Tuesday, 29 April 2014

ZaYa Drabble: A Non-emotional Goodbye.


It was a week since Zain had confessed his love for Aaliya. Her happiness had no bounds. Finally she thought that her dreams for her prince charming will now be complete. She had found a romantic husband and a truthful friend in Zain. 

"Mamu ki bhanji you are ridiculous! First you married me forcefully, Now you made made fall in love with you and then you are eating duniya bhar ka bhav!" 

Aaliya smiled remembered his cute confession. 

"Yeh bhi koi confession hai? Na haath mein ring, na flowers, na i love you kaha!" She remembered her say.

"Gunpoint pe do baar toh nikah karva liya ab ring kyun lau? Biwi ho tum meri!" Zain had said those words while confessing. This man could not do one thing straight.

"How dare you biwi hoon toh kya? Flowers bhi nai la sakte?" Aaliya had replied.

"Kitne saare type ke hote hai vo! Maine socha time waste kiye bina tumhe bata deta hoon!" As these idoitic words were told by him. He realized how stupid were they. A lame excuse indeed!

Zain had turned back to go.

"Kahaan jaa rahe ho?" Aaliya asked.

"Phool lene?" Replied Zain.

"Chodo! I love you too!" Replied Aaliya again pissed.

"Toh itna timepass kyun kiya?" Saying which he crushed Aaliya with a hug in such a force that for seconds she was confused. 

"Emotions pe kabu rakho Zain!" She had told him.

"Aaj toh bekabu hone do" replied Zain.

That day she had told him to confess again in such a way which was a little normal and romantic which he agreed.

Aaliya smiled as she was moving towards their bedroom. So much had changed. 

"I' m gonna confess now in my style!" Said Zain as he saw his Mamu ki bhanji enter.

"Shoot" she replied.

Zain went near his bedside wall.

"Huggie, cuttie, Kissie, etc etc... I'm so sorry that you now dont have place in my heart as well as in my room. My dear wife standing right behind me glaring right now has hijacked me. Mai loot gaya! Goodbye youu all!" He said dramatically.

Zain took of the pictures of his ex-gf's and gave it to Aaliya.

"Hum dil de chuke sanam.. Tere ho gaye hai hum teri kasamm...hoo hoo hoo hum...!" He sang as he reached Aaliya and gave those pictures.

"Ab jo chaho karo unke saath! Maine unhe bye keh diya hai!" He said dramatically again.

Aaliya threw the pictures in a nearby dustbin.

"Tum kabhi nai sudhroge na?" She asked has she smiled at his antics.

"No never kabhi nai!" Replied Zain as gifted a ring to Aaliya.

He made her wear it. She was touched. She hugged him and kissed his cheeks. 

"This is so cute!!" She said tears in her eyes.

"Vo sab toh thik hai Mamu ko bhanji par phir nikah karne ko mat bolna! Thak gaya tumse nikah kar karke!" Said Zain matter of factly.

"Shut up Zain! Dare you spoil the moment!" spat Aaliya.

He smiled and kissed her cheeks.

"You're cute too!" He said.

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