Wednesday, 20 November 2013

TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 1)

PS: the story starts from where taani left.

Rey's POV

She left me.
I wont see her again!
Why does this happen to me? 
Why always my love of life leaves me?
Whats wrong?
Why me? He cried

Taani's POV

I had to do this this Rey!
I had no other option!
For u , me & us this is the best thing!
Its my fault, my weekness which has broken my heart plus the heart of the person i love.
Can any situation be worst than this?
But i have to gear up!
Behave normal!
After all it was my decision,
The desision i had taken so i dont break!
And now, 
I am breaking?
Why wont i?
I love him!
I still do!
I will always!
But this is not right for me.
He has his career and i have mine too.
We have to become something in life and for that this desision was perfect!
I would miss him!
But I wont cry anymore!
Why should I?
My desision is correct.
And will always be!

Rey's POV

I cant be like this anymore!
Yes I miss her!
But what about Swayam?
He has to part away from his sister because of me.
I cant be like this in front of him.
After all he is a brother and loves Taani maybe more than i do!
I have to get the courage to face the truth now!
After all its my fault!
What was the need of trying to change Taani?
Didnt I love her the way she was?
If i hadnt done anything of that sort maybe we would be happy together today also!
But who can change the fate?
Not me atleast!
Otherwise i would have been able to stop her from leaving me alone!
All alone again!


Seema: Kaisi hai meri pyaari si bacchi?
Accha hua tu aa gai!
Tere bina sab bahut suna suna lag rha tha!
Ab ghar ki raunak vapaas aa jayegi!

Taani: Kakima! Mast hoon mai! Muje pata chala ki aap muje itna miss kar rai thi toh mai aa gai!
Apni kakima ki dil ki pukar kaise thukra sakti hoon?

They hug each other!

Rishi: Usse andar toh aane do!

Seema: Aaja beta!
Tera kamra ab tak waise hi hai jaise tuje pasand hai!

Taani: Thank you so much kakima!

Seema: Sun pehle Dadi se mil le! 
Tab tak mai kuch khane ka dekhti hoon!
Bhook lagi hogi ?

Taani: Haan lagi toh hai!
Mai milke aati hoon!
Choti kaki aur kaka kahaan hai?

Rishi: Vo sab bahar gaye hai kal aayenge!
Tum thik ho na?

Taani: Haan chachu!

Rishi: Swayam aur baki sab?

Taani: Bhai aur baki sab bhi theek hai!

Rishi: Thik hai! Aaram karo!

Taani: Ji!

Taani goes and meets her dadi! 

Taani: DADDII!! Kaise ho?

Aarti: Acchi hoon beta! Aap kaise ho?

Taani: Bahut aachi hoon aapse milne ke baad!

Aarti: Tum teeno ki bahut yaad aati hai aacha hua tu aa gai!

Taani: Muje bhi aapki bahut yaad aati thi!

Aarti: Tu hoti hai toh lagta hai ki mere bacche aaj bhi mere saath hai!

Taani: *hesitates*
Mai zara fresh hoke aati hoon!

Taani gets fresh in her room she wears a simple kurti with jeans as she knows her dadi is little conservative.

She occupies herself with some or the other thing and talks a lot to her kakima to whom she is really close!


D3 team: Whats up Rey?
You fine?

Rey: Yup guys! 
Back to life!
We can start with the rehersals.

Sharon: Rey tum sach mein thik ho? Kyunki ab tak toh Swayam bhi move on nai kar paaya!

Rey: Aage toh badhna hi hai na Sharon? Aaj ya kal!
Toh aaj kyun nai?
Waise bhi maine Taani se promise kiya tha ki mai hameaha smile karunga!

Sharon hugs Rey! 

Rey: Thanks! I needed it!

Sharon: I know!

Swayam is all tensed!
Everyone goes to him and asks whats wrong?

Swayam: Guys Taani ne reached ka call bhi nai kiya! She is not even picking up!
Ghar pe pata nai kyun call lag nai rha!

Nil: Chill bro! Aa jayega call!

Swayam receives a call.
He looks at the screen and its Taani's!

Sharon: Loudspeaker pe rakho!

Swayam: Haan!

He picks up.

Swayam: Kahaan ho? You reached? Batana zaroori nai? Pata hai kitna pareshan tha mai? Taani kch bolo toh?

Taani: Soory bhai! Aake sabse milte milte late ho gaya! Abhi fresh hone aayi tabhi sabse pehle aapko call kiya!
Bhai aapki bahut yaad aa rai hai!
Even kakima misses you so much.
Aapko nai lagta aapko yahaan aate rehna chahiye?

Swayam: Sahi keh rai ho Taani par leave nai milti na tum jaanti ho!
Waise bhi 2 mahine ki hi toh baat hai! 

Taani: Thik hai bhai! Aapko aana chahiye itne time baad sabse milke apne ghar apne kamre mein aake kitna aacha lagta hai aapko andaza tak nai hai!
Saare purane din aakhon ke saamne se jaa rahe hai aaj bhai!

Swayam: Mai tumse milne jald aaunga!

Taani: Mai intezaar karungi!
Aur haan puri team ko kehna ki i miss them! 


Taani: Awww!!!

Seema: Taani!!

Taani: Aayi!!
Chalo muje jaana hoga bula rahe hai! 
Bye guys bye bhai!

D3: Byee!!

And Taani continues with meeting people who have come to the house to meet her.


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