Sunday, 30 March 2014

AsYa FF: Time To Go Back (Chapter 34)

A WEEK LATER ( The Day Of Asad-Zoya's Nikah)

"KYAA??? Ab tak kazi saab nai aaye? Arre toh aap khade kya hai? Jaake ke dekhiye kahin traffic mein phass na gaye ho! Nikah hai Aaj meri princess ka ek gadbad bhi nai honi chahiye!" Shouted Karan at a random person who had come the wedding preparations.

"Chill maro! Nikah tumhara nai mera hai!" Said Zoya putting her elbow on Karan's shoulder.

"Tu yahaan kya kar rai hai meri maa? Tera nikah hai! Go get ready!" Ordered Karan.

"Haa haa jaa rai hoon hyper kyun ho rha hai?" Said Zoya.

"Okaayy cool! Jaa ab!" Said Karan pushing Zoya into her room.

"I love you my prince!" Said Zoya.

"I love you too princess!" Replied Karan smiling.

Kiara & Najma joined and took Zoya away to get ready.

"Muje bharosa ho nai hota ki aaj vo din hai jiska muje itni besabri se intezaar tha! Nazar na lage mere baacho ko kisi ki!" Said Dilshad as she entered Asad's room.

"Kisiki nazar nai lagegi jab tak hum sab saath hai ammi!" Replied Asad as he hugged his mother.

A lone tear fell off Dilshad's eyes. She quickly wiped it and kissed his son's forehead and left looking after other preparations.

Karan was looking after the decorations while Najma just collided with him. Karan caught her. 

"Dyaan se" said Karan.

"Tumari halat dekho! 2 ghante mein nikah hai aur tum aise? Tumhari princess ka nikah hai remember?" Said Najma to Karan.

"Yaa right! Mai abhi ready hoke aata hoon!" Said Karan.

"Haa jao" replied Najma.

"Waise Najma bahut bhook lagi hai!" Said Karan finally.

"Kab nai lagti tumhe? Tum ready ho mai kuch bhejwati hoon!" Said Najma.

"Cool! I love youu!!" Beamed Karan.

"Yeaa mee too" replied Najma smiling.

After an hour or so the kazi had settled himself and started with the beore marraige rasams with Asad & Zoya.

After completing those finally the time had come.

"Kya aapko Asad Ahmed Khan se nikah qubool hai?" Asked the Kazi.

"Qubool hai! Qubool hai! Qubool hai!" Replied Zoya.

"Kya aapko Zoya Farooki se nikah qubool hai?" Asked the Kazi.

""Qubool hai! Qubool hai! Qubool hai!" Replied Asad.

"Ab aapka nikah mukammal hua! Aaj se Zoya aapki begam aur Asad aapke shauhar hai" said the Kazi to Asad & Zoya.

A lone tear went down Karan's eyes. Rida kept her hand on Karan's shoulder signalling its alright.

Asad & Zoya beamed with happiness. This was all they wanted as of now. They wanted to be with each other till the eternity and here it was true now.

The nikah had got over by 6 in the evening. The walima was scheduled to be at 7:30.

Asad & Zoya were taken to different rooms to get ready and finally the walima took place happily. 

Asad & Zoya kept on blushing as their married life was disscussed in the hall at every moment. 

Lights went off and suddenly the spotlights were on Asad, Zoya, Karan & Najma. 

"Sach kehte hai Shah Rukh Khan, Pyaar dosti hai! Love is friendship!" Said Zoya.

"Agar mai uska sabse aacha dost nai bann sakta toh pyaar nai kar sakta" said Asad sidehugging Zoya.

In the background were the pictures of Karan & Najma in Khan villa.

"Yehh toh meri favraite movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ki lines hai, i know i know! Par aisi hi filmy hai hamare Karan aur Najma ki love story." Said Zoya proudly.

Najma & Karan were shocked. Asad & Zoya were doing the same thing for them which they did for both.

Najma had tears in her eyes while Karan grinned widely.

"So here we announce tge engagement of Karan & Najma" said Dilshad & Karan's parents in unison.

And then there were claps claps and claps.

Karan & Najma went on the stage feeling a little awkward ofcouse but then forgetting everything they exchanged rings with a smile pasted on their faces.

A tear fell down Asad's eyes.

"Ohh no Mr. Khan!" Wined Zoya.

"Oh yess Mrs Khan!" Said Asad as he grinned against her.

After the photoshoot of the couples. Asad & Zoya headed towards Asad's  no their room together dreaming the brightest future together.


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