Saturday, 22 February 2014

AsYa FF: Time To Go Back (Chapter 31)


Rida & Karan entered screaming on the top of their voices for everyone to leave. Everyone was ready so Karan told them to settle in the car. There entered Asad & Zoya. They were looking really good. BUT they cannot be looking so simple in their own occassion right?

"Yeh kya aap dono itne simple kyun tyaar hue hai? Mera sangeet hai remember." Rida said glaring at both.

"Sangeet aapka hai hamara nai" replied Asad & Zoya both at the same time.

"Zoee tum ab mujse pyaar hi nai karti" said Rida dramatically.

"And...And..And you dont consider me a friend" said Karan dramatically to Asad.

"Aisa nai hai" denied Asad. 

"Meri behan ka sangeet hai" said Karan.

"Mera sangeet hai" said Rida.

"Waise tumhari engagemet ke pehle sangeet? Aisa kyun?" Asked a confused Asad.

"Vo...vo...aisehi! Muje aise nikah karna tha issliye!" Replied Rida instantly.

"Ajeeb hai" said Asad.

"Tum mere saath chalo" said Rida to Zoya.

"Aap mere saath chalo" said Karan to Asad.

Karan & Rida gave absolute makeovers to Asad & Zoya repectively.


Zoya: Seriously Rida! Tumhara sangeet hai!

Rida: Chup!


Asad: Kar kya rahe ho? Mai dulhan nai hoon!

Karan: Yaa yaa! Voh toh aap chahe toh bhi nai bann sakte!

Asad: Ji?

Karan: Let me concentrate!

Finally Asad & Zoya were ready. Four of them left for the hall. 

Rida introduced her fiance to Asad & Zoya.

"Aap dono thoda vo stairs ki taraf jaa sakte hai?" Asked Rida as if asking for space.

Asad & Zoya went towards the staircase. It was quite a awkward function for them because all the eyes were on them and they had no idea why.

As they reached the staircase rose petals fell on them from above. 

Asad & Zoya were surprised was an understatement. A huge card as wide as both of them together also fell on their head. They grabbed it and it read


The card had pictures of Asad & Zoya from their first fight till their today morning's sleeping position. They had no words to express.

"Dilshad aunty ne thode din pehle kaha tha ki tum pichle saal iss din Asad se mili thi" cleared Karan.

"Thank you so muchh!!" Said Zoya with tears in her eyes.

"This is very precious!" Said Asad equally emotional.

"Thats not it guys!" Chirped Kiara.

"Yeaa right! The gift for you both is in the pockets on your sides" said Najma.

Asad & Zoya checked out the pockets of the card on thier sides to find diamond rings.

Suddenly the lights went off and the spotlight was on Karan & Najma.

"And here we announce the engagement ceremony of Zoya Farooki" started Karan.

"with Asad Ahmed Khan" completed Najma.

There was another spotlight which went to Asad & Zoya.

"My dear friends i am so glad that my best friend has chosen a person who really loves and respects her" said Karan

"I cant explain the feeling of completeness i feel today. The girl i felt was a sister to me is gonna be my sister in law! What can be better?" Said Najma.

"Which can be a better day than their first meeting day for them being engaged?" Said Karan.

"None! This must prove to be their most special moment now" said Najma.

Zoya was on the verge of crying but Asad sidehugged her with a smile of content. 

"You may now exchage the rings" said Dilshad & Zeenat in unison.

Asad & Zoya happily exchaged rings. Their happiness had no bounds. After the ring ceremony they got busy with people congtatulating them.

Finding the right moment Karan pulled Najma into a green room beside the hall when Najma had come to drink water.

"Karan? Kar kya rahe ho?" Shouted Najma scared.

"I wanna admit something" said Karan dead serious.

Seeing the admant seriousness in a fun loving Karan freezed her nerves somewhere.

"What does he wanna say? The thing i want to hear?" Thought Najma to herself.

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