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SharMan SS: Ye toh Made For Each Other Hai Ji! (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2- Chupana bhi nahi aata

Suman had held Shravan very tightly as if she never wants to let him go. Shravan was happy he saw his Sumo after so long. 

Shravan then saw that the dupatta he had given her was burning. It had caught fire while she ran to him. He took off the dupatta and kept his hand on her waist where the Kurta was torn. 

Suman just realised what happened and just smiled back to him. To his surprise she didn't mind him and there was no discomfort. 

"Tum theek ho?" Asked Suman in a low voice cupping his face.

"Ye tum muje puch rai ho toh almost aag mein jaal sakti thi. Sumo kyu?" Asked Shravan.

Shravan knew this time was the worst to make such a conversation but Sumo always made him do wierd random things.

"Kyunki mujse nai dekha gaya." Admitted Suman as she looked down.

Shravan hugged her assuring her everything will be okay now.

"Kyu nai dekh paayi?" Shravan asked her looking directly in her eyes.

Tears rolled down her eyes. She wanted to answer this question but she had promised Ramnath Uncle.

"Kyunki tum mere best friend ho" Suman replied smiling softly as tears rolled down her eyes. 

"Kisi bhi dost ko kya tum apne itne kareeb aane dogi? Aise chune dogi? Aag mein khud jaogi? Tell me Sumo what is wrong. We can make it better." Said Shravan cupping her face.

The family could not do anything but stare at them. No one could really hear them but only Ramnath knew what conversation was going on there.

Ramnath, after all this did realise the mistake he did by keeping two bestfriends away. Their relationship had definitely moved much more ahead than friendship but they always solved problems, their fights, sorrows by listening, cribbing, maybe sometimes even shouting at each other like how every bestfriends do.

Pushkar and Preeti had seen the tension between them since days. With Shravan and Suman, they couldn't do much as they would just shut them with "hum bade hai".

"Ek dusre ke saath nai reh sakte aur ek dusre ke bina bhi nai reh sakte." Murmured Pushkar.

"I know right. Ajeeb log!" Replied Preeti.

The fire brigade had arrived and they were doing their work. Even they wondered how can two people talk so casually in between of a fire.

The fire was now less. Thus a curious firemen went to Shravan and Suman and asked them.

"Aap logo ko darr nai lag rha kya ?" 

"Agar hum saath hai, toh humein kisi ka bhi darr nai" answered Shravan sweetly.

"Chahiye ab woh side se kamre se nikal jaye" smiled the firemen to both.

As they came out, Ramnath hugged Shravan tightly and Nanu did the same to Suman.

"Aaj ke liye bahut ho chuka, ghar chalte hai." Nanu said.

"Nai" Both Shravan and Suman said together.

"Matlab aaye hai toh rasam karlete hai" again said Shravan and Suman together and looked at each other surprised but then started laughing.

"Ye baache bhi na jaan nikal di thi." Said Lalaji.

"Ab sab thik hai. Chale?" Asked Shravan.

All the family members had their own set of questions but they decided to stay mum due to the guests.

The Sagai happened with no more problems. Everyone was happy. Shravan and Suman were stealing glances at each throughout the event. Shravan would just follow her and Suman would run away. 

"Ab ye sab kab tak chalega Sumo. Baat toh tumhe karni hi padegi. Aur vo bhi akele mein. Tumne hi muje mera vakil wala dimag use karne pe majboor kar diya hai. Iss baat ki teh tak toh mai pouchke hi rahunga." Shravan said determined.

Ramnath was observing all the while all others were busy in the sagai. 

"Maine hi sab bigada hai, theek bhi mai hi karunga." Smiled Ramnath.

At night when everyone was asleep Ramnath moved towards his son's bedroom. He knew his son stays up late these days due to him only.

"Shravan?" Ramnath knocked 

"Ji Papa aaye na." Shravan stood up.

"Beta mai tumse maafi mangne aaya hoon. I'm really very sorry." Said Ramnath as he sat beside a confused Shravan.

"Kya hua Papa? Aap kyu sorry keh rahe hai?" Shravan asked.

"Beta, mai galat tha. Muje tumhe aur Suman ko alag nai karna chahiye tha. Maine hi Suman ko kaha tha tumse dur rehne ke liye." Admitted Ramnath.

"Kya? Papa aap aise aise kar sakte the? Papa you knew ki mai Sumo se.." Shravan got up 

"I'm sorry beta. Mai toh tumhe sirf dard se bachana chahta tha par. I'm sorry. Par sab mai hi theek karunga. I promise beta." Ramnath stood beside Shravan.

"Papa aapki vajah se maine apna pyaar kho diya." Shravan sighed sadly.

"Nahi beta. Kal mai tumhare rishte ki baat karne jaaunga." Ramnath smiled and kissed his son's forehead.

"Sachii?" Shravan asked excited.

"Haa" Ramnath smiled.

"Par Papa muje pehle Sumo se baat.." Shravan started.

"Nahi pehle muje tiwariji se baat karne do phir tum karte rehna Suman se baat." Ramnath laughed.

Shravan could not sleep that night. He was eagerly waiting for tomorrow. Suman was also awake. The difference was only that one was awake smiling and the other crying.


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