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AsYa FF: Time To Go Back (Chapter 33)

A couple of minutes later the whole Khan & Farooki family had reached the green room. Karan & Najma straightened themselves. Seeing the looks on everyones face, Karan had found out that they had seen something. Karan & Najma knew that now there was no scope for a lie. 

Karan: Asad!! I dont have any idea aapne yahaan kya dekha aur kya nai par mai aapse...vo mai..aunty...kehna tha ki bahutpyaarkartahoon!I mean Najma se bahut pyaar karta hoon aur vo mujse. Aap kuch kahe usse pehle mai kehna chahta hoon ki mai Najma ke baare mein bahut serious hoon! Mai apni family se bhi iss baare main baat karna chahta hoon agar aap ijaazat de toh!

"Aapne kaha tha ki agar Karan sachhe dil se aapke saamne apne pyaar ka izhar kare toh aap iss rishte ko accept kar loge" Said Zoya in Asad's ears.

Asad went towards Najma. Najma lowered her eyes. Asad made her look at him.

Asad: Kya tum iss rishte se khush ho?

Najma: Ji bhaijaan! Mai bhi Karan se pyaar karti hoon.

Dilshad: Ab agar do log ek dusre se itna pyaar karte hai toh hum kya kar sakte hai? 

Karan & Najma smiled shyly. Asad hugged Najma & Karan joined.

"Mai bhi" screamed Zoya.

"Oo hello hum hai asli cupids" saying Kiara & Rida joined.

"Hamare bacche" exclaimed Zeenat, Anwar & Dilshad together.

Later that day, Karan had called his parents to Zoya's house. Dilshad & Ashiya (Karan's Mom) were more than happy with thier children's choice. Karan's dad had also happily accepted Najma. Nothing could just be more perfect for the family right now.

Due to the chaos in the house Asad & Zoya went to a coffee shop near by as they had to complete some last minute work of their project. They had to give it a proper finishing. 

After completing thier stuffs, they finally ordered for something.

"Finally everything is complete! Ab mai vapas jaa sakta hoon" said Asad.

"Aap muje chod chale jayenge?" Asked Zoya.

"Kabhi nai! Aaya hoon toh leke hi jaunga. Akhir baaki rasmein toh India mein hi karni hai na?" answered Asad.

"Ji! I cant believe hamari saari rasmein ek hi din mein hongi!" Said Zoya dreamyly.

"Haaa! Tumhe hi toh Indian rasmein America mein karni thi! Aur humein ek hafte baad vapas jaana hai na!" Said Asad.

"Yaa yaa whatever! India mein sirf Nikah hoga!" Said Zoya.

"Jaisa aap kahein" replied Asad.

"I love you so much!" Said Zoya and stood up & hugged Asad.

"Mee too" replied Asad.

"I am so much looking forward to a awesome life with you!" Said Zoya amd quickly pecked Asad on his cheeks.

They had thier coffee and left hand in hand after sometime.

Najma was packing her bags in her room.

"Kaisi hai hamari hone wali begum?" Asked Karan from behind making Najma jump & Karan laugh.

"KARANN" said Najma with a pinch of anger.

"Sorryy sorryy soorryy! Dara diya tumhe" said Karan as he hugged from her back.

"Thank you Karan!" Said Najma

"Thank you Najma for letting me in your life." Replied Karan.

Karan & Najma hugged each other with peaceful smiles on their faces.

Next day, there were customs which started from jash-e-saugat and ended at their Mehendi.

Zoya had her hands full of Mehendi. She was in her room wearing her beautiful pink coloured dress which had golden work on her blouse and a simple yet elegant design on her lengha with a dupatta of net. She was clad with jewels after all she was the bride.

"Zoya muje tumse puchna tha..." Asad entered and found her in a compromising situation where she was trying to take off the heavy jewels.

"Vo aap kisi ko bula denge? Muje ye heavy jewels se problem ho rai hai" said Zoya lowering her eyes.

"Sab neeche gaye hai Karan ke parents ko see off karne" said Asad.

"Oh" uttered Zoya

"May i help?" Asked Asad.

"Uggh.. Ji!" Replied Zoya

Asad helped Zoya take of her necklace first. It was indeed heavy. Zoya was'nt understanding whether it was really so hot or it was just her nervousness. Asad then went to her earings. Zoya just closed her eyes enjoying the constant touch of Asad. 

"Ho gaya" said Asad in a husky voice in Zoya's ears.

Asad turned to leave but Zoya's waistband got stuck in Asad's sherwani. They looked at each other. Asad then saw a simple waistband on Zoya's bare waist. Asad was enjoying the effect he was right now having on Zoya. He went near her purposely touching her bare waist. It took Zoya time to understand what was actually happening. Zoya felt Asad's hand stuck a place on her waist. She was just too shy look up but she did.

"Ouuchh" Zoya uttered.

"Aapka waistband" said Asad as he handed over her waistband to her her and winked.

Zoya was red with embarresment. Asad left leaving Zoya all shy shy!

On the other hand Karan went to Najma before the farooki and Khan family could see off them.

"Ye chain meri dadijaan ne muje tab diya tha jab mai 16 saal ka tha keh ke ki yeh mai apni zindagi ki sabse khass ladki ko doon jo meri maa aur behan na ho ofcouse! Here it goes" saod Karan as he slid a simple gold chain on Najma's neck with a diamond in the middle.

"Agar tumhe tumhari dadi ki amanat de di ho toh chale?" Teased Karan's mom.

"Ji!" Said Karan with a flushed face.

Najma just stood there smiling at her destiny. She had got a lot more than she actually wished for. The Khan & Farooki family smiled and then moved towards home.

Asad & Zoya werent allowed to meet before until their marraige which was fixed to be 1 week later. Asad had left for India the next day due to work issues while Dilshad & Najma accompanied him. The Farooki & Qureshi family were to join 3 days later.

The four lovers were away from each other but the cutest thing about them was that they had fallen so hard for their respective parters that they kept thier partner's photo near thier heart while sleeping.


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