Tuesday, 29 April 2014

AsYa SS: Fangirling Over Mangalpur (Chapter 1)

PS: it's a LITTLE MATURE! [16+]

Asad's POV

My Zoya! Yesss!! My Zoya laid lifeless in front of me. The worst part of everything was that i could do nothing about it other than crying. 

I just found her. I checked her of she was breathing i could not feel it. Having no other option i gave her a mouth to mouth about three times when she finally responded and started breathing heavily. 

I was so relieved. Tears of happiness fell of my eyes. I kissed her forehead but she again lost her consciousness. I quickly picked her up and ran towards the main road. 

Finally receiving signal in my phone i dialled my family doctor's number. He advised me to let her rest and if she is not able to give her a light dose of sleeping pills. 

"After such a deadly incident she needs some time to become normal. Ignoring taking rest may create health problems for her! Getting burried in a land is no A,B,C Mr Khan" told the doctor me.

Getting a lift by truck nearby was very fortunate of us. The driver thought us to be husband-wife. I could easily have denied but i just did'nt feel like. I felt good hearing Zoya to be my wife. 

We reached home. She was yet sleeping. Every 10 mins i used to check her if she was breathing. Today after nearing loosing her i got to know what she meant to me. Something more than an musibaat. If given a chance i would happily bear this musibaat for a lifetime.

I again called the doctor to ask if anything more is to be done for her. He prescribed me some medicines which i called for and instructed to to keep her clean to avoid infections & allergies. 

"What to do now? How can i clean her? Why today only Ammi & Najma had to go out of town to meet phuphi? I just dont understand."

The door bell rang and I collected the medicines and paid for it. I gave them to Zoya with some water. The doctor had told him that it contained sleep. She would'nt wake up till morning.

"What was i supposed to do now? Give her a bath? Like seriouslly?"

I saw her scratching her body in sleep which proved she was irritated by the mud. 

 "She will definately wake up if i put some water on her!" Finally i had no other option but to decide to give her a bath.

I picked her up took her to the bathroom and kept her in the bathtub. I quickly washed my hands and now was the worst thing coming up. I had to undress her. 

"How can i? She is asleep. This is so wrong. I love her i cant do this."

"Love? Where did that come from?"

Whatever! I had to concentrate. One last time i ll try otherwise i ll do it i decided. 

I took a vessel full of water and splashed on her face. She moved but i guess the dose didnt let her wake up. 

I sighed! I undressed her completely and filled up the tub with warm water. I looked back and saw her naked form. I instantly looked ahead and added a lot of foam to the water to cover her.

I washed her hair which were quite dirty. She looked so relaxed. 

Zoya moved a bit and i was so scared. 

"What if she wakes up now and... Shit!!"

I prayed to allah not to wake her up in such an awkward situation. 

I put my shaking hands in the foam water to clean her. As my hands touched her i got some weird sensations.

"Be a man" i told myself.

My hands roamed all around her body. This is unbelievable but true that she has turned me on even in a sleeping form.

I cleaned her properly trying my best to think straight. I let her stay in the tub for a while and quickly showered in the shower cabinet next to the tub. It took me just 10 mins as first of all i was scared that she would wake up and second was i needed to keep a check on her. 

I myself had to be clean so no infections happen. Sometimes even i get irritated by my OCD habits. I can understand Zoya now. I took my bathrobe and wore it. 

I pulled the knob of the tub so the water goes. I turned on the hand shower and cleaned all the soap. 

She was bare in front of me again which made me feel a weird sensation again. I finally decided that it was'nt my fault. I had to do it for her. I dried her and made her wear her bathrobe which i had bought from her room. 

I decided mentally that she is very much comfortable in the bathrobe and she will dress up once she wakes up. 

I laid her on my bed and covered her with the duvet. I again checked her breathing and smiled. 

"She has done something to me!" I accepted.

I went to the kitchen and made some fresh juices and took them to my room and kept near Zoya.

What if she wakes up and is hungry?Doctor had told that she cant eat unhealthy stuffs. 

I again went to the kitchen and decided to prepare a soup. I did'nt know how though!

My laptop had runned off its battery. Fortunately Zoya did'nt carry her iPad together. I took her iPad mouthing a sorry and tried the passwords. I tried all finally in anger i typed 'jahapana six packs'. The password was correct and access was granted.

A grin appeared on his face. 

"So she thinks so much about me?" I thought.

As i saw her cover picture i was embarrassed. 

"She had taken a shirtless picture of me when i was changing?"

I blushed. This girl is a one piece in the world. Somehow i felt good. She publically had announced she loved my six packs yet i did'nt know she meant it.

"Like really? This is so good!" I smiled.

"What good? This girl has driven me crazy."

"I guess i have fallen in love with Miss Farooki! Aghh... Zoya!" I accepted to myself atleast.

"Whatever! I was just scared when she wakes up hope she understands my situation" i sighed.

I prepared soup and sandwiches which i kept in the fridge so we can have it when she wakes up. 

I went to my room seeing her sleep properly. I went to her bedside and sat on the floor. I again checked her breathing, smiled and drifted off to sleep keeping my one hand on her belly treating her like a baby.

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