Wednesday, 12 October 2016

ShraMan TS- She Loves Me (Part 2)

"I did what?" Suman asked unsure of her ears.

"You kissed me Sumo" Shravan replied.

"I didn't. Why will I?" She replied confidently.

"You did. I remember." He said straight on her face.

"No! You can't remember! You were high." She said in one go.

"There you said it Sumo. Why?" He asked again.

"Why did you kiss me?" He asked again now sitting on the bed with ease enjoying at her expense.

"I said I didn't " she replied trying to leave.

"You just agreed Sumo." He said rolling his eyes.

"Okay! I kissed my husband. What the heck is your problem." She replied as he stopped her waving his legs from the bed.

"Woah Sumo I'm your husband. Obviously it's my problem." He said getting up standing right in front of her surprised.

"toh mai kya karu? Case karoge apni biwi pe? Kuch illegal nai kiya maine." she replied and started to leave.

He caught her by her wrist bringing her back to him. 

"Why Sumo?" He asked caressing her face lovingly.

She looked in his eyes and saw the sudden softness in them which she had been missing since so long.

"So you remember?" She asked looking at him tears almost about to fall out.

"Yes I do." He said as he leaned in to give a peck to her on her lips.

They looked at each other smiling and Suman hugged him tightly.

"I thought you would never remember. I thought we will never be that close again. I thought..." She said unable to continue.

"We will be close always Sumo. No one can keep us apart not even us." He said as he kissed her forehead.

"I love you Shravan" she said full of emotions.

Shravan knew she loved him but hearing it from her made his heart flutter. He had been waiting for this moment since 10.5 years now. Tears were ready to fall out from his eyes.

"I know" he replied looking into her eyes loving.

Suddenly he saw a change of emotions on her face. Confused, he looked at her. 

"I have been waiting for this since 10 damn years and you say I know? I have been waiting for you since the day you left me. I felt as if I lost everything and you say I know! Brilliant!" She said sounding irritated.

"Really?" He asked so happy that she loved him since forever.

"No." She replied sarcastically.

"I love you Sumo." He said and took her in his arms.

"I love you more Shravan." She smiled.

He leaned in to kiss her but she stopped him surprisingly.

"What?" He asked.

"Chance maar rahe ho?" She asked.

"Apni biwi pe maar raha hoon." He replied and leaned in to be stopped by her again.

"It is so wierd to kiss my Bestfriend." Saying which she folded her hands.

"Husband." He corrected.

"Ya ya I know! But still jab bhi mai tumhare samne aati hoon vo chota sa Shravan meri aakhon ke saamne aa jata hai. Ab bachhe ko kaise kiss karu?" She told him confused.

"Really?" He laughed.

"Vo shayad issliye kyunki tum apne Shravan ko itne dino se miss kar rai thi. Par ab uss Shravan mein aur iss Shravan ke pyaar mein koi farak nai hoga. But Sumo, I'm a grown up man now. Na mai bachha hoon na tum." He said as he pulled her close to him by her waist.

"Mai jaanti hoon." She said looking at him lovingly.

"Lagta toh nai hai Mrs. Malhotra." He said making a face.

"It was you who passed out while making out with your legally wedded wife." She smirked.

"I promise today that won't happen." He replied with a smirk.

He leaned in to kiss her finally when they heard Ramnath call out Shravan for a important case.

Shravan's face fell down. He was in no mood to leave.

"Go Shravan." She said circling her arms around him hugging him.

"I don't want to." He said sadly but then went to the washroom to get ready.

When he came back, he saw his clothes kept neatly for him to wear. His wallet, keys, phone also out so he need not make an effort. He smiled seeing the wifefy side of Sumo.

As soon as he got ready, Suman rushed in with some parathas.

"Come on have fast. Papa is calling." She said.

"Woah Sumo. Aalo ke parathe." He exclaimed.

"Itna time nai hai." She said as she stuffed the paratha in his mouth after rolling it.

"Thanks." He smiled hugging her.

"You're welcome." She smiled.

"Shravan!" She called he when he was about to exit the room.

"Haa bolo." He asked.

"Jaldi aana. I can't wait to be yours." She looked down slightly shy.

Shravan went near her and made her look at him.

"I can't wait to make you mine too. I'll be back soon. I'll pick you up from PCT as soon as I'm done." He said and winked at her.

Finally both of them left for work with genuinely content smiles on their faces after real long.

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