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AsYa OS: Its Our Day Mr Khan!

Finally everything was fine. A week back after a day of Ayaan's accident Asad & Humeira could not take it more! Asad came over to Ayaan's house to take Zoya while hearing the same Humeira also explained the situation to the family. Four of them were determined thus none could oppose them.

Ayaan & Humeira got married the very next day due to Razia's pleads whereas Asad & Zoya were yet to get married as they were yet again waiting for the auspicious date. Their wedding day was fixed.

Zoya's best friend Karan had comeover to India for work issues since 2 days. Asad used to work a lot at office so he could keep some days free for his honeymoon. 

Karan owns a event organization company. He is here to organize Bhopal's biggest event. The event is sponsered my Rashid & Asad equally.

Rashid knew Asad was the second sponsor but Asad had no idea. The event was for a cause. The cause was to give equal rights to the girl child. Zoya was very happy with it. She had helped out too. 

The event has taken place in a auditorium where plays were taking place one by one. Both the Khan familes were in the VVIP section besides each other. They had no choice.

Asad, Zoya & Dilshad entered to see the other family already sitting there.

Asad & Zoya politely went to Ayaan & Humeira and wished them a very happy married life.

Everyone got seated when Karan came. 

Karan: Thank you so much for supporting such a good cause you two! Mr Rashid Ahmed Khan & Mr Asad Ahmed  Khan!

Rashid: Humein khushi hui hum kch kar sake!

Asad: The pleasure is all mine!

Later Haseena bi and family entered. As soon as Najma came to know about the two families together and AsYa's awkwardness she went to Karan. She told something in his ears to which Karan smiled and nodded. Najma soon settled near her bhaijaan!

Asad: Kahaan thi?

Najma: Baas yahi! 

All different types of plays were on which were supporting the girl child in India.

Finally everything got over at about 11 PM.

As soon as it all got over the audience moved out and only the staff and sponsors were left.

The staff started serving Zoya's favraite dishes all over.

Razia: Hum chalte hai ab!

Ria: Aap hamare sponsors hai humne kch bahut pyaar se organize kiya hai aap rahenge aacha lagega! Haina Karan?

Karan: Ji! Auntyji!

Ria: Heyy Zoee!! Sorry was really busy with the event!

Zoya: Its cool! I just loved the whole play thing!

Ria: Esspecially for India its really needed!

Meanwhile till Ria kept Zoya busy Karan went to the stage.
It was 12am now.

Karan: So bhaiyo aur unki pyaari behno! Aap soch rahe honge ki ye humne time extend kyun kiya hai! Toh mai aapko bata doon 2 din pehle mai apni best friend se 1 saal baad mila aur aaj muje pata chala ki aaj do  love birds ko mile bhi ek saal hua hai so its time to celebrate! So aaj sab meri bestie ki pasand ka hai! Sorry Asad had no idea what you liked! 

Zoya & Asad hugged each other and others claped for them!

Karan: So may i call on stage Miss. Zoya Farooki & Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan! A huge round of applause for both the love birds!!

Asad & Zoya went on the stage. Karan called out for the cake.

The cake was given the shape of a pizza slice and its was Zoya's  chocolate flavour which she loved!

Zoya: Thanks yaar!! 

Karan: Anytime dude!

Asad: Waise aapko ye sab bataya kisne?

Karan: Aapki pyaari behna ne!

Zoya: I so lovee Tamatar!

Asad: Mee too!!

They cut the cake and make each other eat it.

Zoya: Ab aapko hamari yeh anniversary har saal yaad rakhni padegi!

Asad: Muje toh hamesha yaad rahegi muje toh aap pe doubt hai!

Zoya: Hawww!!  Aap ...

Ayaan: O god!! Laado mat!!! Welll happiieee ...aagghh!! whatever it is!

Zoya: Hahahah!! Thanks yaar!!

A waiter came to serve drinks and Zoya by mistake drank alcohol.

Zoya: Karan kya drink tha yaar? Mazaa aa gaya par thoda alag tha!!

Karan: Kya piya tune?

Asad took her glass and smelled it and sighed!

Asad: Sharab pi li tumne!

Zoya: Nai nai Mr. khan!!

Asad: Ummm... Koi baat nai ghar chalte hai!!

Zoya: NAIII!!!

Zoya started running everywhere and starting singing.

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main

Asad sighed 

Arre Na Re Na Re Na 

Zoya again turned

Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main 

Asad running after had no choice but to continue with her but the strange thing was he was liking it!

Arre Na Re Na Re Na 

Zoya came forward to Asad.

Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main 

Asad controlled and went behind lookind at the people staring at them.

Arre Na Re Na Baba Na 

Zoya ran all over the auditorium

Main Chali 
Banke Hawa 

 with Asad madly running behing her!

Rabba Mere 
Mainu Bacha 

Zoya stood on the chairs and danced.

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main

While Asad was trying to get her dwn!

Arre Na Re Na Re Na 

Zoya yet again jumped on Asad

Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main 

While Asad just stared back!

Arre Na Re Na Re Na 

Zoya again came a bit more nearer

Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main 

Asad once again went back being shy

Arre Na Re Na Baba Na 

Zoya smiled and ran away again 

Main Chali 
Banke Hawa 

While Asad tried to make her stay back!

Rabba Mere 
Mainu Bacha 

Zoya went near the VVIP section and started dancing dreamyly!

Mausam Bhi Be-imaan 
Masti Ka Ye Saman 
Roko O Logon Zameen Pe 
Girne Laga Aasmaan 
Thumak Thumak Ke Jhuloongi 
Main Udke Gagan Ko Chhuloongi 
Main Chali 
Banke Hawa 

Zoya was verge of falling but saved by Asad

Rabba Mere 
Mainu Bacha 

Zoya again teased.

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main

Asad pleaded

Arre Na Re Na Re Na

Zoya sat on the ground like a little girl 

Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main 

Asad sat with her and pleaded

Arre Na Re Na Re Na 

Zoya again came forward

Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main 

Asad picked her up and tried to take her home.

Arre Na Re Na Baba Na 

But Zoya managed to run off near Karan and started singing in a  seducing voice to Asad.

Dhandi Dhandi Pavan 
Jalta Hai Ye Badan 
Jee chahta Hai Bana Loon 
Tujhko Apna Sajan 

Zoya stamped her feet and went to Dilshad and complained

Hua Nahin Ye Pehle Kabhi 
Meri Jaan Badal Gayi Abhi Abhi 
Main Chali 
Banke Hawa 

While Karan ran away from the scene singing

Raaba mere
Mainu bachhaa

Asad had finally lost it while Zoya was regaining her senses.

Jaati Hai Tu Kahan 
Jaaneman Jaanejaan 
Ladki Hai Tu Khoobsurat 
Ladka Main Naujawaan 
Tujhe Gale Laga Loon Aa 
Palkhon Mein Bitha Loon Aa 
Ho Gaya 
Mujhe Nasha 

Zoya understanding the statement started running all over again.

Rabba Mere 
Mainu Bacha 

Asad teased

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main

Zoya pleaded

Arre Na Re Na Re Na 

Asad teased

Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main 

Zoya pleaded

Arre Na Re Na Re Na 

Asad cane forward this time

Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main 

Zoya backed off

Arre Na Re Na Baba Na 

Asad starting running behind Zoya.

Ho Gaya 
Mujhe Nasha 

Asad finally caught Zoya and she sang..

Rabba Mere 
Mainu Bachaaa
Both of them finally lost balance and fell down over each other!! 

They rolled around and started laughing.

"Pyaar kisiko kitna badal sakta haina?" Said Ayaan

"Saccha pyaar aisa hi hota hai Ayaan" said Rashid eyeing Dilshad.

While Dilshad and Najma were busy staring at the adorable couple laughing forgeting the world around them.

"Muje garv hai mere bete mein apne pyaar ko vapaas paane ki himmat hai" said Dilshad

"Socha nai tha aisa bhi ho sakta hai" said Najma

"Shayad pyaar hota hi aisa hai" said Humeira as she passed by!

Zoya fell into Asad's arms as a little bit of alcohol had already done much to her!

"I looovveee youuu Mr. Khan" said Zoya as she finally lost her consciousness!

"I love you too Zoya" said Asad as he played with her hair.
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Asad taking Zoya awayEmbarrassed

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