!
Thank god ab mein start se finish tak iss function ka hissa hoon! Taani jab bhi aayegi muje ignore nai kar payegi!

Taani: *thinking*
Hey Krishnaji raksha karna!

Taani, Rahul & Arjun reach college.

Taani was in a cute  blue salwaar kameez, Rahul in his casual jeans and Arjun in his suit as he had joined them directly from work.

The gang were doing their dance practices when Arohi entered in a gorgeous blue saree.

Sharon: This saree looks awesome!

Gang: Yaa!!

Arohi: Thanks!

Swayam: Di sachmein bahut sunder lag rhe ho!

Arohi: Aww!! Thanks!!

Arohi was about to leave when she saw Taani at the door.

Arohi: Taaniii??

Taani: Di?

Rey just entered the hall and saw Taani from behind!

Taani & Arohi ran to each other and hugged each other very tightly like they will never leave each other!

Arohi kissed Taani on her head!

Arohi: Kaisa hai mera baby?

Taani: Aapke bina kaisa hoga?

They hugged each other again!

Rahul: Arre hum bhi hai bhabhijaan!

Arohi: Wahh! Aaj ka din toh bada achha hai!

Taani: Well mere paas aapke liye ek surprise hai!

Arohi: Kya?

Arjun entered with a bunch of red roses!

"Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady" he said as he went on his knees!

Arohi's eyes were filled with tears!

Arohi: Thank you!!

They hugged while Arohi started crying.

Arjun: Kya hua?

Arohi: Ab mai finals mein nominate na hoon toh bhi bura nai lagega!

Arjun: Aur aisa ho hi nai sakta!

"Aru chal the function is about to start saare senior doctors needed" they heard 

Arohi: Excuse me mai aati hoon!

Rey moved out after seeing the whole scene and went to the venue again waiting for Taani.

Taani: Di kitni khush hai aaj! 

Arjun: Haa!! 

Taani: Arre di ka cell toh yahin reh gaya! Mai de aati hoon!

Rey saw Taani comming.

Rey: I knew vo aayegi! 

Rey acted as if he was not looking and walking. Taani was as usual in her own world. Rey came in front of Taani and they both fell on the grounds rolling over each other.

Taani's eyes were closed. She was scared. 

Taani: I am really...

Rey: Sorry?

Rey's sorry sounded more like a question.

"Its him" Taani's inner voice told her.

Taani opened her eyes to find herself really close to Rey!

"Its a sign" Taani's inner voice again said.

Rey: I mean sorry mai dekhke nai chal rha tha!

Taani: Koi baat nai!

"Behave normal warna pakdi jayegi" Taani's inner voice again interupted.

" Aap kaise hai?" Taani happily asked.

"Huh?" Was all Rey could say.

Rey: *thinking*
Behave normal wala idea mere paas nai chalega!

Taani: *thinking*
Stupid idiot pagal ladki! Pehle khadi toh hoja! Phir puch lena haal chaal!

Rey and Taani got up.

Rey: Tumhe indian bahut suit karta hai! Bahut pretty lag rai ho!

Taani: Thanks Rey! Aap bhi!

Rey: Mai kya?

Taani: Umm... Chodiye na...Aapka dance kaisa chal rha hai?

Rey: Achha hi chal rha hai! Aur tumhara management!

"Nikal le yahaan se" Taani's inner voice said!

Taani: Vo bhi achha chal rha hai! Ummm... Mai vo... Vo maii... Di ko cell dena hai! Baadmein milte hai!

Rey: Okaay!

Taani ran away to Arohi. 

Rey: *thinking*
Taani ko vapaas laane ka sirf ek tarika hai aur vo hai Aru di! Taani Aru di ko bahut manti hai agar saali ko impress kar doon toh shayad Taani ke paas aane ke mauke zyaada milenge!

Sharon came to Rey.

Sharon: Umm... Vo Rey...

Rey: Vo aa gai na?

Sharon: Tumhe kaise pata?

Rey: Mujse takraye bina kaise reh sakti hai vo?

Sharon: Kya?

Rey: Sharon mai ek baar Taani ko vapaas lane ki koshish karna chahta hoon! I love her yaar! Aur vo bhi mujse abhi tak pyaar karti hai varna aise bhaag nai jaati!

Sharon: Sahi hai Rey! Ek koshish toh banti hai! Ye shikawats bhaav bahut khaate hai par pyaar bhi bahut karte hai! Mai apne wale shikhawat ko manati hoon tum apni wali ko!

Rey: Thanks Sharon! I needed this support!

Sharon: Anytime!

Here Taani gave Arohi's cell to her and moved towards the fire exit as she was confused. She wanted to stay alone.

"Its a sign, Give yourself a chance" Taani's inner voice said

Taani: Nai! Mai aisa nai kar sakti! Muje darr lagta hai vo muje phir chod denge toh? Iss baar mai apne aap ko nai sambhal paaungi!

"He wont! He loved you only YOU" her inner voice said again!

Taani: Muje kch nai pata abhi mai yahaan sirf di ke liye aayi hoon! Bas! Baat khatam!

"Liar" her innervoice taunted.

Taani: Kyun ho rha hai aisa? Unje paas aate hi mai sab kyun bhool gai? Aisa kyun hua? Aisa nai hona chahiye! Muje nai karna feel unke liye!

Rahul: Kiske liye?
Taani: Umm... Vo tere liye! 

Rahul: Mere liye?

Taani: Tune muje bataya jo nai ki jeeju aa rahe hai?

Rahul: Jhooth kisi aur ko kehna jab lage ki kisiki zaroorat hai mai hoon! Okaay?

Taani: Okaay!

Rahul: Toh ab chal function shuru ho gaya abhi!

Rahul kept his arms on Taani's shoulders and they moved out hand in hand.

Rey was finding Taani to put in action his next plan but before that he saw both of them coming. He fumed with anger.

Sharon: Kya hua Rey?

Rey: Dekhona Sharon MERI Taani ke shoulder pe kaise haath daal ke chal rha as if uski private property hai!

Sharon: Vo sirf dost hai!

Rey: Jo bhi ho!

The function started. Drinks and starters were served.

Host: So its time to let you all know the final 10 top doctors for whom this party is thrown. Only 10 out of 100 on the basis of their patients remarks are nominated for finals!

Taani: Aru di pleaseee pleasee kishnaji!

Rey: Aa hi jayegi!

Taani: Ji?

Rey: Itni lagan se jo kaam karti hai vo!

Taani: Pata hai!

Rey: Tum itna darr kyun rai ho? Kahin tumhe aaj bhi farak toh nai padta?

Taani: Ji nai! Mai chalti hoon!

With that Taani went to Arohi to give support rather to take too.


TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 4)


Arohi: Ufff!! Finally we reach home! Mai toh kehti hoon ki tum dono bhi yahin ruk jao bahut traffic hai aur abhi bahar riots on hai aisa message bhi aaya muje!

Rey & Sharon: Ummm...vo

Arohi: No vo actually! Ruk jao! Well let me get sometime to know my brothers friends?

Sharon: Yaa!!

Swayam smiles at Arohi's cute & loving nature.

Arohi: Smile karna band karo Swayam i  am really very hungry chalo kch banate hai aur tum sab help karoge meri as i am really very very hungryy!

Sharon: Mee tooo!!

Rey: Par quick kya banega?

Swayam: Hakka noddles!

Arohi & Sharon: Done!

All of them go to the Kitchen and start working. Swayam & Rey cut the vegies. Sharon & Arohi make the arrangements for cooking.

Arohi's cell rings.

Arohi: Haan bol!

Taani: Di! Di! 

Arohi: Haan meri princess bol toh!

Taani: Aap skype pe aao muje aapko kch dikhana hai!

Arohi: Muje bhookh lagi hai!

Taani: Ab tak nai khaya? Koi nai 5 min!

Arohi had kept the phone on speaker. Rey had gone to wash his hands while both of them tell her to go. Arohi goes and sees a very excited Taani on the other side. 

Rey returns to the Kitchen nad carries on with the work. Swayam unconcious of the happenings tells Rey to ask Arohi what to do next.

Rey goes out to Arohi and asks her.

Rey: Ab aage kya?

Arohi: Umm ek second haa!

Rey turns to see Taani already staring at him. Rey & Taani look at each other. Taani smiles and Rey returned the smile. 

Arohi comes.

Arohi: Taani!! Tuje pata aaj Rey aur Sharon hamare saath hai! Hum sab hakka noddles bana rahe hai! Jismein kamyabi ab tak nai mili! Phir bhi!

Taani: Ohh..! 

Arohi: Waise tum toh Rey ko janti hi hogi na? He is just a sweetheart!

Taani: Ummm... Haan di vo bahut aachhe hai! 

Rey smiles at Taani with little tears in his eyes. 

Rey: Umm... Mai unn dono ki madat karta hoon!

Taani: Nai nai rukiye!

Rey: Kya?

Taani: Maine kaha rukiye aur bhai & sharon ko bhi bulaiye!

Rey: Sharon!! Swayamm!!

Swayam: Haan! Aaya!

Sharon: Comming!

Both come and realize the blunder they had made sending Rey!

Taani: Vo actually sagai ka dress...

Arohi: Oh i am so sorry mai nai le paungi! Please tu lele!

Taani: Muje bolne toh do di! Mai le chuki mai janti thi aapka kch aisa hi hoga! Rukiye!!

Taani goes to her cupboard and gets the dress. Taani shows the dress to Arohi & others!

Taani: Kaisa laga? Mai khud silvaya hai aapki har pasand ko dhyaan mein rakhte hue!

Arohi gets emotional.

Arohi: This was just what i wanted Taani! Thank you so much! I love you so much!!

Taani: I love you too!! Aapko aacha laga bas mai khush hoon!

Sharon: OMG! Indeed this is beautiful!!

Taani: Thanks!

Swayam: Manna padega tumhari pasand ko!

Taani: Haan so toh hai! Muj jaisi pasand kisiki bhi nai har mamle mein!

Rey instantly looks up and Taani blushed a little. 

Arohi was too much into the dress to notice but Swayam & Sharon noticed. They smiled at each other!

Rahul enters Taani's room. 

Rahul: Arre Taani venue ki final sheet kaha gai?

Taani: Mai deti hoon!

Rey is pissed as Rahul again came and spoiled their moment.

Rahul: Arre bhabhijaan aap mumbai jaa baithe ho jab yahaan aapka intezaar ho tha hai?

Arohi: *in a totally dramatic way*
Kya karun deverji? Majburi!

All giggle!

Rahul: Bhai bhi kal aane wale hai! Aap jaldi karo!

Arohi: Definately! Aur haan tumhare bhai na kal kaha hai toh vo parso hi aayega!

Rahul: So toh hai!

Taani: Ye lo! 

Rahul: Haan chal thanks mai dekhta hoon!

Taani: Haaann!! Di mai rakhti hoon haa?! Ab aap sab dinner kar lo!

Arohi: Thik hai love you bye!!

Swayam: Bye Taani!

Taani: Bye love you!

Rey & Sharon wave their hands to Taani and she waves back!

Four all them again go to the Kitchen and complete the work and have dinner!


Rahul: Roka ki date parso nikalne wale hai!

Taani: Ye toh bahut aachi baat hai!

Rahul: Par Dulha Dulhaan hi nai hai yaar!

Taani: Aa jayene!

Rahul: Thik hai phir! Mai chalta hoon! Bahut raat ho gai hai!

Taani: Good night!

Rahul: Good night!

Taani goes to sleep smiling at the little moment she had with Rey!

Taani: So jaa Taani! Tuje unke baare mein sochne ka koi haq nai hai!

Taani finally falls alsleep!


Arohi & Sharon sleep in Taani's room while Swayam & Rey in Swayam's room!

The day had been tiring thus all drift off to sleep!

In the morning at about 7:30 Sharon wakes up and finds no one beside her! She goes to the guys room and wakes them up!

Sharon: Swayam!!!!

Swayam: Ummm..

Sharon: Arohi di ghar par nai hai!

Swayam wakes up instantly!

Swayam: Kya?

Sharon: Maine poore ghar mein dekha nai hai! 

Swayam goes around the house to find a little chit on the dinning table!

"Dear darlings,

                      I am so sorry i had to leave without informing! Doctors duty is like that dumb people i must say! i had a shift of 7:00am so had to leave and you all were looking absolutely adorable while sleeping so could not disturb! I have some work in the college today in afternoon! We will meet soon!

Lots of love,

All were smiling reading the letter!

Rey: She is absolutely adorable!

Sharon: I agree!!

Swayam: And unique too!

All leave for college. They attend lectures till afternoon and finally go to the rehersal hall to find Arohi there!

Swayam: Di? Aapka kaam khatam ho gaya? 

Arohi: Kch samaj nai aa raha ki muje yahaan bulaya kyun hai? Yahaan koi hamara staff bhi nai hai! I am tired! Abhi aayi!

Swayam: Mai aapke liye kch leke aata hoon!

Swayam goes and brings some food to eat. 

Arohi: Thanks i was hungry!

Swayam: Aapna kyaal rakha karo!

"Yahi mai bhi kehta hoon" they heard someone.

Arohi: Hey Karan! Finally someone from our staff!

Karan: Hey! I have a good news!

Arohi: What?

Karan: Here!

Karan gives Arohi a letter and she reads it.

Arohi: I am nominated as one of the India's top doctor?

Karan: Yes!! I dont know how mai bhi hua hoon!

Arohi: Kitne log hai?

Karan: 100!

Arohi: I ll call Taani!

Arohi calls Taani and she tells her.

Taani: I cant believe this! Hamara sapna poora ho gaya? Aur vo bhi itni jaldi?

Arohi: Taani kal final nominations hai tuje Mumbai aana hi hoga!

Taani: Par di yahaan? 

Arohi: Vo sab muje kch nai pata tu bas yahaan aa varna mai nominations mein nai jaungi! Jiske saath maine ye sapna dekha tha vo mere saath hona chahiye!

Taani: Aisa mat karna! Mai kal aa jaungi!

Arohi: Thanks! Gharpe sabko batade!



Rey was really happy Taani was coming back. He was determined he would definately try to get back with her or atleast try!

Arohi was really very happy!! Swayam hugged her and congratualated her! All others also wished her good luck!

Arohi: Waise tum logo  ko muje bulane mein itni problem kyun ho rai hai? Naam se nai toh Di kehke bula sakte ho! Waise bhi muje Taani ke sab friends Di hi bulate hai! Kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai ki mai poori duniya ki badi behen hoon!

All laugh!

Gang: Okaayy Di!!

Arohi gets a call!

Arohi: ARJUNNN!!!

Arjun: AROHIII!!! Congo yaar!! Haad ho gayi top doctor huh?

Arohi: Aur nai toh kya aisi waisi nai hai tumhari fiance!

Arjun: Vo toh muje pata hai! All the very best!!

Arohi: Tum aate accha lagta! 

Arjun: I know! Koi baat nai ghar jaake araam se baat karta hoon! 

Arohi: Okaay bye!!

Arjun: Byee!!

Arohi: Kal meri zindagi ka sabse bada din hai!

"Mera bhi" Rey whispered to himself.


TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 3)


Rahul enters the Shikawat mansion.

Rahul: Aunty Taani kahaan hai?

Seema: Upar apne kamre mein hogi dekhlo!

Rahul: Thank you aunty!

Rahul goes upstairs to Taani's room.

*knock knock*

Taani: Tyaar ho rai hoon yaar!

Rahul: Shadi teri nai hai! Samji kya?

Taani: Pata hai muje par presentable toh lagna chahiye na?

Rahul: Log jaise hote hai waise hi dikhte hai!

Taani: Chup chap baith!

Rahul: Ab ho gaya?

Taani: Haan aaja!

Taani was looking beautiful in a pure white salwaar kameez.

Rahul: Indian n all?

Taani: Haan vo maine socha Shadi ki preparations mein indian zyaada aacha lagta hai aur dadi ko bhi accha lagega!

Rahul: Tu galti se acchi lag rai hai yaar! 

Taani: Thanks!
Shut up!

Rahul: *laughs*
Chal chal!

They go downstairs where everyone is having their breakfast.

Taani: Vo mai venue decide karne jaa rai hoon! Time lagega! Aur haan Rahul hai mere saath so dont worry!

Seema & Rishi: Kyaal rakhna!

Rahul & Taani: Ji!

They sit in Rahul's car and drive off to check out different venues for Arjun & Arohi's marraige.

Rahul: Maine kaha uss jagah pe pehle jate hai!

Taani: Ladies first nai suna?

Rahul: Fine! Ek teri ek meri!

Taani: Cool! Pehle meri!

Rahul: Gadhi!

Taani: Gadha!

They move on for their journey.


The D3 team are practicing for someones sangeet when they notice there is a hype in the college.

Swayam: Ye ho kya raha hai?

Rey: Main puch ke aata hoon!

Swayam: Okaay!

Sharon: Itni aawaz practice kare toh bhi kaise?

Swayam: Kuch bada hua hoga! Chill Sharon!

Sharon: Yup!

Rey comes back.

Rey: Vo guys actually Mrs. Malhotra ko pata nai kaise panic attack aa gaya hai! Aur unke liye ek bahut badi doctor yaha aane wali hai so itni hype chal rai hai!

Swayam: Panic attack? Hope she is fine.

Nil: Yaa dude!

Sharon: Muje aisa nai bolna chahiye hai! 

A teacher comes to rehersal hall.

Mrs. Shah: Guys actually i needed a favour!

Rey: Kahiye na mam!

D3 team: Yes!

Mrs. Shah: Hamare yaahaan ek bahut badi doctor aane wali hai! Aur hamare common changing rooms are in a mess so can v use the rehersal hall ka changing rooms please?

D3 team: Sure mam!

Mrs. Shah: Mai unhe leke aati hoon!

Swayam: Ji mam!

After a while Mrs. Shah and the doctor enter the hall.

It was lady doctor. She was beautiful with no make up. Her hair was loosely tied up and was wearing a simple chudidar.

The team keeps on staring at her. She was indeed really beautiful but she resembled someone! Yes! She resembled Taani!

The doctors eyes catches Swayam. She smiles and proceeds towards him but she is called by someone.

Mrs. Shah: Dr. Arohi Shikawat aap yahaan fresh hoke aa sakti hai! Emergency hai!

Arohi: Yaa! I will be there in a minute.

Nurse: Yes mam!

Arohi: Jaa ke tyaari karo mai aati hoon! Okaay! 

Nurse: Ok mam!

Arohi goes freshen ups and comes out in a hurry! 
She rushes out but is again called.

Jia: Arohi!

Arohi: Kya hai Jia?

Jia: Tera doctors coat!

Arohi: Oh! Sorry! Thanks! Whatever yaar! I m in a hurry!

Swayam: All the best!

Arohi: Thanks dear!

Arohi goes to the patient and examines her!


Nil: DEAR?

Swayam: Haan toh!

Amar: Itni khubsoorat ladki ne upar se itni badi hasti ne tuje dear bola?

Swayam: Guys vo actually!

Vicky: Kya vo actually?

Sharon: Tumne all the best kaha hi kyun?

Rey: Vo Taani jaisi nai dikh rai thi? I mean thoda behaivior and look wise?
Haina guys?

Swayam: Meri badi behen hai! Aur Taani ki real elder sister hai vo issliye Taani unke jaisi dikhti hai!

Sharon: Kya?
Amar: Kitni behen hai teri?

Swayam: Do hi hai yaar!

Vicky: Aur sab inti mast dikhti hai yaar!

Swayam: Aaeee!! Behan hai meri!

Rey was confused after so much time he felt he had seen Taani! A little bit of her atleast! He yet loved her! There was no way he could forget her!
Was this a signal that Taani can come back? He thought

The hype in the college became less and the team continued with rehersals.


They first visit the places suggested by Taani and then  by Rahul.
Finally they finalize 3 places.

Taani: Ab ye final 3 hai! 

Rahul: Kal tak inn mein ek decide kar lenge! 

Taani: Ye hum nai Di aur Jeeju decide karenge. Unki shadi hai yaar! 

Rahul: Okaay fine.

It was late now so both decided to go home. Their work was nearly done!


After some 2 hrs Arohi entered the rehersal hall again.

Arohi: Sorry guys didnt want to disturb but i just know one washroom out here!

Rey: No problem at all!

D3 team: Yes mam! No problem!

Arohi: So sweet of you people!

Arohi was finding Swayam. 

Sharon: Swayam vo notice lagane gaya hai! ACS hai na!

Arohi: Thats really nice! I will just come!

Sharon: Yaa!

Simmi: She is so sweet yaar!

Aashi: Sachhhii!

Neha: Like Taani only!

Swayam entered. 
At the same time Arohi also came wearing a loose top and a cute shorts!


Swayam: DII!!

Arohi: Haad ho gai! Mai aayi tab mamla itna garam tha ki apne cute little bro ko ek huggy bhi nai de saki!

Swayam: Koi nai! Ab dedi na!

Arohi: Kaise hai bachha?

Swayam: Bada ho gaya hai!

Arohi: Pata hai! Par mujse 5 saal chota hi rahega hameshaa!

Swayam: Haa meri maa!
Aapne abhi kyun change ki?

Arohi: Arre uss dress pe blood strains aa gaye the aur muje Jia ke ghar se kal ka schedule bhi lena baki hai! Phir hi ghar aa sakti hoon!

Swayam: Toh hamare saath hi chalo!
Aapki gaadi yaahan nai hogi! Waise bhi aaj mai hi sabko lift dene wala hoon!

Arohi: Aisa hai? Toh thik hai! Mai tum ke saath aati hoon! 2min ka kaam hai mereko! Agar 2 din mein mai jothpur mein nai hui nai mai Taani mera khoon kar degi!

Swayam: I know! Chalo guys chalte hai!

D3 team: Yeaaa!!

Sharon: Aap Taani ki real sister hai?

Arohi: Haan! Par aapko kaise pata? Oh sorry Taani pehle yahin toh thi Swayam ke saath! Yaa!

Sharon: Aap Taani ko bahut resemble karti hai!

Arohi: Nai meri Taani muje bahut resemble karti hai!
Hum dono bachpan se bahut similar hai!

Rey: Bachpan se?

Arohi: Haan! Usse hamesha se mere aas  paas rehne ki aadat thi na issliye mere jaisi hai! 

Swayam: Di yaahaan?

Arohi: All i can say is hope so! Dekh ke aati joon! Khud hi pata chal jayega!

Swayam: Aap bhi na!

Arohi: I love you too!

Swayam: Jaldi!! 

Arohi: Naiii!

Sharon: Koi inta similar kaise ho sakta hai?

Swayam: Hai na?

Sharon: Haa!

Vicky: She is so preety mahn!

Swayam: 5 saal badi hai tameez se baat kar!

Rey: Harkatein aur bachpana bikul Taani jaisa!

Everyone stares at Rey.

Rey: Kya yaar? Hai toh hai!

Simmi: Right!

Jia comes to see off Arohi!

Arohi enters the car and sits!

Jia: Aru please time pe aa jana! No badmashi!

Arohi: Haan meri sauteli aama! Aa jaungi!

Jia: Love you! Bye!

Arohi: Bye!! Miss me!!

Swayam: Chalu?

Arohi: Haan haan! Bindaas!

Finally Swayam drops everyone and only Rey & Sharon are left!

Arohi: Itna traffic! Haad hoti hai!

Rey: Yaahaan toh aise hi chalta haib

Arohi: I know this traffic makes me so pissed off!!

Arohi receives a call.

Arohi: Yaa Taani!

Taani: Khana khaya?

Arohi: Ghar nai pauchi rani! Swayam ke saath hi hoon!

Taani: Thik hai! Aap dono kab aaoge! Specially aaj maine aur Rahul ne final three halls decide kar liye hai! Ab faisla aapko aur jeeju ko lena hai!

Arohi: I know darling! Mai jitni jaldi ho sakte vahaan aati hoon! Thik hai?

Taani: Ji!

Arohi: Ab so jaa rajkimaari!

Taani: Goodnight! Bhai ko bhi bol dena!

Arohi: Jo aagya! Bye! Muaahhz

Taani: Bye! Muaahhzz!

Swayam: Pagal ho aap dono!

Arohi: Vo toh hai!

And they awaited reaching home.