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AsYa SS: Fangirling Over Mangalpur (Chapter 5) Last part

CHAPTER 5 (Last Chapter)

Two days had already past Asad & Zoya's marraige but Asad had no time for Zoya. Zoya was getting extremely pissed now.


Asad had just entered his room realizing that his room was'nt only his anymore. He smiled shyly and went towards Zoya.

"Finally, you are all mine!" He said in the sweetest tone possible.

Zoya smiled at him shyly and hugged him tightly.

After couple of minutes Asad got a really important call from his office and he had to leave. Zoya understandingly agreed. Asad left unwillingly.


"Understanding ki bhi haad hoti hai! 2 din ho gaye maine unhe thik se dekha tak nai hai. Roz late aate hai aur jaldi bhaag jate hai." Said Zoya frustated.

It was 11 in the night. Zoya was sleeply. She did'nt realize when her eyes were closed and she fell asleep on the sofa in their room. 

Asad returned home by 12:30 and went to his room. He saw a sleeping Zoya on the sofa.

He picked her up in his arms and laid her on thier bed. His ammi and tamatar had made him aware about the fact that Zoya was really pissed with him.

He smiled and played with her hair. He kissed her forehead.

"I'm sorry Zoya! I'didnt mean to ignore you but the deal for really important. I promise I'll make up for it tomorrow." He talked to her while she lay asleep.

He freshen uped and laid down beside Zoya, hugged her and went to sleep.

Next morning when Zoya woke she found Asad's hand on her waist tightly. She smiled at the sight. She also hugged him tight and went off to sleep again forgeting that she was angry with him. 

Asad woke up after a while and untangled him. He successfully sent his mother & sister for a romantic action pack movie.

He went to the hall for the preparations for his dear wife. Zoya woke to not find Asad beside her. She frowned then made her way to freshen up.

"Sunday bhi Mr. Khan bhaag gaye!" Frowned Zoya.

After an hour when Zoya entered the hall, her eyes brimmed with tears. 

There were all the family pictures of them which included her. Once he had told her that she was just a mear guest and this day, she was a part of his family moreover he agreed to it. Her best days had started indeed. 

There near their bedroom was thier Nikah's picture in a large. The house was set in such a way which shouted that is was Zoya's.

Thats what Asad wanted and he indeed succeded.

"Can i have a breakfast date with my wife please?" Asked Asad in a 'aww so sweet' tone.

"sure" she said.

Suddenly the all anger she had for him had dissapeared. Thats what happens in love right? When you see the person you love doing something for you, you just melt. Zoya had already melted.

They had quite breakfast of all sorts of unhealthy stuffs which Zoya happily enjoyed. 

"I'm really lucky to have you Mr. Khan!" She said.

"I know that but can we please change it to Asad?" He asked highly irritated by the formalness.

"Awww! Asad darling! Is that fine enough" She said putting her hands around his neck.

Asad blushed.

"Maybe" he said.

"Its the first time i have let a women come so close to me Zoya. I'm so glad you entered my life." He said starring in her eyes.

"Just because I am from New york doest'nt prove you are'nt my first one! You the first man whom I allowed myself to be close with. Jo mere abbu ne meri ammi ke saath kiya uske baad darr lagta tha. Par jab aap aaye mai kho hi gayi, jab tak muje kuch pata chalta muje aapse pyaar ho chuka tha. You are my first and last Mr. Khan! That will never change. I love you!" She said wiping away her tears.

"I love you too" he replied smiling.

He took her to the tv room and switched it on. 

"Aaj toh Dhoni ka match tha! Mai kaise bhool gai?" She shouted and made herself comfortable on the sofa.

Asad joined her smiling at her cuteness. 

An Hour went on like that. They had cuddled into each other. Whenever there would be a four or six both of them used to jump on the sofa with decency ofcourse due to Asad.

Finally there was half time. Zoya's head was on Asad's shoulder. Asad looked at her, cutely all into him. 

"Am I forgiven?" He asked.

Zoya looked up to him not leaving his shoulders.

"Not yet" she smiled mischievously.

Asad leaned down smiling and captured her lips with his. They kissed for a long time and broke off smiling putting their heads together. 

After a while they kissed again forgetting the world around them. All they knew was they were together like this after a long time and they missed each other.

They kissed each other a couple of times for a good amount of time. 

The match was long forgotten. After about half an hour of kissing each other, they stared at each other. The desires in thier eyes were very evident. Asad slowly went towards her neck and kissed her there. Zoya closed her eyes in contentment. He nibbled there for a long time and finally his hand reached the zip of her kurti and there she realized that they were in the hall almost about to make out. 

They were married but yet that was a inappropriate place. Asad soon understood and pulled himself back.

"Lets make something for Ammi & Tamatar as a surprise." She said awkwardly.

"Yeaa sure" he said and they decided to cook together. Suddenly there was a six and both of them shouted together forgetting the awkwardness. Both burst of laughing. They laughed thier heart out.

"Tonight's gonna be a good night!" He whispered smirking cutting the vegies.

"Surely!" She replied smiling shyly frying the cut vegies.


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