Sunday, 24 November 2013

AsYa FF: Time to go back (Chapter 27)

Asad & Zoya stared at each other wide eyed.

"Whats wrong Miss Zoya?" Asked her assistant in her ear.

"Nothing Stella!" Zoya replied with a plain smile.

"So Mr Asad Ahmed Khan, i guess it will be fun working with you!" Said Zoya.

"Yeaa..!! I am looking forward to work with you" Asad replied a little unsure of what he was saying.

Zoya had a smile pasted on her face all the time. Asad was unable to decide was this a official one or she is upto something weird again.

Zoya: Ummm... So today i would like to show you some minute details about your site which should be known to you. If we overcome the list of problems i have listed out here your deal will be carried out easily.

Asad: Okaayy!! Aman if you could check out the file Miss Farooki is talking about with Stella then it will be good.

Aman: Okaay sir!

Aman & Stella left for the office leaving Asad & Zoya alone.

Asad: What are you upto? Tum chupana chahti ho ki hum ek dusre ko jante hai?

Zoya: Arree Mr Khan aisa nai hai! Mai toh sirf thoda maaza le rai hoon! Aur assistants ko batane ki kya zaroorat? Mere boss ko bhi toh pata chale ki jis client ke liye vo upar se neeche ho gaye hai vo mere fiance hai! Unka muh dekhne layak hoga!

Asad: Kya??

Zoya: Sirf saath dijiye! Baaki mai dekh lungi!

Asad: You are unbelievable!

Zoya: Whatever ab kaam ki baatein karein?

Asad: Oh! Sure Miss Farooki!

Asad & Zoya discussed about the plot in details and carried out their work. 

Zoya: Mr Khan aap chahe toh Mai ye plot aapko badi aasani se dila sakti hoon!

Asad: Nai Miss Farooki! Ye galat hoga! Influence is never good! Aur usse aapki bhi reputation kharab hogi!

Zoya: Sab jagah hota hai Mr Khan!

Asad: Nai galat kabhi sahi nai hota! 

Zoya: Fine! Chaliye mai aapko apne boss se introduce karvati hoon!

Zoya smiled!

Asad: Chaliye!

They reach Zoya's office.

Aman: Sir! Deal is fine and immpressive!

Asad: Okaay! Give the file.

Aman: Yes sir!

Zoya: Good work Stella! you may leave now!

Stella: Thank you so much mam!

Zoya smiled.

They went to Zoya's boss.

Mr D'costa: Hello Mr Khan! Its a honour to have to here. Did Zoya let you know the details well?

Asad: Yaa!! I must say! You have a wonderful staff! 

Mr D'costa: Yess!! She is one the best employees we have here! Thus i sent her to you to explain stuffs.

Asad: Thanks a lot!

Mr D'costa: Well we had the deal before only about that plot but recently issues were created and i guess now you know well them too!

Asad: Yes! I would like to have legal procedures start soon! I am really impressed by the solutions given by Miss Farooki!

Mr D'costa: Yupp!! We will do that tomorrow!

Zoya: Umm...! Sir?

Mr D'costa: Yes!!

Zoya: The day i came you asked about my fiance right?

Mr D'costa: Yeaa!! So?

Zoya: Meet my fiance Mr Asad Ahmed Khan!

Mr D'costa's eyes popped out.

Mr D'costa: What? I mean how can that be possible?

Asad: Why cant it be possible?

Mr D'costa: No no! It definately can!

Zoya: Won't you wish us a happy married life?

Mr D'costa: Yeaa!! Congratualations!!

Asad & Zoya: Thanks!

Asad & Zoya finally left hand in hand.


"What the hell dude?" Shouted Karan.

Karan: Thik se koi kaam nai hota?

Roy: What sir?

Karan: I mean the file you have presented is not at all presentable to the clients! Look at the spelling errors!

Roy: I am so sorry sir!! I ll just to do that!

Karan: Quick!

Roy: Yes sir!! 

"Uugghh...Fukat mein zyaada daat diyaa! Whats wrong with me?" Shouted a frustated Karan for the Nth time on himself!

Karan: Stop thinking about her! Vo soch bhi nai rai hogi tere baare mein!


"Ugghhh...kya pehnu mai? Karan aata hi hoga! He had promised ki muje New york ghumayega" said a utterly frustated Najma.

Najma: Vo mere baare mein soch bhi nai rha hoga!! Aur mai? Mai call karti hoon... Naai...haannn matlab promise kiya tha ussne! Partner hai mera! Haann..!! Done!


Karan picked up his cell without noticing the caller ID.

"What?" Asked a pissed Karan. 

"Karan?" Najma asked unsure!

Karan: Ohh!! Vo partner! Actually i am busy! I ll call you laterr!

Najma: What? Tumhe yaad nai?

Karan: Kya?

Najma was teary she didnt know why but the fact that Karan forgot something related to her irked her!

"Kuch nai" Najma replied in a faint voice.

Karan noticed the tone and then it striked to him. 

"Was'nt I supposed show around New york today to her? Anyways I wasnt doing any fruitful thing in the office. I need to go to her! I could not break her heart!" Karan noted in his mind.

He was already in his car when just halted.

Karan: Break her heart? Her voice was low seeing me forget a thing about her! Shit!!! I guess she likes me back? But she didnt show it anyways!

A sad Karan started driving.

"How would she show? She is so innocent! I think she does not even know how babies are born" he mentally noted again.

With a smile on his face he drove away.


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