Wednesday, 5 February 2014

TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 8)



Rey & Taani reached home finally and made their way towards thier repective seats.

"GUYSS" Sharon screamed on the top of her lungs.

"Kya hua Sharon?"said Rey confused.

"I have an announcement to make" said Sharon on a serious note.

The gang , Taani , Arohi , Rahul , Arjun all were there.

Sharon went towards Swayam took his hand and bought him in the middle.

Swayam was confused with Sharon's act also were the other people surrounding them.

Sharon went down on her knees and said " I love you Swayam! I lovee youu so so so muchh! And i really do! I agree i have been rude, clumsy and very conservative about our relationship but not anymore! My comfort is not more important than your trust on me Swayam! I love you! I will always! You had told me these things so many times but i was a fool to not understand your feelings. Leave your feelings i was'nt even able to figure out mine. I know i have made mistakes! I know i have disrespected our love but i truly want you to give me,give us a second chance and this time we will make our relationship more than perfect! I promise! Accept me Swayam! Accept us! Pleasee!"

With that tears started flowing out of Sharon's eyes.

"Kya bhai meri bhabhi ko itna paresham mat karo" said Taani from behind.

Swayam smiles at the statement. His eyes were wet too. 

"Uski aakhon mein aasoo nai dekh sakte toh usse maaf kardo na" said Arohi.

"Aisa pyaar aaj ke zaamane mein kahaan melega?" Said Rahul.

"Common Swayam, its bad to make a girl go on knees and make her wait" said Arjun.

"Go for it Swayam" cheered Rey.

Swayam went down on his kness too.

"I m sorry i gave you a tough time. But i could not have been the only person to understand right? Our relationship was never a two way relationship par sirf tumhare liye, hamare liye ek chance toh banta hai! I love you too Sharon aur ye tum acche se janti ho! Hamesha tumhi se pyaar kiya hai aur karunga!" Said Swayam not being able to handle his emotions anymore.

Rey went ahead to cheer them but Taani held his hand tight. Rey looked back at Taani and saw the tears in her eyes. 

"Its their time Rey. Finally aaj unn dono ki realize hua hai ki they are indeed made for each other. Aur unhe ye pal jeene do, rone do" Said Taani

"Sahi kaha tumne Taani! Sache pyaar ki hi jeet hoti hai! Hamesha!" Said Rey.

"Sirf sachha pyaar! Aur pyaar mein jhooth ki koi jagah nai hoti" said Taani shooting glares from her eyes remembering how Rey had made her feel so low, so rejected.

Rey moved back towards Taani and said in her ears "I love youu & i ll do all it takes! Tum meri ho sirf meri! Jahaan tak sachai ki baat hai mai apni galti manta hoon! Ab koi jhooth nai hoga! Sab sach hoga! Sirf sach!" 

"Chodiye muje! Aapka hote kaun hai?" Said Taani slowly.

"Tum janti ho mai tumhara kya hoon! Aur haa tumne mera haath pakda hua hai!" Said Rey in equally low yet stern voice.

Taani left his hand instantly and moved towards Arohi.

"GUYS GUYS GUYS! Mera paas iss occasion ko celebrate karne ke liye kuch hai!" Chirped Arohi and away to the kitchen.

In minutes Arohi was back with a cake which had its iceing as "Swayam loves Sharon & Sharon loves Swayam".

"Awww" all the girls said in once.

"Par ye cake? Kaise?" Asked Rinni.

"Vo maine aaj banayi thi pehle plain thi ab iceing kardi usspe" said Arohi proud of herself.

"Thank you so much" said Sharon & Swayam in unison and side hugged Arohi.

After the cake cutting everyone had the taaty dinner which Arohi had made and then were chit chatting till late night. 

"You all are gonna be so missed!" Said Arohi in a low voice.

"Miss matlab?" Asked Sharon & Rey in unison.

"Umm..vo actually kal mai aur Taani Jothpur jaa rahe hai so..! Well wait.. I ll be back." Said Arohi in a hurry & ran away to her room.

"Taani kal jaa rai hai? Aur ussne muje batana zaroori tak nai samja? Ab mai kya karu usse rokne?" Wondered Rey to himself.

"Tadaaa" Saying Arohi entered.

"Here are the invitation cards for my wedding! You all have to reach day after as all the functions are starting from day after. We will leave tommorow and you guys will follow us a day later with Swayam!" Ordered Arohi.

"Problem solved" thought Rey.

"Ofcouse hum sab aayenge.. Puri tyaari ke saath ayenge" said Rey.

"Yes yess!! We will surely come" said everyone.

"Marrr gaye!" Thought Taani to herself.

"Ab kya karogi Taani darling?" Said Rey in Taani's ears winking her making a excuse of getting water. 

After a while all left and Taani was in her room packing.

"Hey Krishnaji ab kya chahte ho aap? Duniya bharke complications muj jaise nanhi si jaan pe kyun?" Said Taani aloud. 

"What complications?" Said Rahul from behind.

"Ughhh... Sorry...nothing..!" Stammered Taani.

"Shut up & blurt the truth out. I noticed you were all uncomfy in the party" said Rahul.

"Fine!" Said Taani.

Taani told Rahul all her past with Rey. She explained him everything. He was her bestfriend and she was very confused. This was the best time to take a advice.

"I ll kill him! Ussne tera saath aisa kiya? But maafi bhi mangi aur sab tere liye kiya! I think he should get a chance! But after getting a tough time." said Rahul finally.

"Par... Rahul" said a confused Taani.

"Taani you met him again because maybe you guys were meant to be thats my advice. After that its your call! Think over" said Rahul seriously.

"Okaay!" Said Taani.

Rahul left her to think as he knew she needs to get in terms with jer brains & heart.

"Kya karu Krishnaji?" Saying Taani fell on her bed.

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