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AsYa FF: Time to go back (Chapter 28)


Karan rang the bell. Kiara opened the door. 

Kiara: Where have you been these days yaar?

Karan: Yahin tha yaar! Bus thoda kaam zyaada tha! Issliye! 

Kiara: Okaayy! Waise mom bahar gayi hai aur dad office. Sirf Najma gharpe hai! 

Karan: Aree wahh!!

Kiara: Kya?
Karan: Kuch nai! Tu kahin bahar jaa rai thi na!

Kiara: Haa! Vo project ke liye!!

Karan: Jaa phir!! Acche se padhai kar! Tabhi kuch bann payegi!

Kiara: Well...okaay! I m late anyways! Dont make Najma uncomfy!

Karan: Mai usse tujse zyaada janta hoon! Okaay?

Kiara: Whatever!!

Kiara left! Karan peeked inside Najma's room. He could not see her. There was a mess of dresses in her room. 

"So she was getting ready for me." Karan noted.

There she was sitting folding her legs. She seemed upset.

Karan entered the room as if it was the most usual thing in the world.

Karan: Arree ab tak tyaar kyun nai hui? New York nai dekhna?

Najma: Par..?

Karan went and started having a look on the mess Najma had made.

"Par kya huh? Sirf tumhare liye mai apna sab kaam chod ke aaya hoon aur tum issliye mana kar rai ho kyunki you dont know what to wear?" Karan said dramatically.

"Par tumhe toh yaad hi nai tha" replied a confused Najma.

"Aur tumhe bura laga?" Karan asked nearing Najma.

"Aur nai toh kya? Tum aise kaise muje promise deke bhool sakte ho?" Najma said nearing Karan with wet eyes.

"I'm so sorryy" Said Karan taking Najma in his arms.

"Dare you do that next time" said Najma possesively holding him tight.

The time had stopped. They had forgotten who they were, why were here?, every single thing! They were in their different world at that point of time.

Karan & Najma both had a smile of content on their faces. 

Najma's cell beeped. She got concious of their situation an slowly stood up leaving each other. 

An awkward silence was all over the room. 

The message was of Asad who had advised her to reach home by time after her New York tour.

"Karan & Najma? And awkward? Yess!! For the first time." They thought.

"Chale? Warna aane mein der ho jayegi" Karan said to start a conversation.

"Haan! Bhaijaan ko mera der se aana  aacha bhi nai lagega" Najma replied cheekily.

Karan: Mai gaadi laata hoon parking se. Tum jaldi aa jao!

Najma: Aati hoon!

Karan smiled to himself and did a little happy dance the way Najma could not notice.

"Waise tumhe blue suit karega" Karan said as he peeked inside once again before leaving.

Najma smiled and picked up her blue suit.


Zoya: Kya maza aaya Mr. Khan! Aapne Mr. D'costa ka chehra dekha tha? SHIT!! Mazza aa gaya!!

Asad: Zoya aapko nai lagta zyaada ho gaya? 

Zoya: Nahi toh! Muje toh bada aacha laga!

Asad: Par Zoya?

Zoya: Stop being so Tehzeeb Ahmed Khan! 

Asad: Whatever! Hum jaa kahan rahe hai? Ye ghar ka rasta nai hai!

Zoya: Hum date pe jaa rahe hai Mr. Khan!

Asad: Date?

Zoya: Date ke naam se toh itna sharama rahe hai jaise aaj aapki suhagraat ho!

Zoya bit her tongue. 

"Kuch toh sochke bola kar Zoya! Aa gai na ek embarrasing situation?" Thought Zoya.

Akwardness was in the air.

"Zoya?" Asad called softly.

"Ji?" Zoya replied a little shyly.

"I hope you are not planning to make me hear your OH SO BEST shyaris on our suhagraat atleast" said Asad being naughty with Zoya.

"Uughhh.. Why?" Asked Zoya.

"SHIT SHIT SHIT!! Did i have to ask that now" Zoya thought.

Zoya had definately imagined her whole life with her very own Mr. Khan. She had already planned the names of their two children. But...she never imagined her and Asad getting so close or you can say getting intimate.

Zoya's face was already crimison red. Asad was enjoying after all it was always the other way around.

"Do i need to tell you why?" Asad said almost controlling to laugh.

"Haa haa! Muje kaise pata hoga!" Zoya said in her typical Zoya style and regretting her fast answering skills instantly.

"You'll get to know that on our first night itself" said Asad almost dreaming.

Zoya received a text message.

"WE DID IT" Zoya said out of nowhere.

"NO WE DID'NT" Asad replied instantly.

Zoya was crimison red again understanding the meaning of his words.

"Mera matlab tha ki the clients are really happy with our today's work." Zoya said softly.

"Oh! I thought..." Asad replied slyly.

"BADI GANDI SOCH HO GAI HAI AAPKI" Said Zoya as the got off near the restaurant and ran of to the washroom.

Asad went inside the italian restuarant and booked the table for them and waited for his 'Date'.

"Yeh Mr. Khan ko kya ho gaya? Yeh 'Bold Ahmed Khan' kabse bann gaye?" Said Zoya staring at herself in the washroom.

"Parr... Maine apni puri life Mr. Khan ke imagine karli bass...vo..." Zoya said getting shy. 

"STOP ACTING STUPID ZOYA" Zoya roared at herself and sped off to their table.

"So finally you arrive" said Asad 

"Yaa" Replied Zoya. 

Asad: Waise konsa pizza logi?

Zoya: Yaaa!! Foood!! I loveee foodd!! Wait i ll order.

Asad: Sure!! 

Zoya: Waiter!!

Waiter: Yess! 

Zoya: I would like your 1 special cheese burst pizza and 2 portions of pasta with red sause. Umm... And two cold coffees. Thats it!

Waiter: Okaay Mam!!

Asad: Woow!! Thats it?

Zoya: Yaa thats it!

Asad: Soo...

Zoya: Soo..?

Asad: Its your hometown! Its our date. You need to do something special for me?

Zoya: Hey hey hey!! Vo aapko karna chahiye!

Asad: Kya?

Zoya: Special? Ladki nai karti!

Asad: Aap hi toh kehti hai Zoya farooki sab kar sakti hai! 

Zoya: Haa paar...

Asad: Thik hai toh iss baar mai karta hoon! 

"Kya?" Zoya said nervously

"Will you have a dance with me?" Asad asked.

"Yes" Zoya replied her eyes meeting Asad's.

They went towards the dance floor. They dance together. 

Asad kept his hand on Zoya's waist. Zoya closed her eyes on his touch. Asad watched her pure innocence. 

"It was'nt the first time Mr. Khan is touching my waist but why does it feel different? I guess because i know he is now mine! Only mine! And i am his! All his! We are going to get engaged soon. Seems like a dream" Zoya thought.

"I love you" Zoya muttered hugging Asad.

"I love you too" Asad replied taking Zoya in his arms.


Sunday, 15 December 2013

TaaRey FF: You Never Know.. (Chapter 6)

Arohi was tensed. It was her day today but what if her talent was not recognized? She always wanted that award. She desired as well as deserved that award.

Taani came running not looking here and there so she can avoid Rey. 

"2 ghante hue nai iss college mein, Rey ne dimag kharab kar diya hai mera"remembered Taani

Arohi: Kya bakwaas kar rai hai?

Taani: Kuch nai di! Dont worry aapka naam zaroor ayega!

Host: Ye 10 doctors aise hi nai chune gaye! Unke seniors ke aur patients ke remarks dhyaan mein rakhke chune gaye hai! Humne inn 10 contestants ko 10 positions from 1-10 di hai unke patients ke unke saath comfort level dekhte hue! Humne unn 10 doctors ke hospitals jaakar secret surveys bhi organize kiye the! Jinka result abhi hum aapko batane wale hai! 

The whole gang, Rahul & Arjun joined Arohi and Taani. 8 names were already taken. Only the second and first were left. Tears made their way on Arohi's face. Taani was yet confident.

Taani: Abhi do baaki hai!

Arohi: You think i would be in the first two?

Swayam: Why not?

The person who stood second his name was announced.

Tears didnt stop flowing from Arohi's eyes. Arohi closed her eyes not wanting to hear more.

Host: And doctor who rules on the hearts her patients is Ms. Arohi Shikhawat!

Taani & Swayam jumped up and down in unison. 

"Wooohooo" Arjun & Rahul shouted.

 The gang clapped hard seeing the adorable people. Arohi hugged Taani tightly forgetting that all tye cameras were now on her.

Host: Ms. Arohi Shikhawat, we know its an emotional moment but if you can please come on the stage. 

Arohi went on the stage taking Taani, Swayam, Arjun & Rahul with her. 

The host handed over the trophy to Arohi.

Host: You did not have real awesome remarks from some of your seniors but the whole credit of you being here goes to your patients.

"I know" Arohi laughed with tears.

Arohi: My some seniors do not like me as sometimes i do not listen to them and handle the things my way! I would love to change for them! My patients are always co-operative thats why have always been like a family to me. I guess the bond between me and my patients made me win!

Host: We would like to know your story. Your parents always supported? How was your life before it? Why did you want to become a doctor? Your family wanted? Your goal? Whats your story?

Arohi: OMG never!! I frankly speaking had no goals. I was a person who is happy with her life as it is! Nothing more needed kind off! But... My eyes were opened by my little sister. 

Arohi paused.

"Me and my sister had lost our parents in a car accident. I was just 8 and my little sister Taani was 3. I was in a shock. No feelings nothing. I had lost myself. It made no difference to Taani as she didnt even realize what happened. She used to ask me where are our parents and i would say they have gone to get some choclates. We shifted with our uncle. He and his family were a blessing to us! We got a brother, Swayam! I used to be lost. The little Taani used to take care of me as she was the only person i used to talk with! Swayam and Taani used to get together a lot as they were of same ages. They used irritate me to get me back. One day Taani started crying cribbing that time Swayam took are of her. He shouted on me and i realized i was punishing a poor soul who didnt even know her parents were dead. Atleast i knew that! From that day i started my life again for Taani! I was the same old bubbly Arohi again! Taani was new to my uncles place and a little awkward too! As we grew up my uncles family turned out to be mine. I love them a lot without them i guess i cant even think what Taani would have to go through! Once when it was my last year of school in my 12th, and Taani in her 7th, she came to me and told that now she knows neither our parents are gonna come back nor the choclates they were supposed to bring. From that day she had a phobia kind of thing that the person she would love will hurt her and if such a thing happened she would just run away. That day i cried i remembered the day when my parents were dead in the hospital and i could do nothing. I decided i ll not let other go through that. I decided i ll become a doctor. I had decided but i didnt know how and what to do? My uncle helped me out! I joined my medical school. Taani used to visit me every week. She was so regular that she had made a best friend from the opposite college waiting for my lecture to get over! That was Rahul! An angel who could understand my sister! Took care of her when i wasnt around! He used to come to the opposite law college to meet his brother Arjun! We four used to have our lunch together then Taani & Rahul would leave. Me and Arjun got closer day by day and eventually fell in love. My best day! I love you Arjun for comming in my life! That was how my years in the medical college were. Law and medical both have a long period of studying so we passed out together being together forever. My family always supported me! I have the best people around me i can say. I swear i can speak a lot more about my life but right now i am getting a way lot emotional so thats it! This was a silly way i got into being a doctor! Being Dr. Arohi Shikhawat. Thanks" she said tears in her eyes narrating her story but the happy ones this time.

Host: An extreme emotional as well as a touching story of success! 

"Thank you" Arohi said in a low voice.

Arohi, Taani , Swayam, Rahul, & Arjun hugged each other took the pictures with Arohi and left the stage.

"Issliye Taani muje aasani se maaf nai kar paa rahi hai kyunki maine usse hurt kiya! I m sorry Taani! I get you back by hook or crook" decided Rey.

Taani left the place and went near the fire exit. She cried! Its her sisters day but her past came haunting back to her. She had always shown  that everything is long forgotten but some things can never be forgotten. 

Rey reached fore exit to decide upon what to do next where he saw Taani. Tears were flowing from her eyes.

Rey went to her. He kept his hand on  her shoulder. She turned back and hugged him tightly. She cried and cried her heart out. 

This is when Rey realized how much she had gone through! Moreover he had been a ass to her. He had broken her heart!

"I wish mumma pappa aaj mere saath hote" Taani cried.

"Vo hai aur hamesha rahenge tumhare saath tumhare dil mein" Said Rey.

That when Taani realized her position and ran to the washroom to clean her face. She cant let Arohi know that she still cares! 


Friday, 6 December 2013

TaaRey OS: Love wins..Always!

It was Taani's function before the sagai. Rey was determined. He had to get Taani back by hook or crook! 

He had decided he would dance on his ex girlfriends function! He took over the stage. 

Kisi Roz Tumse Mulaakat Hogi
Meri Jaan Us Din Mere Saath Hogi
Magar Kab Na Jaane Ye Barsaat Hogi
Mera Dil Hai Pyaasa
Mera Dil Akela
Zara Tasveer Se Tu Nikalke Saamne Aa
Meri Mehbooba

Rey danced! She had told him dance was his first love! Yes it indeed was! So he would use his first love to conquer the second one.

Meri Taqdeer Hai Tu Machalke Saamne Aa
Meri Mehbooba
Meri Mehbooba Meri Mehbooba
Meri Mehbooba Meri Mehbooba
Meri Mehbooba 

Rey went beside Taani & made a puppy face to Vishesh as if telling him that his waiting for his lifepartner now.

Zara Tasveer Se Tu Nikalke Saamne Aa
Meri Mehbooba

Rey took out his wallet and saw Taani's picture there and twirled.

O Bla Dee Dee Dee
O Bla Da Da Da
O Bla Do Do Do
What To Do 

Sharon understanding his friends state decided to help him. She sang to himm..

O Bla Dee Dee Dee
O Bla Da Da Da
O Bla Do Do Do
We Love You

Rey went by Taani's side making her awkward but he didnt care! His eyes were wet.

Nahin Yaad Kabse Magar Main Hoon Jabse
Mere Dil Mein Teri Mohabbat Hai Tabse
Main Shaayar Hoon Tera Tu Meri Ghazal Hai

Rey got up and with a dreamy smile on his face continued..

Badi Bekaraari Mujhe Aaj Kal Hai
Badi Bekaraari Mujhe Aaj Kal Hai
Mujhe Aaj Kal Hai

Rey again took the picture and started dancing with it!

Zara Tasveer Se Tu Nikalke Saamne Aa
Meri Mehbooba
Meri Mehbooba Meri Mehbooba
Meri Mehbooba Meri Mehbooba
Meri Mehbooba 
Zara Tasveer Se Tu Nikalke Saamne Aa
Meri Mehbooba

Sharon gave him a company on the song.

O Bla Dee Dee Dee
O Bla Da Da Da
O Bla Do Do Do
We Love You

Sharon went to Rey as if asking who is he talking about?

Bhala Kaun Hai Vo Humein Bhi Bataao
Ye Tasveer Uski Humein Bhi Dikhaao
Ye Kisse Sabhi Ko Sunaate Nahin Hain
Magar Doston Se Chhupaate Nahin Hai
Chhupaate Nahin Hai

She went to him as if trying to support him.

Tere Darde Dil Ki Dava Hum Karenge
Na Kuchh Kar Sake To Dua Hum Karenge
Na Kuchh Kar Sake To Dua Hum Karenge
Dua Hum Karenge

Sharon looked at Rey with a face full of confidence.

Tadap Kar Aayegi Vo
Tujhe Mil Jaayegi Vo
Teri Mehbooba
Teri Mehbooba Teri Mehbooba
Teri Mehbooba Teri Mehbooba
Teri Mehbooba

Rey was touched by sharkns gestures. He was happy and danced forgetting it was Taani's sagai. He went to Taani and sang

Kisi Roz Tumse Mulaakat Hogi
Meri Jaan Us Din Mere Saath Hogi

He went more near to her and made a face as if asking

Magar Kab Na Jaane Ye Barsaat Hogi
Mera Dil Hai Pyaasa
Mera Dil Akela
Zara Tasveer Se Tu Nikalke Saamne Aa
Meri Mehbooba
Meri Mehbooba Meri Mehbooba
Meri Mehbooba Meri Mehbooba
Meri Mehbooba

The whole gang danced on the tunes.

Swayam sat there with his sister waiting for her decision before which Vishesh got up.

Rishi: Kya hua Vishesh?

Vishesh: Tuaji! Hum ye rishte se comfortable nai hai!

Rishi: Kya?

Vishesh: Taani aur mera rishta hamesha dosti ka raha hai! Hum ek dusre se bahut pyaar karte hai!

Hearing the last line Rey' blood boiled.

Vishesh: Par shayad mai uss dosti ko kuch zyaada samaj baitha!

Taani & Swayam were shocked. 

"What the hell is he speaking?" Said Swayam softly in Taani's ears

"Muje kya pata bhai! Meri koi baat nai hui" replied Taani

Vishesh: Humne kal raat ko iss baare mein baat ki! Hum dost se zyaada kch nai ho sakte! Hum ek dusre pe jaan luta denge par ye dosti hum nai kho sakte! Hum ek dusre se pyaar karte hai par vaisa nai! Hume ye sagai nai karni!

Vishesh's mom: Toh ye baat pehle batani thi na!

Vishesh: I am sorry mom par humein bhi thoda late realize kiya!

Taani: Vishesh!

Vishesh: Tumhe daarne ki zaroorat nai hai Taani! Sach sach hi hota hai!

Rishi: Par tum dono toh saath khush the!

Vishesh: The nai hai Tuaji! Par dost ki tarah! 

After that everyone left and both the families blamed their stupid kids. The family relation be yet maintained. Thanks to Taani & Vishesh! After all they were not bestfriends for nothing!

Everyone left the hall. Only Vishesh, Taani & the gang were left.

"I love you" said Taani in a low voice to Vishesh.

Her voice was truthful. 

"I love my best friend too" replied Vishesh

"Thanks bro" said Swayam who was happy about the sorting of things.

"Sachha pyaar sirf ek baar hota hai" said Vishesh to Swayam to which he nodded.

Vishesh: Mai gharpe jaake dekhta hoon! Bahut daat padne wali hai muje! Milte hai!

Taani nodded.

Rey stood there smiling.

"Usse bhi samaj aa gaya" said Rey as her went near Taani

Taani looked up to Rey. Her eyes were filled with tears. She had no idea whether they were because he was happy that she can get Rey back or sad as she broke her best friends heart. She felt guilty. How could she do that to her best friend? When she how it feels? But Alas neither she would be happy nor he would be in such kind of a relationship. Their friendship was true & pure. That was all that mattered!

"This is going to be difficult Rey" said Taani in a low voice.

"Hum jaante hai aur samajte hai! Par yahi sahi hai! Humein ussi ke saath rista banana chahiye jo humse pyaar kare jisse hum pyaar kare" said Swayam comforting Taani.

Swayam was a unique brother indeed. At times he was extremely possesive about Taani & sometimes equally understanding. 

Taani hugged Swayam tightly.

Taani: Bhai maine apne bestfriend ka dil tod diya apne pyaar ke liye. Mai kitni buri hoon!

Swayam: Aisa nai hai! Tumne apni dosti ko bachaliya ek galat mod pe janese.

Taani: Aapko sachmein aisa lagta hai?

"I knew it" She heard Vishesh's voice.

Vishesh: Fine ab mai tumhe batata hoon ki maine aisa kyun kiya!

Taani looked at him. Tears in her eyes but Vishesh smiled back.

"Come" Vishesh told Taani & took her to her room.

The gang followed.

Vishesh went & bought two rings from Taani's dressing table.

Vishesh: Ruby or diamond?

Taani: What?

Vishesh: *Causually*
Ruby or diamond?

Taani: * returning back to herself*
Kya kehna chahte ho?

Vishesh: Yahi ki inn dono rings mein se konsi zyaada acchi lagti hai?

Taani: Kya bakwaas hai!

Vishesh: Jawaab dena!

Taani: *Pointing to the diamond*
Ye wali!

Vishesh: Toh ye wali hum kisi toh de dete hai!

Taani: Ye muje bahut aachi lagti hai! Mere dil ke bahut karib hai par vo diamond bhi muje aachi lagti hai!

Vishesh: Exactly my point!

Taani: Tu kyun paka raha hai?

Vishesh: Shut up and listen! See tera mera aur Rey ka equation kuch aisa hi hai!

"Ye hamare love triangle ko rings se compare kar rha hai?" Rey said to himself

Vishesh: Mai ye ruby ki ring hoon jisse tu bahut pyaar karti hai! Apnese door nai karna chahti! Aur Rey vo diamond ki ring hai jisse tu hamesha apni finger pe pehna chahti hai! Uska hona tere dil ko sukun deta hai! Tu iss diamond ke bina jee nai payegi! Par ruby bhi teri life mein important hai! So i made it easy for you! Preserve the ruby for life time and wear this diamond ring forever. You should be with a person YOU love. Warna sab khatam ho jayega! You do love ruby but you love the diamonds a little more.

Taani: Vishesh? Kaise kar karte ho ye sab?

Vishesh: Bas ho jata hai! Princess tu khush toh mai khush! Okaay?

"Okaay" Taani replied as a smile adorored her face.

"You still love him" Vishesh said in a low but confident voice.

"Hmm" replied Taani.

"Then go to him" assured Vishesh.

Rey stood their watching their pure friendship. He was stunned! The guy had a heart of gold.

"Muje samaj nai aata tumse kya kahoon?" Said Rey as he reached Vishesh.

"Pyaar karna galti nai hoti! Vo toh bas ho jaata hai!" Replied Vishesh sweetly.

Rey opened his arms to Taani and Taani hugged him tightly.

"Thanks" said Rey tearfully to Vishesh.

"Your welcome" he replied with a smile.

Taani & Rey were finally happy. The gang came ahead and they had a group hug. But Swayam just went to Vishesh and hugged him.

"Thanks for being so true to my sister" said Swayam in Vishesh's ears.

"I had no choice" said Vishesh in a low voice.

Swayam , Sharon , Vishesh & the gang watched the couple still in each others embrace smiling to themselves.