Saturday, 22 February 2014

TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 9)

Taani, Rahul, Arjun & Arohi had left the next day. The gang had prepared a card for the couple. It was handmade which made it indeed special. Arohi had refused to accept gifts from gang and even Swayam & Taani for a unknown reason. So they decided to make a handmade card for the couple.

It was the day Swayam & gang were supposed to reach Jothpur. They were late. It was already the time for the function. They had reached Jothpur by car but the traffic in Jothpur had indeed surprised them. 

"What the hell! Di mujese bahut gussa hone wali hai! Aaj unki sagai hai aur unka bhai itna late hai!" Said Swayam impatiently.

"Be cool Swayam! Tum hi toh kehte ho ki gussa hone se problem solve nai jo jati!" Said Sharon smiling by his side. 

"Chhheemiisssttrryyy" echoed from the back of the seats.

Swayam & Sharon blushed. 

The gang reached the gate of a huge  colony where the watchman was not letting them in.

"Yaahaan sirf vahi aa sakte hai jinke paas invitation ho! Bahut bade logon ki beti ki sagai hai beta." Said the watchman.

"Uncle meri behen ii sagai hai! Mai Swayam Shikhawat hoon! Rishi Shikhawat ka beta! Humein andar jaane dijiye!" Said Swayam.

"Haan haan aur Katrina kaif meri beti hai! Aapke paas invitation hai toh bataiye! Hum aisehi kisiko jaane nai de sakte hai! Aur agar aap unke bete hai toh kabhi yahaan dikhe kyun nai?" Asked the Watchman not convinced.

"Dekhiye hum aapse aache se baat kar rahe hai! Hamare invitations ghar reh gaye hai!" Said Swayam tired.

"Aap side mein aa jaye" said the watchman.

"Hum aur kitne dur hai Swayam?" Asked Rey.

Yahaan se 15 min hai kafi andar hai ghar." Replied Swayam.

"Call Taani na! Ye log usse toh jante honge na?" Asked Rey.

"Yaa right! I ll do that" agreed Swayam.

Swayam called Taani from the bluetooth in the car.

"Hello? Bhai kahaan hai aap?" Aksed Taani instantly.

"Taani hum colony ke bahaar hai invitation ghar reh gaya hai ye log aane nai de rahe! Maine kaha ki meri behen ki sagai hai par mann nai rahe hai! Tum baat karlo na!" Said Swayam.

"Nai bhai vi nai manenge! Security bahut tight hai! Mai aati hoon! Aur haa maine keh diya hai ki aap aa gaye hai sabko kyunki sab bahut puch rahe the! Aur itni der tyaar ho rhe the! Mai 5 min mein aati hoon! Waise muje abhi nikalna allowed nai hai kyunki muje yahin rehne ko kaha gaya hai issiliye thodi der ho jaye toh darr mat jaana!" Explained Taani.

"Okaay Taani! Thank you so much!" Said Swayam.

After like 10 mins Taani came on a scooty with Rahul.

Seeing Taani's hands around Rahul's waist filled Rey with anger. 

As they came near Swayam's car, Rahul braked surprisingly which made Taani fully fall on him. 

All this was observed by Rey. He was jealous! Damn he was so jealous! A lone tear fell of his eyes. He had no idea this wa very well seen by Rahul. He smiled and signaled Taani to handle the matter.

"Uncleji aapne mere bhai ko rok rakha hai! Please unhe aane dijiye!"said Taani.

"Kya ye aapke bhai hai Taani betiya?" Asked the watchman.

"Ji! Ye Mumbai mein rehte hai padhai ke liye! Inhe mat rokiyega aage se." Replied Taani.

"Ji Taani betiya! Maaf karna Swayam baba!" Said the watchman.

"Koi baat nai uncleji!" Said Taani & Swayam in unison. 

It looked like Rey didnt give a damn to the situation. All he was doing was throwing draggers at Rahul. He was totally in himself. All was well noticed by Rahul. The experimental person Rahul was, he was enjoying Rey's stares. 

"Taani, ab ho gaya na chal sab ko warna pata chal jayega ki hum nikal gaye hai!" Said Rahul.

"Yaa! Chal fatafat!" Replied Taani.

"Agar aap dono mein se koi gaadi mein aana chahta ho toh aa sakta hai" Said Rey.

Before Taani could answer Rahul said "no no... Humne decide kiya tha ki aate waqt mai drive karunga aur jaate waqt Taani! She loves driving scooty" replied Rahul.

"Ok" said Rey bluntly.

Taani could feel the tension in the air but she finally decided to ignore it.

As if it was not less Rahul again entered with a suggession.

"Aap log humein follow karna, vo kya hai na Swayam tum itne time baad aa rahe hai" said Rahul charmingly.

Taani could not even understand what her duffer best friend was upto. 

Rahul asked Taani to get on the scooty first amd then joine her on the back seat. He put his hands on her waist as its important while travelling on a scooty. But right now he was just having fun.

Rey fumed seeing Rahul's hand on Taani's waist. How could he touch her? And Taani? How was she so cool with it? Wondered Rey.

As the scooty started Taani said
"Kya kar rahe the tum?"

"Kuch nai" repleid Rahul innocently.

"Yaa right! Tum Rey ko jata rahe the ki hum dono kitne close hai" said Taani irritatedly.

"Chehra dekha tha tune tere majnu ka? By god maaza aa gaya! Aag toh pehle se lagi thi maine toh sirf ghee daala hai" said Rahul excitedly.

"Kya maaza aaya! Tumne unhe kitne wrong hints diye!" Said Taani.

"Maine kahaan diye? Ussne liye!" Said Rahul smirking.

"You are bloody impossible" exclaimed Taani.

"I know" replied Rahul sheepishly.

The whole 15 mins only made Rahul smirk and Rey fume.

Rey could clearly see that the whole ride Taani & Rey were talking about something. He could not see Taani but he could see Rahul through the scooty's rear view. He saw Rahul smiling & smirking at times. Seeing this Rey was all the more interested in thier conversation but alas he could not hear them. 

All of them finally reached the venue and Taani rushed everyone into two different rooms for girls & boys to change quickly. Taani again ran back to the ceremony so the guests dont start searching for her while Rahul waited till the people changed and helped them find things which they needed.


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