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RishRajBala TS: The Return Of Madhubala Rishab Kundra (Three Shots)

Madhubala POV 

"Yaahan sab kitna ajeeb hai! Ladkiyon ki toh izaat hi nai hai! Kahaan phas gai?"

I lay on my bed alone as Raja was supposed to stay away from me for two days. 

"Thank god for that" otherwise he would have definately started speaking about his extra-ordinary Tauji's leasons.

"I am so not interested in all of this 'jamela'" 

But I'm his wife I have to stay with him. He is a murderer not really but whatever. 

He is good at heart but many things else are also needed. God knows how I'm going to survive here.

"Muje toh ye log insaan hi nai lagte."


"MADHUU!! MADHUUU!!" Someone shouted.

"Ab kaun hai?" Said Madhubala bored.

She ran outside to find Raja's family one side and Her Bittu mamachacha, sunny & some police force one side. She was terrified. Where is Raja?

Bittuji had litterally ran from Mumbai once he came to know the game played with his Madhu. He was'nt her dad but she was his first daughter.

"Madhu abhi issi waqt chalo yahaan se! Mai sab jaan chuka hoon ki kaise Abhay kapoor ne..."started Bittuji but could not end as tears flowed out from his eyes.

"Mamachacha aisa nai hai aap chita mat kariye!" Said Madhu.

"Tum janti tum kya keh rai ho? Ye ek chote se gaon jaise jagah mein tum reh paogi? Yahaan logo ki soch bahut hi purani hai Madhu! Mai tumhe yahaan nai chod sakta! Chalo!" Said Bittuji in tears.

"Nai mamachacha! Mai aisa nai kar sakti!" Said Madhu.

"Ye hamar bahu hai! Ye kahin nai jaa sakti!" Announced Tauji.

"Mai bhi dekhta hoon kaise nai jayegi? Issliye puri police force ke saath aaya hoon. Kachi goliyaan toh humne bhi nai kheli bhaisaab!" Saying Bittuji shut him up.

"Mamachacha aap zyaada mat sochiye. Sab thik ho jayega!" Madhu assured.

"Tumne muje saach kyun nai bataya? Kai tumhari madat karta! Abhay kapoor se dur rehne ko kaha tha na. Kyun kari uske ghar naukri? KYUNN? Sach batana zaroori tak nai samja?" Shouted Bittuji on top of his lungs.

"Sach? Kabhi kisine kaha hai kya mujse sach? Mai devkinandan ki beti nai hoon. Ye sach aapne muje kyun nai bataya?" Roared Madhu this time crying badly.

"Kaun hai mere parents? Mai aapse sunna chahti hoon!" Shouted Madhu again.

Bittuji was shocked. She knew it. Who told her? Abhay kapoor? Maybe! But this time truth had to be said.

"Tum superstar RK aur Madhubala ki beti ho. Madhubala Rishab Kundra!" Said Bittuji proudly.

Everyone in the room gasped. She was the one and only daughter of Rishab Kudra and Madhubala Kundra.

"Uss Abhay Kapoor ke baap ne maar diya mere cheif aur bhabhiji ko! Par mai tumhe kisi ke saamne nai aane donga tumhe koi chot nai pohchane donga." cried Bittuji.

"Nai Chachamama unhe Abhay kapoor ke baap ne nai maa ne mara tha! Mai sunna tha usse aur uske damad ko iss baare mein baat karte par tabhi Raju ko bachana zyaada zaroori tha issliye tab dhyaan nai de saki! Mere maa-baap ko marne wale khule aam ghum rahe hai. Muje unhe saaza deni hai chachamama! " Said Madhu looking at him.

"Hum zaroor denge!! Par tum ghar chalo! Croredon ki properties ki mallik ko yahaan rehna sadta nai hai! Ab jab Abhay Kapoor mar chuka hai toh tumhe koi khatra nai hai tum saari property rakh sakti ho akhir tum ek lauti waris ho cheif ki." Said Bittuji.

"Vo sab mai yaahan se bhi kar sakti hoon chachamama. Aap chinta mat kariye. Mai sab se badla longi! Unn teeno se! Aap muje apna phone dijiye." Said Madhu.

She made some calls informing the authorities that she is Madhubala Rishab Kundra and wants to reopen the RK- Madhubala fire case. For the identity proof the police was ready to come at her place after all she was RK's daughter. Abhay Kapoor's step mom, sister and her husband stayed at farmhouse which used to be RK's. They had bought it by illegal terms as it was RK's and he could not do anything as he was dead. The farmhouse was on the name of Bittuji until Madhubala grows up to be 18. Bittuji never did anything because of the family fear. Madhu told him to get the house back and he did it in minutes after all he had contacts yet. Three criminals were homeless they had to come to Madhu now and she knew they would come.

Raja's family was dumbfounded. Their daughter-in-law or 'Lugai' as they called her was one of the richest women in Mumbai. All of them were actually shut.

"Ye sab toh thik hai par ye shaadi?" Asked Bittuji for the nth time.

"Ek mauka dena chahungi" said Madhu.

"Aap aise kaise hamari rani ko le jaa sakte hai? Socha bhi kaise?" Bittuji heard a known voice.

He turned back to see...his chief? 
How is that possible? He wondered. Tears flowed from his eyes. 

"Ye mere husband Raja!" Said Madhu.

Bittuji looked at Raja then at Madhu. This was unbelievable.


"RK ek toh galti karte ho aur manate bhi nai! Tumhara 6 foot ke ego ke saamne mai nai jhukne wali samje tum?" Roared Madhu.

"Baat ego ki nai hai biwi, tum toh janti ho ki muje tum roothi hui hi zyaada aachi lagti ho." Said RK grining.
RK tried getting close to Madhu but like always Bittuji entered.

"Bittuji kya timing hai aapki? Muje pata tha aap ayenge!" Said RK irritated while Madhu just giggled.


"Cheif!?" Shouted Bittuji and ran towards Raju and hugged him with all his might.

Madhu and the other family menbers were highly confused with Bittuji but uttering a word was not easy right now.

"Cheif aap zinda ho? Aap mujse milne tak nai aaye? Maine aapko roz yaad kiya. Aapke aur bhabhiji ke pyaar ko dulaar ko yaad kiya. Aap kahaan chale gaye the cheif? Ab mat jannaa!" Cried Bittuji.

Raju was very confused. A person related to Madhu who a second back was hell bent on taking her away from him was now hugging him crying as if he knows him so well.

"Kaun cheif? Aap kisiki baat kar rahe hai? Humein kuch samaj nai aa rhaa! Hum Raja hai Raja!" Said Raja out load and clear.

"Aisa kaise ho sakta hai?" Said Buttuji.

"Haan Chachamama yeh... Vo... Yeh vo mere pati hai Raja." Said Madhu.

Tears flowed down Bittuji's eyes. 
"How was this ever possible. A person who looks exactly like my cheif gets married to my Madhu who looks liye my bhabhiji?"

"This is destiny!" Muttered Bittuji awestruk.

"Aap kya keh rahe ho?" Asked Madhu.

Bittuji took out his wallet and there was his family picture. This confused Madhu more. There was another family picture under it which he took off and showed it to Madhu and Raja.

"This is your family Madhu!" Said Bittuji.

Madhu had tears in her eyes. 

"Ye hum nai hai rani toh ye kaun hai? He pointed towards RK and then at Madhubala.

"Yeh RK hai Madhu ke pita aur yeh Madhubhabhi Madhu ki maa. Madhu bikul bhabhiji jaisi dikhti hai aur aap.." He could not complete.

It was yet very hard for them to believe all of this.

"Mai aaj tumhe sachai batane hi wala tha issliye mere paas saboot bhi hai." Said Bittuji.

He took out the DVD of 'Ek Ishq Ek Junoon' in which RK-Madhubala had acted together. He also had bought some CCTV footages.

They swiched on the footage to see RK-Madhubala running all over the house. 

"Yeh toh Abhay kapoor ka.." Both Madhu and Raju said in unison.

"Nai ye RK Mansion hai! Cheif ki maut ke baad ye mansion galat tareeke se Abhay kapoor ne kharid liye tha!" Said Bittuji.

They again shifted thier attention to the footage.

"Biwi, Itihaas gawah hai jab RK aaya hai tab RK hi chaya hai!" Said RK with full attitude.

Jr. Madhu smiled looking at her parents.

"Pati, Mai bhi ussi RK ki biwi hoon aur agar panga liya toh RK nai chodega tumhe!" Said Madhu.

"Biwi, dialogues na hero pe hi aache lagte hai koi aur bole toh udhaar ke lagte hai!" Said RK again grinning at his biwi.

Raja & Madhu were shocked. First of all they looked ditto like them and even they were a couple. 

"We were meant to be?" Asked Madhu in tears.

"Indeed!" Said Raja. 

The footage now had Two RK's.

"Ye kya hai?" Asked Madhu.

"Ye hamar bachha hai!" Said Tauji in tears.

"Kya? Nai nai ye toh KRK hai jisne paiso ke liye cheif ki jagah lene ko kaha gaya tha. Par aacha insaan tha uski apni majboori thi issliye cheif ne usse uski maa ke operation ke liye paise bhi diye the aur jaane diya." Said Bittuji.

"KRK? Matlab aap hamare babuji ko jaante the?" Said Raja.

"KRK tumhare pita hai?" Asked Bittuji in a trauma now.
"Ji! Aap..bataye na unke baare mein" said Raja.

"Aache insaan hai vo bas halat unke uss waqt unke bure the!" Said Bittuji.

Madhu and Raja were both taken a back with the harsh realiy of thier life.

All they could do was go to thier rooms.

Raja sat on his chair and Madhu on the bed deep in thoughts.

Tauji told bittuji and Sunny to stay with them. They wanted to serve them as his cheif had helped KRK once.

Raja for the first time in his life was on the verge of tears. His father was a good man and never wanted him to get into all of the wrong things. He was the exact opposite of what his father wanted him to be. He will change because his father wanted him too. 

Madhu words rang in Raja's ears.

"Tum junglee ho! Inn guns se muje tum dara nai sakte!"

"Ye galat hai Raja" 

"Tum mere pati nai ho!"

"Tumhare mata pita kabhi nai chahenge ki unka beta bandook haath mein le!"

Madhu now seemed right. He was so wrong. He has a lot to makeup for. He went near Madhu. She was in a shock. She had hugged her knees and was not crying but he looked broken. 

Without having second thoughts Madhu caught hold of Raja's hand and hugged him tightly crying her heart out. 

The night was indeed sleepless for all tonight. For Madhu, Raja, Bittuji and the family too.

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