Sunday, 15 December 2013

TaaRey FF: You Never Know.. (Chapter 6)

Arohi was tensed. It was her day today but what if her talent was not recognized? She always wanted that award. She desired as well as deserved that award.

Taani came running not looking here and there so she can avoid Rey. 

"2 ghante hue nai iss college mein, Rey ne dimag kharab kar diya hai mera"remembered Taani

Arohi: Kya bakwaas kar rai hai?

Taani: Kuch nai di! Dont worry aapka naam zaroor ayega!

Host: Ye 10 doctors aise hi nai chune gaye! Unke seniors ke aur patients ke remarks dhyaan mein rakhke chune gaye hai! Humne inn 10 contestants ko 10 positions from 1-10 di hai unke patients ke unke saath comfort level dekhte hue! Humne unn 10 doctors ke hospitals jaakar secret surveys bhi organize kiye the! Jinka result abhi hum aapko batane wale hai! 

The whole gang, Rahul & Arjun joined Arohi and Taani. 8 names were already taken. Only the second and first were left. Tears made their way on Arohi's face. Taani was yet confident.

Taani: Abhi do baaki hai!

Arohi: You think i would be in the first two?

Swayam: Why not?

The person who stood second his name was announced.

Tears didnt stop flowing from Arohi's eyes. Arohi closed her eyes not wanting to hear more.

Host: And doctor who rules on the hearts her patients is Ms. Arohi Shikhawat!

Taani & Swayam jumped up and down in unison. 

"Wooohooo" Arjun & Rahul shouted.

 The gang clapped hard seeing the adorable people. Arohi hugged Taani tightly forgetting that all tye cameras were now on her.

Host: Ms. Arohi Shikhawat, we know its an emotional moment but if you can please come on the stage. 

Arohi went on the stage taking Taani, Swayam, Arjun & Rahul with her. 

The host handed over the trophy to Arohi.

Host: You did not have real awesome remarks from some of your seniors but the whole credit of you being here goes to your patients.

"I know" Arohi laughed with tears.

Arohi: My some seniors do not like me as sometimes i do not listen to them and handle the things my way! I would love to change for them! My patients are always co-operative thats why have always been like a family to me. I guess the bond between me and my patients made me win!

Host: We would like to know your story. Your parents always supported? How was your life before it? Why did you want to become a doctor? Your family wanted? Your goal? Whats your story?

Arohi: OMG never!! I frankly speaking had no goals. I was a person who is happy with her life as it is! Nothing more needed kind off! But... My eyes were opened by my little sister. 

Arohi paused.

"Me and my sister had lost our parents in a car accident. I was just 8 and my little sister Taani was 3. I was in a shock. No feelings nothing. I had lost myself. It made no difference to Taani as she didnt even realize what happened. She used to ask me where are our parents and i would say they have gone to get some choclates. We shifted with our uncle. He and his family were a blessing to us! We got a brother, Swayam! I used to be lost. The little Taani used to take care of me as she was the only person i used to talk with! Swayam and Taani used to get together a lot as they were of same ages. They used irritate me to get me back. One day Taani started crying cribbing that time Swayam took are of her. He shouted on me and i realized i was punishing a poor soul who didnt even know her parents were dead. Atleast i knew that! From that day i started my life again for Taani! I was the same old bubbly Arohi again! Taani was new to my uncles place and a little awkward too! As we grew up my uncles family turned out to be mine. I love them a lot without them i guess i cant even think what Taani would have to go through! Once when it was my last year of school in my 12th, and Taani in her 7th, she came to me and told that now she knows neither our parents are gonna come back nor the choclates they were supposed to bring. From that day she had a phobia kind of thing that the person she would love will hurt her and if such a thing happened she would just run away. That day i cried i remembered the day when my parents were dead in the hospital and i could do nothing. I decided i ll not let other go through that. I decided i ll become a doctor. I had decided but i didnt know how and what to do? My uncle helped me out! I joined my medical school. Taani used to visit me every week. She was so regular that she had made a best friend from the opposite college waiting for my lecture to get over! That was Rahul! An angel who could understand my sister! Took care of her when i wasnt around! He used to come to the opposite law college to meet his brother Arjun! We four used to have our lunch together then Taani & Rahul would leave. Me and Arjun got closer day by day and eventually fell in love. My best day! I love you Arjun for comming in my life! That was how my years in the medical college were. Law and medical both have a long period of studying so we passed out together being together forever. My family always supported me! I have the best people around me i can say. I swear i can speak a lot more about my life but right now i am getting a way lot emotional so thats it! This was a silly way i got into being a doctor! Being Dr. Arohi Shikhawat. Thanks" she said tears in her eyes narrating her story but the happy ones this time.

Host: An extreme emotional as well as a touching story of success! 

"Thank you" Arohi said in a low voice.

Arohi, Taani , Swayam, Rahul, & Arjun hugged each other took the pictures with Arohi and left the stage.

"Issliye Taani muje aasani se maaf nai kar paa rahi hai kyunki maine usse hurt kiya! I m sorry Taani! I get you back by hook or crook" decided Rey.

Taani left the place and went near the fire exit. She cried! Its her sisters day but her past came haunting back to her. She had always shown  that everything is long forgotten but some things can never be forgotten. 

Rey reached fore exit to decide upon what to do next where he saw Taani. Tears were flowing from her eyes.

Rey went to her. He kept his hand on  her shoulder. She turned back and hugged him tightly. She cried and cried her heart out. 

This is when Rey realized how much she had gone through! Moreover he had been a ass to her. He had broken her heart!

"I wish mumma pappa aaj mere saath hote" Taani cried.

"Vo hai aur hamesha rahenge tumhare saath tumhare dil mein" Said Rey.

That when Taani realized her position and ran to the washroom to clean her face. She cant let Arohi know that she still cares! 


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