Tuesday, 19 November 2013

AsYa FF: Time to go back (Chapter 25)


Asad & Zoya freshen up. Asad was sitting on the couch. Zoya joined him with a duvet as it was cold. 

They settled in the duvet together. Asad flinched but Zoya didnt move. She kept the duvet on thier lap and kept her head on his shoulder. 

Immediately Asad responded and kept his head on Zoya's!
There was silence all over.


Najma had settled in her given room. Karan came with some hot milk to her room.

Karan: Ye lo garam garam dudh!

Najma: Dudh?

Karan: Haan vo ek baar Zoee ne kaha thi hi tumhe sote waqt dudh peena aachha lagta hai toh socha aaj hum bhi try kar lete hai!

Najma: How sweet!!

Karan: Waise agar yahaan tumhare alawa koi aur ladki hoti toh mere haath wine ka glass hota!

Najma: Ooo!! Toh tumne aaj tak kitni ladkiyon ko date kiya hai?

Karan: Common ye galat sawaal hai!

Najma: Bataoo na!

Karan: sacchhi muje yaad nai hai! Bahut saari!

Najma: Aur..??

Karan: Ooo.. So tum vo wali bat kar rai ho! Haa Kiss bhhi bahut ko kiya hai par aacha baachha hoon mai kabhi kisi ladki ka fayda nai uthaya! Chance bahut mile but i m waiting for the right one!

Najma: Love?

Karan: Haa..! I want to be as lucky as your hone wali bhabhi you see!

Najma: I see!!

Karan: Aur tum?

Najma: Aisa koi mila hi nai! Muje bhi intezaar hai mere sapno ke rajkumaar ka!

Karan: Boyfriends?

Najma: Nai kabhi kisi pe itna pyaar aaya hi nai ki usse apna boyfriend bata saku!

Karan: Thats good! Aachhi baachhi!!

Najma: Vo toh mai hoon hi!

Karan: Ab aache bacchee ki tarah so jaoo! Kal muje jaldi office jaana hai! Tumhe subah ghar chodke! Shit pehle thodi files bhi organize karni hai!

Najma: Yes boss!!

With that Najma cutely kept the duvet above her head.

Najma: Mai so gai ab tum jao!

Karan smiled at her cuteness. 

Karan: Good night partner!

Najma: Good night!

Karan left her room and went for the arrangements of files for the next day.


Zoya: I cant just believe this! Aap mai ek saath akele after so much of time!

Asad: Hmm!! Aaj aisa lag rha hai aapke bina itne din maine kaate hi kaise?

Zoya: Aapko pata hai meri ek friend hai uske saath mai parso church gai thi! Usne mujse kaha tha ki mai wahaan jo wish mangungi muje milega! Yakin nai hota par meri wish puri ho gai!

Asad: Aur muje parso hi yahaan urgent kaam aa gaya! 

Zoya: Hum na saturday ko vahaan jaake hamare nikah ke liye dua mangenge!

Asad: Jaisa aap chahe!

Zoya: Ab na mujse intezaar nai hota! I am so bored with my surname i need a new one! Soon! Like real soon!

Asad: Achha? Kaisa surname?

Zoya: Ummm... Khan! Salman khan?

Asad: Mrs Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan! Aapka naam sirf mere naam ke saath aacha lagta hai!

Zoya: *catching his hand tightly*
So toh hai! 
Mrs Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan!
Sounds so perfect!

Asad & Zoya: Absolutely!

Asad & Zoya smile and look at each other. Being already close enough their faces are only inches apart. They get lost in the moment.

Asad nears her face. Zoya closes her eyes knowing whats happening next! Asad finally touches her lips with his. It was gentle & soothing as if making sure they were again together to never fall apart.

Zoya responded with equal passion and both of them were not ready to let go. Finally after good five minutes there was a need of oxygen so they broke apart.

Reality hit Asad! Being the conservative person he was he felt this all was not good before marraige.

Asad: I am sorry Zoya! Muje aise...

Zoya: I love you Mr. Khan! I regret nothing! 

She pecked him on his cute nose and settled into the duvet again.

Asad: I love you too Zoya! You are the best thing ever happened to me!

Zoya: I know! Nothing can be better!

They chatted for a long time and in the process Zoya slept as she was tired from the tight schedule she had on the day.

Asad's cell beeped! He checked his cell to find message from Karan which read "Najma is sleeping peacefully. Dont worry about her and have a good night! See you in the morning". 

He smiled at the message and replied with " i trust you thats why she is there otherwise by hook or crook i would have reached there".

Karan replied with "thanks a lot;)". Asad replied with "thanks to you too for getting us together. Well now dnt reply because your princess in sitting on the couch with me actually sleeping so she would get up".

Asad picked Zoya up and took her upstairs to her room. He made her lay on her bed and was about to leave when he found her hand tightly gripped with his as If never to let go. He tried to come out of her embrance but it didnt work rather he didnt try much otherwise Zoya would be disturbed. He tried last time but heard her murmuring in her sleep " finally i get my Akdu ahmed khan back". He smiled at her innocence. He shifted her a little and slept beside her keeping a safe distance from her being a conservative person he was. But this time he liked it! He loved being beside Zoya! Gosh! He had fallen too deep down for Zoya!

Asad: I love you Zoya!

After staring at her for a good time he also drifted off to sleep.


Karan was staring at Najma all the while having conversation with Asad. He smiled at Asad's reply. His princess was in good hands.

He went to Najma and made wear the duvet fully as it was cold. He stared at how innocent she was. He had met so many girls flirted with them but he knew his partner was different! 

Najma cutely took the duvet till her neck and settled her position in the sleep. Karan knew he had started getting feelings for her but stopped!

Karan: Karan teri best friend ke fiance ki behan hai jiske bhai ne thodi der pehle hi kaha ki usse tujpe bharosa hai! Najma is too innocent to react to my feelings right now! Muje apni feelings mein nai beh jaana chahiye!

Karan swiched off the lights and kept a dim light in Najma's room.

Karan: Aisi hi rehna hamesha! Sabse alag! Sabse pyaar karne wali!

Karan went to his room and fell asleep with his new found feelings!


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