Tuesday, 29 April 2014

TaaRey FF: You never know..(Chapter 11)

All the youngies had gathered in Arohi's room for some chit chat. All of them were enjoying. 

"Waise Aru di, Swayam
Bachpan mein kaisa tha?" Asked Sharon.

"Bachpan mein!? Bahut possesive. I remember mein apni medical trips pe bahar rehti aur Taani le peeche bahut majnu hua karte the aur vo sabka muh tod deta tha! Gosh!! Him and Taani together were so adorable." Replied Arohi.

"Yaa! Jab pehli baar mai Arohi ko ghar chodne aaya tha tab sirf Swayam aur Taani ghar the. Raat ke 12 baj gaye the aur vo dono tv dekh rahe the. Baju mein jaake dekha tab pata chala ki Taani Swayam ki god mein so gai thi aur Swayam uske sar par haath rakh ke sofe pe so gaya tha! They were looking so adorable"
Remembered Arjun.

"Bhai jinse bhi pyaar karte hai unke liye extremely caring aur possesive ho jate hai! Jaise aapke liye bhi hai!" Said Taani to Sharon.

"Vo toh hai!" Replied Sharon blushing.

"Comeon lets play truth and dare" said Simmi.

"Okaay! Thats an awesome idea!" Replied Rahul.

The bottle spinned towards Arjun and Arohi. Arjun had to ask while Arohi had to answer.

"Truth" said Arohi.

"What's your worst nightmare?" Asked Arjun.

"Taani's boyfriend!" Replied Arohi.

Rey coughed hard listening to this. 

"Kya?" Said Rey in his mind! 
"I mean ki as of now mai jaanti hoon ki vo mujse aur family se sabse Zyaada pyaar karti hai! Uska pyaar batega ye soch ke muje bura lagta hai! Swayam jo itna possesive hai uska dinag bharne wali bhi mai hi hoon!" Arohi cutely pouted.

Everyone laughed including Taani but Rey's face was just still. 

"Lagta hai badi behan ko bhi patana padega ab! Warna meri love life ki toh ye log baja daalenge." Thought Rey.

"Aisa nai hai di! Pyaar kabhi bat ta na sabko alag alag milta hai!" Said Taani.

Taani hugged Arohi. Seema had come to tell all that they need to sleep now tomorrow everyone has to get up for pooja of Arjun- Arohi's good married life. All agreed and left.

"Kitna maaza aa rha tha yaar!" Said Swayam dreamily.

"Pura time sirf Sharon ko check out kar rha tha maza kyun nai aayega!" Snapped Rey.

Swayam blushed and Rey smiled. They hugged and left for thier rooms. 

Rey was going towards his room when suddenly something got into his mind and he entered Taani's room.

Taani just had her shower and came back. She had thought she had locked the room but was unlocked. She was in her little towel. It seemed like she had forgotten her towel and wore her bachpan ka towel and came out.

The towel didnt even cover till her midthighs properly. Already the towel   Was so short that cleavage was visible. She tried to cover herslef by trying to pull the towel down but it again showcased her upperbody. She pulled it with such a force that the towel was about to fall but Rey quickly hugged her saving her towel.

The close proximity between them was sending goosebumps to both of them. Rey had never seen her this way. She had turned him on. She had tears in her eyes. This man was a gentlemen. He saved her dignity. He picked the loose part of her towel  which was near her arms and tucked in near her chest. All this while he didnt look down he was staring at her all thi while. She stared back with love after so long.

Rey almost had tears in his eyes. He was now sure that she is still in love with him. This thought itself had got him crazy. He neared her lips and she closed her eyes waiting for him. He kissed her. They had just kissed once before. They use to always maintain distance as Taani was girl of principles. Taani kissed him back with the same passion and love. They parted in need of air and then she realized what had happened. Everything came back to her. His promises, his love , his passion and his rejection. She moved back covering herself with her hands.

"Please leave." Taani said in a low yet stern voice.

Rey didnt argrue. He left. He knew that this time he shouldnt have lost his senses. 

"You fool, you dumbo! Yet she has not even agreed to get into a relationship with you and you kissed her? Whats wrong with me?" Thought Rey who had yet again messed up.

Taani quickly ran and wore her clothes. She threw herself on her bed and started crying. 

"Why did i kiss him back? I know i love him but if he broke my heart again i wont be able to gather the peices of my heart again. Pleasee helpp mee someonee!!" Shee cried till midnight.

Sleep for Rey was also not possible. He had just complicated his lovelife. 

"I wish i had let you stay the way you are Taani! If it was that way you would have been my girlfriend today." Thought to himself.

Tears yet in the eyes of both they drifted off to sleep.

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