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AsYa FF: Time To Go Back (Chapter 30)

Karan belonged a a rich as well as a very modern kind of family. The way he handled Najma the whole day made him a perfect man who repects women by heart for Najma. Najma was left in an awee! 

Najma didnt yet know that she had started falling in love with Karan but she had finally admitted to her herself that she likes him in a more than friend way definately by the end of thier New York tour.

Karan here was very confused because of Najma's behaviour. Sometimes he felt that she is so much in love with him and sometimes he would feel that he is just a friend to her. There were so much "not so needed" complications to be solved. But Karan was determined fix those as soon as possible.

Asad & Zoya were busy working on the project together. They were so involved in their work that for once they could even forget that they are engaged and have a lot else to talk to do. Asad & Zoya had started following when work only work policy.

Karan had droped Najma home with a lot of memories rather unforgettable memories.

Seeing Asad & Zoya work with full attention Zeenat , Anwar & Dilshad slipped out of the house to a restuarant nearby and asked Najma, Kiara & Karan to reach. 

They all assembled at the restuarant and discussed some special preparations for Asad & Zoya.

Asad & Zoya were so tired working that they did not even realize when sleep overcame them. They were so tired that they failed to notice no one was in the house.They slept on each others shoulders very comfortable with each other.

Zeenat, Anwar, Dilshad, Najma & Kiara returned home really late busy with the preparations for the next day.

Karan had retired early to pick up his parents & sister from the airport as they were reaching New York today. His elder sister was to be married in two months. His parents were as sweet as he was. His parents had a love marraige. His mom was a punjabi wereas his dad was a muslim but for their love for each other his parents had come to term with each other. Karan had a awesome family and he & his sister respected both the religions their parents come from. Their family was one indeed happy family.

Everyone peeked into Zoya's room where Asad & Zoya were working long time back. They found both of them in a little corner of the bed stuck to each other with their head on each others shoulders. 

They were "aweeed"! But they could not leave them like this in one room before marraige. Their heart was stubborn on letting two innocent souls sleep and the mind was acting all conservative. Finding no other option the family made thier own little little places on the bed and the family slept together. 


"I dont know what to do Rida? I m clueless! I really love Najma but i dont understand her feelings towards me! Mai kya karun?" Asked a confused Karan to his elder sister.

"See...jahaan pyaar ki baat ho late nai karna chahiye! Whatever it may be go and tell her that you love her. Baki ka is totally her lookout! Tumne hi kaha na ki vo zyaada hi innocent hai, uske pehle boyfriends nai rahe phir usse tum pehle isshara dena kaise expect kar sakte ho? Usse bhi toh rejection se darr lag raha hoga maybe!" Explained Rida Karan's elder sister.

"You are right! But vo koi aisi waisi ladki nai hai! Meri best friend ke fiance ki behan hai! Kuch bhi uuch neech hui toh mai toh gaya! Mai Zoya ko nai kho sakta" said Karan in a serious tone.

"Zoya tumhari best friend hai vo tumhare timepass wale pyaar aur saache pyaar ke beech ka farak zaroor samjegi agar aaj tum chup rahe toh kal Najma ke nikah pe phool barsa rahe hoge! Tab sochoge ki kash maine keh diya hota! Shayad vo haa keh deti! Dont be a 'kash' person! Tu Karan Qureshi hai dude! Tuje haar manna aata hi nai aur naahi humne tuje sikhaya hai" said Rida in a equally serious tone.

"I ll tell her...tonight! Aar aa paar! Bahut ho gaya ab jo hona ho hi jaye ab!" Replied a confident Karan.

"Ahhh...this is my bro! I know vo tuje mana kar hi nai payegi!" Said Rida giving a side hug to Karan.

"Hope so" replied Karan reciprocating to Rida's hug.

"Common now" said Rida excitedly.

"Where?" Replied a confused Karan.

"Meri bhabhi se milne" said Rida happy at the thought and ran making her way towards the car.

"Ridddaaa nooo" said Karan running behind Rida.

"Kaam kar rahe honge abhi vo log" Said Karan making attempts of getting Rida out of his car.

"Kaise preperations?" Asked Rida.

Karan told Rida about the whole plan but his plan to take Rida home failed as she finally convinced him that they should go and help.

The reached Zoya's aapi's place.

"Yeh koi darvaza kyun nai khol raha? aisa toh kabhi nai hua?" Said a now tensed Karan.

"You have the spare keys right?" Asked Rida.

"Yaa par aise kaise?" Asked Karan back.

"Dude agar andar kuch ho gaya hoga toh? I mean its 10 ye log itna soote toh nai" explained Rida.

Karan agreed and opened the door slowly and went to Zoya's room straight with Rida. 

"Awww" said Rida.

"Shit" replied Karan seeing 8 people sleeping in one room.

Silently Rida clicked a picture of the family.

Slowly hearing some noice Asad's eyes opened and once they opened they were wide open.

Asad saw his position with Zoya but could bit move as Zoya had held him extra tightly. Then Asad got a view of their family sleeping here & there in the room. Finally Asad saw two people staring at hik as if checking him out.

"Ummm... Karan tum?aurr..." Said Asad unable to start a conversation.

"Vo mai aur Rida...vo autually itni bell maari par khola nai...toh hum tensed ho gaye issliye spare keys use ki...uugghh...sorry..!" Said Karan.

"UUTHHOOO" shouted Rida on top of her lungs.

Everyone got up shocked at the sudden outburst. 

Looking at everyones shocked faces, Karan & Rida laughed their heart out!

"Youuu twooo" said Zoya & Kiara in unison. 

"Is the girl in blue suit Najma?" Said Rida in Karan's ear.

"Yess" replied Karan smiling.

"Nice choice" said Rida.

"I know" replied Karan.

Asad & Zoya kindoff confused with the situation asked
"Aap log aise kyun so rahe the?"

Dilshad: Tum dono ko uthane ko jee nai kiya!

Zeenat: Aur nikah se pehle ek kamre mein akele kaise chod sakte the?

"Inhe kya pata ki hum pehle bhi ek kamre mein saath raat bhaar reh chuke hai" said Asad & Zoya to themselves in unison and smiled to each other. 

Rida: I must say Zoee.. You have found a handsome hunk.

Zoya: Indeed! Just a little but of OCD problems.

With that everyone shared a laugh and Zoya earned a glare from Asad.

Zoya: Waise tu itni subah vo bhi sunday ko?

Karan: Aree vo ek party throw karni hai Rida ki shadi ke function ki aaj shaam 4 baje toh mai teri family borrow karne aaya hoon. 

Zoya: Ohh! Okaay! Mai bhi aati hoon!

Karan: Nai nai! Tum aur Asad karo tumhare kaam badmein kaam ka bahana mat dena na aane ke liye. 

"Spend quality time! Mauka aisa mushkil se milta hai" said Kiara in Zoya's ears gigling.

"Absolutely" replied Zoya.

Everyone bid a goodbye to Asad & Zoya and left for Karan & Rida's help.

"These two have no idea whats comming their way tonight." Said Kiara to everyone.

"The evening which they' ll never forget" said Najma.

"A evening we would never forget" replied Karan instantly to Najma.
The upcoming has indeed my surprises for Asad, Zoya, Karan & Najma.

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