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AsYa SS: Fangirling Over Mangalpur (Chapter 3)

A week had past since they had been back from Mangalpur but the aftereffects of Mangalpur were yet seen on Asad & Zoya. This all was very obviously noticed by Dilshad & Najma. 

"I guess telling him frankly that i like him was not such a good idea!" Thought Zoya to herself.

Since a week Asad used take care of every little thing of Zoya. But all they did all the week was flash teeth to each other. Neither of them had the courage to take the first step.

Asad entered Zoya's room to just check on her like he did every night after Zoya sleeps (thats what he thought) thats when she held his hand taking the first step. 

"Why so indifferent Mr. Khan?" Asked Zoya franky.

"Ji?" Was all Asad could reply.

"You know what i m talking about. Dont act!" She said.

"Muje kya sapna aayega Miss Farooki?" He said and smiled.

"Jee haa! Aana chahiye! Aaj kal aap mujse baat tak nai karte. Smile karte aur bhaag jaate hai. Mujse ladte bhi nai! Aapse lade bina mera din khatam nai hota aur aap hai ki mujse baithkar baat tak nai karte!" Whined Zoya.

Asad just sat there all comfortable listening to her and smiling all the while.

"This girl had guts! No doubt!" He thought.

"Ab mannequin ki tarah ek jagah baith jar smile kya kar rahe hai? Kuch kahiyee tohh!" Said Zoya irritated.

"The feelings you just expressed are quite mutual Zoya!" Said Asad cupping her face and looking in her eyes.

"Then why are you running away from me Mr. Khan? I really love you!! I really do! Mai aapko kabhi chodke nai jaaungi aap kahe toh bhi nai! Just say it Mr. Khan. I know your feelings but please say it! For me? Please?" She said cupping his face.

"Vo... Actually...Zoya! Its quite late to.." Asad started.

"Exactly you are already late in confessing your feelings towards me so make it quick warna mai aapka kamra ganda kar dungi! Sach keh rai hoon!" Said Zoya.

"Well, that was a good threat!" Asad complimented.

"Speak up" Said Zoya.

"Miss Farooki I love you too but this is all very different to me. It will take time. This going to be difficult for you too. We are so different. Please understand." Asad said seriously.

"What is going to be difficult for me? I dont get you Mr. Khan!" Said Zoya in tears.

"Aap ek mordern ladki hai New york se hai. Yahaan India mein aap mere saath kaise rahengi? Aap adjust kar payengi kya? Ye sab utna aasaan nai hai jitna dikhta hai Zoya." He cupped her face.

Zoya cupped Asad's face too and lightly pressed her lips to his. To say Asad was shocked but liked it. Why wont he? Everyone likes to be kissed by the person he/she loves.

Asad responded to her kiss. As it is from the day they had returned from Mangalpur Asad was having a tough time controling his desires for Zoya. He knew he desired her and not lusted her. He was not that kind. He was a one women man and the women was Zoya. His Zoya.

Both of them had no idea how wild and passionate their kiss had become. They were in thier different world all together. They realized thier position when Zoya's head hit the bed's headboard. 

They were so lost into each other that Asad didnt even realize that he was on Zoya on her bed. He pulled back and looked at Zoya who lay under him, her eyes closed and a slight irritation on her face. Her left hand on her head. Then he realized that they had probably got too wild.

"I'm sorry!" Muttered Asad and was about to get up when Zoya pulled him back.

"I'm not! I enjoyed it." Said Zoya a she smiled contently.

Asad again tried to get up but Zoya again pulled his hand. Thier faces were inches apart. Zoya had no idea what she was doing to Asad. This was tough.

"Waise aap ko kaafi purani soch wale haina? Toh ek ladki ko kiss karne ke baad usse aapko nikah toh karna hi padega na?" Said Zoya chirply.

Asad looked at Zoya.

"This women never fails to surprise me. Here she lay under me. We just kissed. I can keep her under me forever and do anything to her right now and all she was doing is flashing her teeth? Is her faith on me so high?" Wondered Asad.

Looking at the confusion on his face Zoya smiled and cupped his face.

"Jahaan aap hai wahin mai rehna chahti hoon aur aap itne amir hai muje toh yahaan bhi New York wali feeling hi aati hai!" 

Asad smiled wide. He hugged her tight. They were just to close and now Zoya was getting wierd sensations to due to thier close proximity. 

"We're on my bed. Him over me and now he hugged me too. This is becoming difficult now" thought Zoya.

Asad saw the change in emotions and smirked. Zoya tried to get up this time he pulled her over him. Zoya's eyes turned big. 

"What was he even trying to do?" She thought.

"Darr lag rha hai?" He asked.

"Nai! Muje darr nai lagta!" She repiled.

How the hell in the world she could leave her ego aside.

He pulled her closer and nuzzled into her neck.

"Ab?" He asked.

"Nai" She replied as she closed her eyes.

He went even closer if possible.

"Ab?" He asked again.

"Nai! I trust you Mr. Khan. You would not to do anything which should not be done." She said finally.

Asad smiled and kissed her forehead.

Asad and Zoya got up. Asad opened the bedroom door to leave but turned back again looking at Zoya.

"Good night Zoya!" Asad said.

"Good night" Zoya smiled.

"I cant just wait to get married to you!" He said likee finallyy.

Zoya ran to him hugging him and replied.

"Me too"

"Jab lipat lipat ke pyaar ka izhaar karna ho tab darvaza band rakhna chahiye!" Said Dilshad as she entered Zoya's room grinning.

Both of them went apart with flushed faces.

"Ammi itni der se toh band hi tha na. Pata nai kya kar rahe the aisa." Said Najma & giggled.

Asad sinalled her to stop and she giggled away. 

"Abhi so jao kal baat karenge!" Said Dilshad.

Like good bachas Asad immediately went to his room and Zoya to hers.

Dilshad giggled and wish them to be together like this forever.

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