Thursday, 26 June 2014

IshRa Drabble: Not that hard

"Raman?" Called out Ishita nth time in a day.

He was ignoring her. It was long time now that he knew that he had a thing for Ishita. His wife. It was'nt wrong though but the 'Ruhi ke liye' thing always made him backoff. He never thought that he could ever love someone again but Ishu was different. Very diffirent. Shagun and Ishita were totally diffirent. He could trust Ishita blindly.

"Raman?" She called out again.

"Office jaa raha hoon." He said and left in a hurry. He did'nt want to face Ishita.


Some roadside 'gundas' had tried to jump upon his wife while she was returning from her clinic. Fortuanately Raman was on his way home and found Ishita in such a situation. 

He fought with the drunk gundas and left with Ishita for home.

He had been hurt badly on his chest. Ishita was more than tensed. She bought the first aid box and started removing his shirt. He looked back with wide eyes but she was'nt in a mood to notice anything. The thing that mattered to her at that time was just him.

She removed his shirt and touched his bruises which were all over his chest. A lone tear fell off her eyes. She wiped it quicky and started applying cream on his bruises.

This was the height of selfcontrol for Raman. He just closed his eyes feeling her hands roaming all over his chest. If that was not enough she started blowing air slowly on his bruises. 

"Haad hai har baat ki" he thought.

He knew from that day that he has been falling for her and she is too but everything in their relationship was too complicated.

After she was done, she made him lie down and Raman instantly slept or acted so.


"Why is Raman ignoring me? Maine kya kiya hai? Has he got to know that i have started to like him or maybe love?" She thought as a tear escaped her eye.

Raman whereas in the office was doing nothing because thoughts of Ishita went on in his mind all the while.

"This is too much! I need to tell her. Its not that tough. Or is it? Par aisa brahmachari ki tarah zindagi bhar nai reh sakta jabki biwi se pyaar ho. Apni hi biwi se pyaar karna koi gunah toh nai haina? I'll tell her. Whatever maybe the reaction." He decided.

He reached Ishita's clinic and the receptionist told him she was in her cabin. 

"I love you" he let the first thing as he entered.

"You what?" Ishita said surprised.

"Faasaa liya tumne madrasan. Jhasi ki rani, haal behaal kar dita tune." He said.

Ishita rolled her eyes and litterally jumped on him.

"I love you too." She hugged him.

"Bach gaya" Raman thought.

Sarika opened the door to find herself in a awkward situation. She informed Ishita about the waiting people and left.

"See you at home." He kissed her cheeks.

"Yess!" She replied blushing.

Raman headed towards his office again thinking now he would be able to work but the poor soul had'nt known that his jhasi ki rani wont leave his thought so soon. Ishita also retuned to her work all happy almost waiting when she can be home,with Raman.

Maybe they were always meant to be but figuring out that was quite difficult.


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