Wednesday, 12 October 2016

SharMan SS: Ye toh Made For Each Other Hai Ji! (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1- Tere Bina Kya Jeena

Suman POV

"Thak chuki hoon mai tumse chup chup ke. Phir bhi kahin na kahin se tum saamne aa jate ho. Mat karo aisa Shravan tumhe jitna dard hota hai muje usse kahi zyaada ye soch kar hota hai ki meri vajah se tum hurt ho rahe ho." Suman thought to herself as she found Shravan staring at her with expectations.
I turned away from him so I don't have to face him. I saw his eyes go down in disappointment again and that hurt me so much.
If only the situations were different, things would have been so much better. We would have been laughing, running, enjoying with each other. 

Shravan POV

"Kyu ignore kar rai ho? Ab aisa kya hogaya hai jo meri taraf theek se dekh tak nai sakti. Hum kabhi normal kyu nai ho sakte baaki logo ki tarah. Hamesha kuch na kuch aisa ho jaata hai jisse hum ek dusre se indifferent ho jaate hai hai. Par abhi toh aisa kuch nai hai toh phir kis galti ki sazza de rai ho? Bata toh do. Please Sumo aisa mat karo!" Thought Shravan to himself as he saw Suman moving away.

Suman had gone to washroom to avoid Shravan but while coming out her kurti tore.

"Oh god! Shayad bhagwaan bhi muje saza de rahe hai Shravan se aise bartaav ki." Muttered Suman under her breath.

Shravan saw Suman fidgeting with her kurti and when he is so closely he realised that she had a malfunction. Shravan went to her and put the dupatta around her.
Suman raised her head and when she saw the care in his eyes, she started feeling disgusted by herself and her actions towards him.

"Thank you!" Suman said in a low voice and just left from there.

Shravan looked on at her as she left wondering what was happening .

It was her sister's sangeet Suman had to look happy. She was happy for her sister but also she was concerned about Shravan.

Shravan through looked very happy sitting beside Pushkar but she only knew how hurt he was.

Preeti was continuously talking to Suman about the wonderful arrangements they had made to which Pushkar also agreed.

"After all Sumo aur bhaiyaa ki jodi toh hai hi best!" Said Pushkar as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

The function was happening really nicely. No one really noticed the tension between the bestfriends but Ramnath did. Obviously because he had created them.

Ramnath was happy as he could see Suman following his instructions but at the same time, he was hell upset seeing his son.
He was in a dilemma.

The light went off suddenly in the house thus Shravan said he would just check out what's wrong.

" Aree yaar yahan toh kuch nai dikh raha" Shravan muttered to himself.

"Pushkar please ek candle leke aana" Shravan shouted.

"Ji bhaiyaa" Pushkar shouted back.

" Aree tu toh dulha hai! Suman de aayegi candle. Haina puttar?" smiled Kamini evilly.

"Ji Aunty" Said Suman.

Suman went up the stairs in the store room where Shravan was and handed him the lighted Candles. Shravan took them put it in such a way ao he could see the fuse box. 

" Sumo please a ek lakdi bhi le aao so shock wock na lage" said Shravan to which Suman nodded and went out.

"Ye ladki muje pagal kar degi! Aise kaise pehli baar mein baat maan li usne? Chodo aaj kal kya karti hai samaj waise bhi nai aata muje." Shravan spoke out loud to himself in frustration.

In the mean while Shravan didn't notice that candles had fallen on the curtains and it would turn into fire soon. As it qas a store room, it was filled up with boxes thus would help the fire to turn wild. 

Here Suman couldn't find the lakdi Shravan mentioned.

As Shravan looked back to see if Sumo was here he realised the candles had fallen and would cause fire. Just before he could do anything the fire broke off and he could do nothing.

He shouted seeing the fire amd thus caught everyone's attention.

"SHRAVAN" shouted Ramnath as he saw his son in fire. 
It was a small room thus the fire took over easily.

The family members were really worried but could do nothing. They called the fire brigade.

Suman ran upstairs hearing the screaming.

Ramnath was held by Lalaji. He wanted to help his son. He could not take this helplessness.

" Papa please aap vahin rehye abhi fire brigade aa jayegi. Please Papa" Shravan shouted.

Suman was frozen. She remembered all the recent moments she had been rude to him without reason. Tears fell of her eyes and she realised the situation.

"SHRAVAN" she shouted amd jumped in the room even she didn't realise how.

"Oh god NOOO SUMOO" Shravan shouted as he realised how stupid she is.

Suman just was on the verge of breaking down due the ignore Shravan mission and then this happened. How could she even control herself.

Suman ran into his arms giving a damn to the family who looked on. They never did care. Everyone knew that they were incomplete without each other but today what they saw was different. Something more than friendship, something like love.


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