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AsYa FF: Time to go back (Chapter 11)


Zoya's POV

I ran to my room. I had no option too! After such a blunder in front of the whole family what could probably one could do.? It was embarrasing HELL LOT EMBARRASING when u confess your love to someone and that person stares back to you as if he is some statue of liberty!

Everyone was present! Phuphi, Tamatar , Karan, and most importantly Mr. Khan!

The person in front of whom i did not want to fall week. What could i do feelings are feelings! And every particular thing has a limit! 

I knew Mr. Khan had feelings for me but yet wont speak and that was the most hurtful thing to me!
Does he think i m not capable of him?
Am i that bad?

Why does this always happen to me? Everyone i love leaves me! Ammi abu and now Mr. Khan!

I guess i dont deserve love! I should be doing my packing. I have my flight tommorrow and here i m wasting my time on my akdu ahmed khan!
Nah! He was never mine! It was just a good time that has passed away!


Asad's POV

I was left speechless!I did not know what to do? I knew i loved her but my mind told me she could never fit in!

Here i was waiting for a full on tehzeeb wali and sharmili type of a girl and here a girl had the guts to hold my collar and confess her love to me!

As if my life had no complications one more complication got added that i loved the girl who actually didnt fit into my life!

After all she is the musibat life with her would be interesting!

This thought made me smile instantly!

She had a hell lot of effect on me!

Karan and Najma had mixed reactions they were happy but worried that what would be Asad's next step?

Here Dilshad was kind of shocked plus happy! 
She just hope her akdu lil son will make up for his mistakes to Zoya!

Dilshad: Muje yakeen nai hota mere bete ko itni aachi bacchi mili hai! Aur vo hai ki apni sone jaise kismat ko nakkar raha hai!

Karan: Filhaal kuch khush hone jaise hua nai hai aunty! Iss movie ka climax aapke emotionally challenged bete pe depend karta hai! And i guess thats not a good news!

Najma: Sahi keh raha hai Karan ammi! Ab sab bhaijaan ke haath mein hai aur hum sab jaante hai ki aapni feelings batane mein vo kitne lajawab hai! Unka baas chalein toh 2 second hamare plan ko ulta karke rakh de!

Dilshad: Tum dono ka plan? 

Najma: Ji ammi! Hum dono toh sirf do pyaar karne walo ko milana chahte the! 

Karan: Ji aunty! Jo bhi drama hua usske directors hum hi the! Hum kabka kuch kuch try kar rahe the par dono se response hi nai aaa tha aur hamara plan hamesha flop ho jaata tha! Agar humein mere aur Zoya ke new york jaane se pehle inn dono ko pyaar ka ehsaas dilaana tha toh yehi ek tarika hume suja! Humein maaf kar dijiye aunty! Mera koi haq nai banta par mai apni best friend ka dil tutta nai dekh sakta!

Dilshad had tears in her eyes. These two kids loved her son and daughter so much!

Dilshad: Achha hi kiya tum dono ne. Jo aaj tak koi na karsaka vo tumne 2 din mein kar dikhaya! Ab agar inka pyaar saccha hai toh sab thik ho hi jayega!
Mai Asad se baat karti hoon!

Karan and Najma: Ji!

Dilshad: Asad!?

Asad: Ummm... Vo... Ji ammi?

Dilsad: Beta jo faisla lena ho lo! Tumhari zindagi hai tumhari marzi chalegi! Par ek baat yaad rakho saccha pyaar sirf ek baar milta hai baar baar nai! Vo faisla lena jo tumhare dil ka ho na ki dimag ka!
Ek baat batao! Tum office mein koi important faisla dil se lete ho yaa dimag se?

Asad: Dimag se!

Dilshad: Sahi kaha kyunki kuch faisle dimag aache se leta hai toh kuch dil! kaam ki cheezo ka faisla hamesha dimag se karna chahiye aur rishto ka faisla dil se lena chahiye!Issi tarah tum Zoya se pyaar karte ho yaa nai ye tumhe tumhara dil batayega dimag nai! Jo faisla lena ho dil se lena! Baas itna hi kehna tha! 

Dilshad starts leaving.

Asad: Kya inn mamlo mein dil hamesha sahi hota hai?

Dilshad: sahi ho na ho Asad! Khushion ka rasta hota hai ! Jinki tumhe saak jarurat hai!

Asad: Shukriya ammi!

Asad hugs his ammi and decides to listen to his heart this time.

Asad leaves for Zoya's room.


Zoya is packing her stuffs making sure she has nothing left behind.

Knock knock!

Zoya: Come in!

Asad: Zoya!

Zoya drops everthing her hand and gets embarresed!

Zoya: Aap? Yahaan? Kyun? I mean aap yahaan kyun aaye hai?
Aur kitna dard pochana baki hai ?

Asad: Aisa mat kahi please!

Zoya: *smiles sadly*
Kya haalat kardi aapne meri Mr. Khan sab check kar liya kuch nai bhooli pack karne ko phir bhi sab kuch bhool gayi hoon!
Dil jo yahaan chod jaa rai hoon! Mere saath aana usse manjoor jo nai!

Asad: Toh mat jaiye na!

Zoya: Mazak lagta hai na aapko ye sab roz ki ticket! Meri packing! Mera aana mera jaana! Mere appi jiju ka mera wait karna! 
No no!
Aapko toh mai hi mazak lagti hoon nah? 
Aapki zindagi mein meri koi ehmiyat hi nai hai!

Asad: Aisa nai hai Zoya. Aap khud nai janti aap mere liye kya ehmiyat rakhti hai! Shayad mai bhi nai! Aur haan aap khali haath nai ja rai Zoya aapna dil chod ke mera le jaa rai hai!

Zoya looked back. Shock evident in her eyes! Did just her Mr. Khan tell her that he loved her? Did he? Really?
No i m dreaming, She thought
Shit! Like seriously!
He loves me?
Yes he does he told you indirectly dummbaas!
Mr. Khan ka kya hai abhi kaha abhi bhool jayenge!
Puch lena aacha hai , she thought!

Zoya: Kya kehna chahte hai aap Mr. Khan?

Kyun? Aap nai janti?

Zoya: Aapko jaana bahut mushkil hai Mr. Khan! Bataiye na?please!

Asad: Itni utavali kyun ho rai hai aap?

Zoya: *teary*
please Mr. Khan! Kahiye na kya matlab tha aapka ye mere liye mere jeene aur marne ka sawaal hai please!

Asad: Ki mai bhi aapse pyaar karta hoon! 

Zoya smiled out of her tears and just ran so fast and hugged him tight!

For a second Asad was shocked but now he knew he has to get used to it.

He hugged her back getting lost in tha moment!

The best moment of their life!

Luv Ani <3 

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