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TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 15) Last Chapter


1 Year Later

Things had'nt changed much but they wer'nt kids anymore. They were graduates. The gang had done immense hardwork to start up a Dance academy. They succeded at that. St.louis advertised thier students and advised to take training from D3 academy for taking parts in competitions.

Taani was doing her MBA. She had passed her entrance exam (CAT). Arjun and Arohi's wedding anniversary had just gone a day back. The gang had visited them giving them a surprise. Arjun & Arohi were real love birds. Nothing had changed. Rahul was also doing well in his career. 

Life was at peace. Swayam, Taani, Rey & Sharon's family were aware of thier childrens love interests. They had decided to get them engaged.

Finally it was decided that the engagement of both the couples would be arranged together.

The couple were not allowed to meet.

It was finally the day. The venue was in mumbai highly decorated in a classy way.

Rey and Swayam stood down waiting for thier partners. Taani and Sharon walked down the stairs in a typical bridal way. They shyly smiled as all the attention turned towards them.

Both the couple exchanged rings and were finally committed to each other in true sense.

Arjun, Arohi, Rahul & the gang had danced so much on thier sagai.

Everyone was tired and retired to thier respective rooms booked for a day in the hotel where the venue existed.

Later that night Swayam & Rey sneeked into thier fiance's room unknown to the fact that Sharon & Taani shared a room.

As both of them sneeked together, the girls had thier own time laughing.

Swayam excused him and Sharon leaving Rey & Taani behind.

"I love you Rey" Taani said in tears looking at her ring.

"I love you too cutiiee" Rey said smiling at his innocent angel.

"I feel complete Rey! Today I feel content" she saod hugging him.

"Mee too! I waiting for today's moment! Your mine and only mine from now on." Rey said tighting his hold on her.

"I was always yours Rey! Hamesha se. Aur uparse aaj mai double khush hoon ek apne liye aur bhai aur Sharon bhabhi ke liye! Aaj aisa lag raha hai ki everything is falling in place. Sab kuch aisa hi hona tha aur ho gaya. Bahut accha lag raha. I just want this moment to stop." She said smiling.

"Noo.. Muje toh chahiye ki jaldi se hamari shadi ho jaye aur tum hamesha ke liye mere paas aa jao!" He said pouting.

"Aww!!" She said pecking him on his lips lightly.

Rey pulled her closed looking in her eyes.

"Its you who started. Not my fault!" He said as he pulled her into a kiss.

They deepened the kiss and broke off for oxygen and smiled at each other.

"Aur isse aage tum badhne nai deti" he pouted.

"Shadi ke baad!" She laughed and pushed him out of her room.

All this while Swayam and Sharon sat down in the garden bench. His hand in hers smiling at each other. No words exchanged. They were no simple couple they were matured. They were feeling the new phase of thier life.

"I'm loving where life is taking me"  Sharon told Swayam in his ears.

"Mee too!! I just love the feeling of having of beside me every moment." He smiled at her.

"I'm so lucky to have to by my side Swayam. Muje koi idea nai hai tumhare bina mai kya karti!" She said tighting her hold on him.

"I'm going nowhere without you. You are my most priced possession Sharon." He said as he looked into her eyes truthfully.

A tear escaped her eyes. He kissed her tears and then kissed her forehead. They smiled at each other and made thier way towards the room.

On the other side Rey smiled at Taani. She was from a small town but matched everything. He loved everything about her. He stood there smiling at the door before making his way out.

Taani giggled in her bedsheet. She felt like a love struck teenager. Butterflys flying in her stomach making it difficult to release her blush.

Swayam and Sharon met Rey on thier way. 

"Saath mein room mein chalte hai. Pehle Sharon ko chodna hai!" Said Swayam to Rey.

"Okaay" said Rey

They reached girls room. 

Taani opened the room in her cute night suit which made Rey chuckle.

"Good nightt babyy" wished Swayam to Taani sidehugging her.

"Good nightt Bhaii!" Taani wished back.

"Good nightt babyy!!" Rey copied Swayam laughing.

" Aapko bhai bulaungi toh aapko aacha nai lagega" Taani replied sweetly to which all laughed at Rey.

"Nightt Reyy" Sharon laughed.

"Nightt" replied Rey flushed.

Rey & Swayam smiled to their partners to which Taani & Sharon responded with a smiled and left.

Outside the room Swayam and Rey exchaged a bro hug.

While as the door closed,

"Eeeppp" shouted Taani & Sharon together hugging each other.

All of them were excited about the new journey of thier life.

All of them slept that night witha smile of content on thier faces.


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