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TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 9)

Taani, Rahul, Arjun & Arohi had left the next day. The gang had prepared a card for the couple. It was handmade which made it indeed special. Arohi had refused to accept gifts from gang and even Swayam & Taani for a unknown reason. So they decided to make a handmade card for the couple.

It was the day Swayam & gang were supposed to reach Jothpur. They were late. It was already the time for the function. They had reached Jothpur by car but the traffic in Jothpur had indeed surprised them. 

"What the hell! Di mujese bahut gussa hone wali hai! Aaj unki sagai hai aur unka bhai itna late hai!" Said Swayam impatiently.

"Be cool Swayam! Tum hi toh kehte ho ki gussa hone se problem solve nai jo jati!" Said Sharon smiling by his side. 

"Chhheemiisssttrryyy" echoed from the back of the seats.

Swayam & Sharon blushed. 

The gang reached the gate of a huge  colony where the watchman was not letting them in.

"Yaahaan sirf vahi aa sakte hai jinke paas invitation ho! Bahut bade logon ki beti ki sagai hai beta." Said the watchman.

"Uncle meri behen ii sagai hai! Mai Swayam Shikhawat hoon! Rishi Shikhawat ka beta! Humein andar jaane dijiye!" Said Swayam.

"Haan haan aur Katrina kaif meri beti hai! Aapke paas invitation hai toh bataiye! Hum aisehi kisiko jaane nai de sakte hai! Aur agar aap unke bete hai toh kabhi yahaan dikhe kyun nai?" Asked the Watchman not convinced.

"Dekhiye hum aapse aache se baat kar rahe hai! Hamare invitations ghar reh gaye hai!" Said Swayam tired.

"Aap side mein aa jaye" said the watchman.

"Hum aur kitne dur hai Swayam?" Asked Rey.

Yahaan se 15 min hai kafi andar hai ghar." Replied Swayam.

"Call Taani na! Ye log usse toh jante honge na?" Asked Rey.

"Yaa right! I ll do that" agreed Swayam.

Swayam called Taani from the bluetooth in the car.

"Hello? Bhai kahaan hai aap?" Aksed Taani instantly.

"Taani hum colony ke bahaar hai invitation ghar reh gaya hai ye log aane nai de rahe! Maine kaha ki meri behen ki sagai hai par mann nai rahe hai! Tum baat karlo na!" Said Swayam.

"Nai bhai vi nai manenge! Security bahut tight hai! Mai aati hoon! Aur haa maine keh diya hai ki aap aa gaye hai sabko kyunki sab bahut puch rahe the! Aur itni der tyaar ho rhe the! Mai 5 min mein aati hoon! Waise muje abhi nikalna allowed nai hai kyunki muje yahin rehne ko kaha gaya hai issiliye thodi der ho jaye toh darr mat jaana!" Explained Taani.

"Okaay Taani! Thank you so much!" Said Swayam.

After like 10 mins Taani came on a scooty with Rahul.

Seeing Taani's hands around Rahul's waist filled Rey with anger. 

As they came near Swayam's car, Rahul braked surprisingly which made Taani fully fall on him. 

All this was observed by Rey. He was jealous! Damn he was so jealous! A lone tear fell of his eyes. He had no idea this wa very well seen by Rahul. He smiled and signaled Taani to handle the matter.

"Uncleji aapne mere bhai ko rok rakha hai! Please unhe aane dijiye!"said Taani.

"Kya ye aapke bhai hai Taani betiya?" Asked the watchman.

"Ji! Ye Mumbai mein rehte hai padhai ke liye! Inhe mat rokiyega aage se." Replied Taani.

"Ji Taani betiya! Maaf karna Swayam baba!" Said the watchman.

"Koi baat nai uncleji!" Said Taani & Swayam in unison. 

It looked like Rey didnt give a damn to the situation. All he was doing was throwing draggers at Rahul. He was totally in himself. All was well noticed by Rahul. The experimental person Rahul was, he was enjoying Rey's stares. 

"Taani, ab ho gaya na chal sab ko warna pata chal jayega ki hum nikal gaye hai!" Said Rahul.

"Yaa! Chal fatafat!" Replied Taani.

"Agar aap dono mein se koi gaadi mein aana chahta ho toh aa sakta hai" Said Rey.

Before Taani could answer Rahul said "no no... Humne decide kiya tha ki aate waqt mai drive karunga aur jaate waqt Taani! She loves driving scooty" replied Rahul.

"Ok" said Rey bluntly.

Taani could feel the tension in the air but she finally decided to ignore it.

As if it was not less Rahul again entered with a suggession.

"Aap log humein follow karna, vo kya hai na Swayam tum itne time baad aa rahe hai" said Rahul charmingly.

Taani could not even understand what her duffer best friend was upto. 

Rahul asked Taani to get on the scooty first amd then joine her on the back seat. He put his hands on her waist as its important while travelling on a scooty. But right now he was just having fun.

Rey fumed seeing Rahul's hand on Taani's waist. How could he touch her? And Taani? How was she so cool with it? Wondered Rey.

As the scooty started Taani said
"Kya kar rahe the tum?"

"Kuch nai" repleid Rahul innocently.

"Yaa right! Tum Rey ko jata rahe the ki hum dono kitne close hai" said Taani irritatedly.

"Chehra dekha tha tune tere majnu ka? By god maaza aa gaya! Aag toh pehle se lagi thi maine toh sirf ghee daala hai" said Rahul excitedly.

"Kya maaza aaya! Tumne unhe kitne wrong hints diye!" Said Taani.

"Maine kahaan diye? Ussne liye!" Said Rahul smirking.

"You are bloody impossible" exclaimed Taani.

"I know" replied Rahul sheepishly.

The whole 15 mins only made Rahul smirk and Rey fume.

Rey could clearly see that the whole ride Taani & Rey were talking about something. He could not see Taani but he could see Rahul through the scooty's rear view. He saw Rahul smiling & smirking at times. Seeing this Rey was all the more interested in thier conversation but alas he could not hear them. 

All of them finally reached the venue and Taani rushed everyone into two different rooms for girls & boys to change quickly. Taani again ran back to the ceremony so the guests dont start searching for her while Rahul waited till the people changed and helped them find things which they needed.


AsYa FF: Time To Go Back (Chapter 32)


"Kaho?" Said Najma expectantly.

"All i wanna say was...that...i wanted to is like...mai kehna chahta mai...actually" Stammered Karan.


All the people had started retiring to thier homes as the engagement was done. Asad & Zoya always a short and sweet engagement! Thats what they got!

"Kiara! Listen na" said Rida comming towards Kiara.

"Karan & Najma love each other" said Rida excited.

"WHAT THE HECK?" Kiara exclaimed.

"I am serious! Karan is just gonna propose her! I need your little help in this! Please!" Said Rida expectantly.

"Par how can you be so sure about Najma? I mean they are just friends! Andd..andd..." Said Kiara.

"How Karan explained me his side anyone can know that he loves her amd she loves him back! She will say yes! Pleasee i need a little help" said Rida.

"Okaay! If this happens it would be so cool! They would look so cute together" exclaimed Kiara.

"Very very cute" said Rida.

Rida had put a camera secretly in the green room where Karan was supposed to propose. All the guests had left but Kiara had yet kept the family in the hall. Rida switched on the projector which sometime back were showing Asad & Zoya's pics. Rida connected it in such a way where the family could see Karan & Najma on the screen.

"Tum kya kar rai ho? Tumne vaha cemeras lageye? Apne bhai ki kuch toh sochti?" Said Kiara now worried.

"Uski fikr hai issliye toh ye sab kiya! Mera bhai jitna bhi tough apne aap ko dikhaye usse Najma ke bhai ko ye bata nai pata kyunki vo Zoya ke fiance hai aur Zoya se issliye kyunki vo Asad se baat karegi! Iski vajah se agar Asad & Zoya ke beech problems aaye toh Karan kabhi muh nai kholega! Isse accha yahaan ho baat khatam ho jaye" explained Rida.

"Life is complicated" exclaimed Kiara

"Very" replied Rida.

"Does Karan know theres a camera?" Asked Kiara.

"No" replied Rida casually.

"What if theyy... After the confession...youu knoww..get cozy?" Asked Kiara not yet conviced with the idea.

"Najma is traditional girl and Karan knows that & Respects that! Vo mera bhai hai jitna apne aap ko cool dude dikhata hai utna hi Sensitive bhi hai! Usse philhaal sirf Najma ke jawab se matlab hai" replied Rida confidently.

"Lets see now" replied Kiara worried.

The whole family could now see Karan & Najma with each other. They even heard Karan stammering a little which added to their curiosity.


"Karan ek hi cheez languages badal badal ke mat bolo! Kaho na jo kehna chahte ho! Pleasee!" Said Najma.

"Seee...Najma...partner...meri permanent partner banogi?" Said Karan the last line quickly.

"I thought hamari partnership permanant hi hai" said a confused Najma.

"I mean meri life partner banogi?" Said Karan frustated with himself a little loudly.

Tears flowed off Najma's eyes. 

"I love you Najma! I agree i was a casanova kind off but i have bow fallen head over heals for you! I wanna share my everything with you my life, my food which is my second love after you ofcourse, my happiness, my sorrows just everything! I know i may be not the dream guy you have always dreamt of but i will definaltely try to be one! I really love you! Yeh vo timepass wala pyaar nai hai partner ye sachha wala hai! Mai tumhara boyfriend bannke tumhe pamper karna chahta hoon, tumhara fiance bann ke tumhe tease karna chahta hoon, tumhara husband bann ke apni life tumhare saath share karna chahta hoon, aur jab hum bhuudhe ho jaye tumhare saath hamare baacho ke bhaacho ko khilna chahta hoon! My feeings towards you are pure, and really strong! Please apni zindagi mein muje thodi so jagah de do?" Said Karan finally able to speak up.

Tears kept on flowing out of Najma's eyes. She was unable to just answer. 


Here, Zoya was also in tears. She had never seen Karan so serious. She could see the true love in Karan's eyes. She was touched. 

While Asad burned with anger. He stood up to go to the green room. 

"Mr. Khan ek baar ke liye bhool jayye ki Najma aapki behan hai! Sirf unn dono ki aakhon mein dekhiye! Aapko sachha pyaar nazar aayega!" Said Zoya.

"Karan ko badi mehnat se maine confess karne ko manaya tha kyunki vo nai chahta tha ki uske pyaar ki vajah se aap dono ke beech problems ho issliye maine ye sab kiya" said Rida to Asad. 

"Najma baachi hai!" Exclaimed Asad.

"Aapke liye Mr. Khan! Vo badi ho chuki hai Mr. Khan! Aur ye baat aap bhi jaante hai ki Karan ek bahut aacha ladka hai!" Said Zoya.

"Najma sirf ro rai hai! Ussne koi jawab nai diya! Vo choti hai! Usse kisi se pyaar kaise ho sakta hai?" Said Asad being stubborn.

"Jaise aapko mujse hai Mr. Khan" said Zoya finally and asked him to look at the screen where Najma was about to say something.


"I dont know what to say Karan" said Najma finally.

" are'nt the feelings mutual?" Said Karan tears flowing off his eyes too.

"I...i...dont know" said Najma stamering.

Karan looked down in defeat. Tears constantly flowing from his eyes. He had many break ups before but never cried for any! He had no value for them! But right now he was affected. Very affected!

"Agar uss do din ki mulakat ke baad se maine tumhe as partner accept karliya. Do din ki malakat mein muje lagne laga ki mai tumhe aache se jaanti hoon! Mahine bhaar tumse roz baat ki! Yahaan aane ki baat sabse pehle tumhe batayi! Tumhare muje New York ghumane ke baare bhool jane par muje jaise ek sui ne choob liya tha! Bhaijaan ke baad sirf tum ho jiske saath rehte muje kisi baat ka kabhi darr nai hota! Agar isse pyaar kehte hai toh haa Karan mai tumse bahut zyaada pyaar karti hoon" accepted Najma.


Asad & Dilshad's heads turned back hearing the innocent confession. 

"I told you Kia" said Rida with happy tears.

"Yepp" replied Kiara.

"Mr. Khan now what you have to say about this? Najma is not a kid! She loves Karan and i have'nt seen such a sincere Karan everr!! He loves Najma from the bottom of his heart. I know him & his family since chidhood. Vo bahut aache log hai Mr. Khan hamari Najma princess bann ke rahegi! Trust me Mr. Khan! Apni possesiveness ki vajah se apni behan ke sapne mat todna!" Explained Zoya to Asad & Dilshad at the same time.

"Aapko sach mein lagta hai ye sahi hai?" Asked Asad to the point.

"Jee haan! Waise toh hum bhi bilkul alag hai! Haina phuphi? Pleaase phuphi!! Dono ka dil na todna!" Said Zoya tears in her eyes.

"Karan ek aacha ladka hai par aise achaanak?" Dilshad finally spoke up.

"Pyaar toh aisehi hota hai na phuphi?" Said Zoya.

"Haan! Par yehi baat Karan ko hamare saamne admit karni padegi!" Said Dishad firmly.

"Haa haa kyun nai?" Said Rida.

"Thik hai! Muje bhi Karan aur Najma se ye baat sunni hai" Asad agreed.

"I love you both!" Saying Zoya hugged Asad & Dilshad.


Karan looked up at Najma as if not able to believe his ears. Karan hugged Najma tightly to which Najma responded happily! Both of them cried in each others arms finally feeling the feeling of true love! <3

AsYa FF: Time To Go Back (Chapter 31)


Rida & Karan entered screaming on the top of their voices for everyone to leave. Everyone was ready so Karan told them to settle in the car. There entered Asad & Zoya. They were looking really good. BUT they cannot be looking so simple in their own occassion right?

"Yeh kya aap dono itne simple kyun tyaar hue hai? Mera sangeet hai remember." Rida said glaring at both.

"Sangeet aapka hai hamara nai" replied Asad & Zoya both at the same time.

"Zoee tum ab mujse pyaar hi nai karti" said Rida dramatically.

"And...And..And you dont consider me a friend" said Karan dramatically to Asad.

"Aisa nai hai" denied Asad. 

"Meri behan ka sangeet hai" said Karan.

"Mera sangeet hai" said Rida.

"Waise tumhari engagemet ke pehle sangeet? Aisa kyun?" Asked a confused Asad.

"Vo...vo...aisehi! Muje aise nikah karna tha issliye!" Replied Rida instantly.

"Ajeeb hai" said Asad.

"Tum mere saath chalo" said Rida to Zoya.

"Aap mere saath chalo" said Karan to Asad.

Karan & Rida gave absolute makeovers to Asad & Zoya repectively.


Zoya: Seriously Rida! Tumhara sangeet hai!

Rida: Chup!


Asad: Kar kya rahe ho? Mai dulhan nai hoon!

Karan: Yaa yaa! Voh toh aap chahe toh bhi nai bann sakte!

Asad: Ji?

Karan: Let me concentrate!

Finally Asad & Zoya were ready. Four of them left for the hall. 

Rida introduced her fiance to Asad & Zoya.

"Aap dono thoda vo stairs ki taraf jaa sakte hai?" Asked Rida as if asking for space.

Asad & Zoya went towards the staircase. It was quite a awkward function for them because all the eyes were on them and they had no idea why.

As they reached the staircase rose petals fell on them from above. 

Asad & Zoya were surprised was an understatement. A huge card as wide as both of them together also fell on their head. They grabbed it and it read


The card had pictures of Asad & Zoya from their first fight till their today morning's sleeping position. They had no words to express.

"Dilshad aunty ne thode din pehle kaha tha ki tum pichle saal iss din Asad se mili thi" cleared Karan.

"Thank you so muchh!!" Said Zoya with tears in her eyes.

"This is very precious!" Said Asad equally emotional.

"Thats not it guys!" Chirped Kiara.

"Yeaa right! The gift for you both is in the pockets on your sides" said Najma.

Asad & Zoya checked out the pockets of the card on thier sides to find diamond rings.

Suddenly the lights went off and the spotlight was on Karan & Najma.

"And here we announce the engagement ceremony of Zoya Farooki" started Karan.

"with Asad Ahmed Khan" completed Najma.

There was another spotlight which went to Asad & Zoya.

"My dear friends i am so glad that my best friend has chosen a person who really loves and respects her" said Karan

"I cant explain the feeling of completeness i feel today. The girl i felt was a sister to me is gonna be my sister in law! What can be better?" Said Najma.

"Which can be a better day than their first meeting day for them being engaged?" Said Karan.

"None! This must prove to be their most special moment now" said Najma.

Zoya was on the verge of crying but Asad sidehugged her with a smile of content. 

"You may now exchage the rings" said Dilshad & Zeenat in unison.

Asad & Zoya happily exchaged rings. Their happiness had no bounds. After the ring ceremony they got busy with people congtatulating them.

Finding the right moment Karan pulled Najma into a green room beside the hall when Najma had come to drink water.

"Karan? Kar kya rahe ho?" Shouted Najma scared.

"I wanna admit something" said Karan dead serious.

Seeing the admant seriousness in a fun loving Karan freezed her nerves somewhere.

"What does he wanna say? The thing i want to hear?" Thought Najma to herself.

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ArShi SS: The Feeling Of Love (Prologue)


"Maine kaha tha unhe ki muje chod ke na jaaye vo phir bhi chale gaye. Mere baare mein socha tak nai! Mai unke bina kaise rahungi? Vo bhi tab jab vo mujse ruth ke gaye hai!" ("I had told him that dont leave me and go yet he went away. He didnt even think about me! How will i stay without him knowing he is cross with me?") said Khushi to herself remembering how she had tried to stop Arnav from leaving her and going to London.

"Vo aisa kaise soch sakte the? Kya unhe hum pe bharosa nai hai? Vo hume itna girra hua kaise soch salte hai? Hum aur Shyamji? Cheee!! Kya unhe hamari aakhon sachai nazar nai aati? Kya unhe itne waqt mein ye tak pata nai chala ki agar humne kabhi kisiko pasand kiya toh vo sirf vo khud the! Haan, maine unhe ye sachai kabhi baatai nai kyunki vo kyun hum jaisi ladki se pyaar karenge? Unhe toh bahut mil jayengi na? Vo chotte chotte kapde pehne wali unki jaisi ladkiyaan! Par ab vo hamare pati hai phirbhi hamare beech pati patni jaisa kuch nai hai! Jisse pasand kiya usse shadi ki par aise haalat mein jinmein meri marzi tak nai thi! Kyun devi maiya? kyun?" ("How can he think of me like that? Does not he trust me?how can he think so low of me? Me and Shyamji? Yuckkk! Could not he see the truth in my eyes? In so much time, could not he find out that the only person i ever liked was HIM. Yes, i agree i didnt tell him that i loved him because all i thought was why would he love a girl like me? He get many more girls who are better off and would wear those small small clothes and are classy like him. But now he is MY husband and yet there is bond between us that a usual husband wife share. I m married to the person i liked yet in such a way that it was against my will. Why does  this happen to me? Why devi maiya? Why?") cried Khushi finally taking out her frustation.


"Kyun jab uske gunah ke saboot hone ke baad bhi uspe bharosa karne ko dil karta hai? Kyun jab lagne lagta hai ki sab sahi hai sab galat ho jata hai? Muje toh laga tha ki mere aur Khushi ke beech kuch hai toh shyam kahaan se beech mein  aa gaya hai? Kya shyam sach keh raha tha? Toh ye jooth kyun lag raha hai? Muje iski jad tak jaana hi hoga!" ("Why when i have the proof of her sins yet i feel like believing her?why when everything feels right everything goes wrong?i thought there was something between me & Khushi then where did this shyam appear? Was shyam saying the truth? Then why do i feel he is lying? I need to get to the whole truth!") said Arnav to himself.

By reading this you must have come to know that this SS is based on the track where Arnav leaves for London not believing Khushi. Here there is no kidnaping shitLOL
The story is how Arnav and Khushi realize the love which was always there in their relationship under the mask of hatred. 

AsYa SS: Fangirling Over Mangalpur (Prologue)

What would happen if the two stubborn souls totally in love with each other would have understood their feeling of love towards each other after the almost killing incident of Mangalpur?

They were head over heels for each other but would admit just because of the fear of rejection and the fear of being absolutely different from each other.

What if the emotion of love in their life had got a new name in itself?

This story potrays the love life of our very dear Asad & Zoya where they get understand the value of each other in their life after the mangalpur incident. 

TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 8)



Rey & Taani reached home finally and made their way towards thier repective seats.

"GUYSS" Sharon screamed on the top of her lungs.

"Kya hua Sharon?"said Rey confused.

"I have an announcement to make" said Sharon on a serious note.

The gang , Taani , Arohi , Rahul , Arjun all were there.

Sharon went towards Swayam took his hand and bought him in the middle.

Swayam was confused with Sharon's act also were the other people surrounding them.

Sharon went down on her knees and said " I love you Swayam! I lovee youu so so so muchh! And i really do! I agree i have been rude, clumsy and very conservative about our relationship but not anymore! My comfort is not more important than your trust on me Swayam! I love you! I will always! You had told me these things so many times but i was a fool to not understand your feelings. Leave your feelings i was'nt even able to figure out mine. I know i have made mistakes! I know i have disrespected our love but i truly want you to give me,give us a second chance and this time we will make our relationship more than perfect! I promise! Accept me Swayam! Accept us! Pleasee!"

With that tears started flowing out of Sharon's eyes.

"Kya bhai meri bhabhi ko itna paresham mat karo" said Taani from behind.

Swayam smiles at the statement. His eyes were wet too. 

"Uski aakhon mein aasoo nai dekh sakte toh usse maaf kardo na" said Arohi.

"Aisa pyaar aaj ke zaamane mein kahaan melega?" Said Rahul.

"Common Swayam, its bad to make a girl go on knees and make her wait" said Arjun.

"Go for it Swayam" cheered Rey.

Swayam went down on his kness too.

"I m sorry i gave you a tough time. But i could not have been the only person to understand right? Our relationship was never a two way relationship par sirf tumhare liye, hamare liye ek chance toh banta hai! I love you too Sharon aur ye tum acche se janti ho! Hamesha tumhi se pyaar kiya hai aur karunga!" Said Swayam not being able to handle his emotions anymore.

Rey went ahead to cheer them but Taani held his hand tight. Rey looked back at Taani and saw the tears in her eyes. 

"Its their time Rey. Finally aaj unn dono ki realize hua hai ki they are indeed made for each other. Aur unhe ye pal jeene do, rone do" Said Taani

"Sahi kaha tumne Taani! Sache pyaar ki hi jeet hoti hai! Hamesha!" Said Rey.

"Sirf sachha pyaar! Aur pyaar mein jhooth ki koi jagah nai hoti" said Taani shooting glares from her eyes remembering how Rey had made her feel so low, so rejected.

Rey moved back towards Taani and said in her ears "I love youu & i ll do all it takes! Tum meri ho sirf meri! Jahaan tak sachai ki baat hai mai apni galti manta hoon! Ab koi jhooth nai hoga! Sab sach hoga! Sirf sach!" 

"Chodiye muje! Aapka hote kaun hai?" Said Taani slowly.

"Tum janti ho mai tumhara kya hoon! Aur haa tumne mera haath pakda hua hai!" Said Rey in equally low yet stern voice.

Taani left his hand instantly and moved towards Arohi.

"GUYS GUYS GUYS! Mera paas iss occasion ko celebrate karne ke liye kuch hai!" Chirped Arohi and away to the kitchen.

In minutes Arohi was back with a cake which had its iceing as "Swayam loves Sharon & Sharon loves Swayam".

"Awww" all the girls said in once.

"Par ye cake? Kaise?" Asked Rinni.

"Vo maine aaj banayi thi pehle plain thi ab iceing kardi usspe" said Arohi proud of herself.

"Thank you so much" said Sharon & Swayam in unison and side hugged Arohi.

After the cake cutting everyone had the taaty dinner which Arohi had made and then were chit chatting till late night. 

"You all are gonna be so missed!" Said Arohi in a low voice.

"Miss matlab?" Asked Sharon & Rey in unison.

"Umm..vo actually kal mai aur Taani Jothpur jaa rahe hai so..! Well wait.. I ll be back." Said Arohi in a hurry & ran away to her room.

"Taani kal jaa rai hai? Aur ussne muje batana zaroori tak nai samja? Ab mai kya karu usse rokne?" Wondered Rey to himself.

"Tadaaa" Saying Arohi entered.

"Here are the invitation cards for my wedding! You all have to reach day after as all the functions are starting from day after. We will leave tommorow and you guys will follow us a day later with Swayam!" Ordered Arohi.

"Problem solved" thought Rey.

"Ofcouse hum sab aayenge.. Puri tyaari ke saath ayenge" said Rey.

"Yes yess!! We will surely come" said everyone.

"Marrr gaye!" Thought Taani to herself.

"Ab kya karogi Taani darling?" Said Rey in Taani's ears winking her making a excuse of getting water. 

After a while all left and Taani was in her room packing.

"Hey Krishnaji ab kya chahte ho aap? Duniya bharke complications muj jaise nanhi si jaan pe kyun?" Said Taani aloud. 

"What complications?" Said Rahul from behind.

"Ughhh... Sorry...nothing..!" Stammered Taani.

"Shut up & blurt the truth out. I noticed you were all uncomfy in the party" said Rahul.

"Fine!" Said Taani.

Taani told Rahul all her past with Rey. She explained him everything. He was her bestfriend and she was very confused. This was the best time to take a advice.

"I ll kill him! Ussne tera saath aisa kiya? But maafi bhi mangi aur sab tere liye kiya! I think he should get a chance! But after getting a tough time." said Rahul finally.

"Par... Rahul" said a confused Taani.

"Taani you met him again because maybe you guys were meant to be thats my advice. After that its your call! Think over" said Rahul seriously.

"Okaay!" Said Taani.

Rahul left her to think as he knew she needs to get in terms with jer brains & heart.

"Kya karu Krishnaji?" Saying Taani fell on her bed.

AsYa FF: Time To Go Back (Chapter 30)

Karan belonged a a rich as well as a very modern kind of family. The way he handled Najma the whole day made him a perfect man who repects women by heart for Najma. Najma was left in an awee! 

Najma didnt yet know that she had started falling in love with Karan but she had finally admitted to her herself that she likes him in a more than friend way definately by the end of thier New York tour.

Karan here was very confused because of Najma's behaviour. Sometimes he felt that she is so much in love with him and sometimes he would feel that he is just a friend to her. There were so much "not so needed" complications to be solved. But Karan was determined fix those as soon as possible.

Asad & Zoya were busy working on the project together. They were so involved in their work that for once they could even forget that they are engaged and have a lot else to talk to do. Asad & Zoya had started following when work only work policy.

Karan had droped Najma home with a lot of memories rather unforgettable memories.

Seeing Asad & Zoya work with full attention Zeenat , Anwar & Dilshad slipped out of the house to a restuarant nearby and asked Najma, Kiara & Karan to reach. 

They all assembled at the restuarant and discussed some special preparations for Asad & Zoya.

Asad & Zoya were so tired working that they did not even realize when sleep overcame them. They were so tired that they failed to notice no one was in the house.They slept on each others shoulders very comfortable with each other.

Zeenat, Anwar, Dilshad, Najma & Kiara returned home really late busy with the preparations for the next day.

Karan had retired early to pick up his parents & sister from the airport as they were reaching New York today. His elder sister was to be married in two months. His parents were as sweet as he was. His parents had a love marraige. His mom was a punjabi wereas his dad was a muslim but for their love for each other his parents had come to term with each other. Karan had a awesome family and he & his sister respected both the religions their parents come from. Their family was one indeed happy family.

Everyone peeked into Zoya's room where Asad & Zoya were working long time back. They found both of them in a little corner of the bed stuck to each other with their head on each others shoulders. 

They were "aweeed"! But they could not leave them like this in one room before marraige. Their heart was stubborn on letting two innocent souls sleep and the mind was acting all conservative. Finding no other option the family made thier own little little places on the bed and the family slept together. 


"I dont know what to do Rida? I m clueless! I really love Najma but i dont understand her feelings towards me! Mai kya karun?" Asked a confused Karan to his elder sister.

"See...jahaan pyaar ki baat ho late nai karna chahiye! Whatever it may be go and tell her that you love her. Baki ka is totally her lookout! Tumne hi kaha na ki vo zyaada hi innocent hai, uske pehle boyfriends nai rahe phir usse tum pehle isshara dena kaise expect kar sakte ho? Usse bhi toh rejection se darr lag raha hoga maybe!" Explained Rida Karan's elder sister.

"You are right! But vo koi aisi waisi ladki nai hai! Meri best friend ke fiance ki behan hai! Kuch bhi uuch neech hui toh mai toh gaya! Mai Zoya ko nai kho sakta" said Karan in a serious tone.

"Zoya tumhari best friend hai vo tumhare timepass wale pyaar aur saache pyaar ke beech ka farak zaroor samjegi agar aaj tum chup rahe toh kal Najma ke nikah pe phool barsa rahe hoge! Tab sochoge ki kash maine keh diya hota! Shayad vo haa keh deti! Dont be a 'kash' person! Tu Karan Qureshi hai dude! Tuje haar manna aata hi nai aur naahi humne tuje sikhaya hai" said Rida in a equally serious tone.

"I ll tell her...tonight! Aar aa paar! Bahut ho gaya ab jo hona ho hi jaye ab!" Replied a confident Karan.

"Ahhh...this is my bro! I know vo tuje mana kar hi nai payegi!" Said Rida giving a side hug to Karan.

"Hope so" replied Karan reciprocating to Rida's hug.

"Common now" said Rida excitedly.

"Where?" Replied a confused Karan.

"Meri bhabhi se milne" said Rida happy at the thought and ran making her way towards the car.

"Ridddaaa nooo" said Karan running behind Rida.

"Kaam kar rahe honge abhi vo log" Said Karan making attempts of getting Rida out of his car.

"Kaise preperations?" Asked Rida.

Karan told Rida about the whole plan but his plan to take Rida home failed as she finally convinced him that they should go and help.

The reached Zoya's aapi's place.

"Yeh koi darvaza kyun nai khol raha? aisa toh kabhi nai hua?" Said a now tensed Karan.

"You have the spare keys right?" Asked Rida.

"Yaa par aise kaise?" Asked Karan back.

"Dude agar andar kuch ho gaya hoga toh? I mean its 10 ye log itna soote toh nai" explained Rida.

Karan agreed and opened the door slowly and went to Zoya's room straight with Rida. 

"Awww" said Rida.

"Shit" replied Karan seeing 8 people sleeping in one room.

Silently Rida clicked a picture of the family.

Slowly hearing some noice Asad's eyes opened and once they opened they were wide open.

Asad saw his position with Zoya but could bit move as Zoya had held him extra tightly. Then Asad got a view of their family sleeping here & there in the room. Finally Asad saw two people staring at hik as if checking him out.

"Ummm... Karan tum?aurr..." Said Asad unable to start a conversation.

"Vo mai aur Rida...vo autually itni bell maari par khola nai...toh hum tensed ho gaye issliye spare keys use ki...uugghh...sorry..!" Said Karan.

"UUTHHOOO" shouted Rida on top of her lungs.

Everyone got up shocked at the sudden outburst. 

Looking at everyones shocked faces, Karan & Rida laughed their heart out!

"Youuu twooo" said Zoya & Kiara in unison. 

"Is the girl in blue suit Najma?" Said Rida in Karan's ear.

"Yess" replied Karan smiling.

"Nice choice" said Rida.

"I know" replied Karan.

Asad & Zoya kindoff confused with the situation asked
"Aap log aise kyun so rahe the?"

Dilshad: Tum dono ko uthane ko jee nai kiya!

Zeenat: Aur nikah se pehle ek kamre mein akele kaise chod sakte the?

"Inhe kya pata ki hum pehle bhi ek kamre mein saath raat bhaar reh chuke hai" said Asad & Zoya to themselves in unison and smiled to each other. 

Rida: I must say Zoee.. You have found a handsome hunk.

Zoya: Indeed! Just a little but of OCD problems.

With that everyone shared a laugh and Zoya earned a glare from Asad.

Zoya: Waise tu itni subah vo bhi sunday ko?

Karan: Aree vo ek party throw karni hai Rida ki shadi ke function ki aaj shaam 4 baje toh mai teri family borrow karne aaya hoon. 

Zoya: Ohh! Okaay! Mai bhi aati hoon!

Karan: Nai nai! Tum aur Asad karo tumhare kaam badmein kaam ka bahana mat dena na aane ke liye. 

"Spend quality time! Mauka aisa mushkil se milta hai" said Kiara in Zoya's ears gigling.

"Absolutely" replied Zoya.

Everyone bid a goodbye to Asad & Zoya and left for Karan & Rida's help.

"These two have no idea whats comming their way tonight." Said Kiara to everyone.

"The evening which they' ll never forget" said Najma.

"A evening we would never forget" replied Karan instantly to Najma.
The upcoming has indeed my surprises for Asad, Zoya, Karan & Najma.