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AsYa FF: Time To Go Back (Chapter 35) Last Chapter


PS: This is 18+. All those who are not 18 or not comfortable please skip the flashback.Smile

 5 years later

"Allah miyah! Whats wrong with you Ammi?" Said Raina in her 'awww so sweet' voice.

"Kya hua ab tumhe?" Asked  irritated Zoya.

"Aapne phirse bed pe pizza khaya? Aapko pata hai usse germs paida hote hai!" Explained Raina.

"Tumhare abbu kya kam the ki ab tum bhi! Hamare bed pe khaya tumhare nai! Ab jao apna vo new dress leke aao!" Said Zoya irritated.

Asad smiled while working on the laptop.

"Abbu abbuu!" Saying Raina ran towards her father!

"Abbu ki ladli" muttered Zoya pissed.

"Abbu dekho na maine sahi kaha tha na? Ammi daat kyun rai hai?" Asked Raina innocently.

"Beta har kisi ka jeene ka tarika alag hota hai. Hume jaise safai pasand hai aami ko nai!" Explained Asad to his little daughter.

"What are you trying to tell Mr. Khan? Mai safai nai rakh sakti? Mera ipad kitna saaf rehta hai, mera towel kitna saaf rehta aur kapde bhi aur aap mujse keh rahe hai ki mai safai nai rakh sakti?" Said a frustated Zoya.

"Umm...vo...actually kya hai na beta ki har kisi ka safai ka defination alag hota hai! Ab jao tum khelo dadi ke saath!" Said Asad.

Asad looked at Zoya.

"Keh toh sahi hi rai thi Raina!" Said Asad a bit loud.

"Kya kaha aapne?" Asked Zoya.

"Kuch nai! Zoya bacchi ke saamne bhi tum aise laadne lagti ho!" Said a pissed Asad.

"Mai kaha ladti hoon! Aap ladte ho!" Said Zoya.

"Whatever! Aaj meri behan ka nikah hai so please aaj rehne dete hai!" Said Asad getting up.

"Mai bhi mari nai jaati aapse baat karne ko!" Saying Zoya left to get ready.



"I cant believe mera nikah hai yaar! I m so excited." Said Karan with excitement.

"Saari uttar jayegi! Jald hi" replied a pissed Zoya.

"Ab kya hogaya? Phirse tu aur Asad lade?" Asked Karan.

"Haa! Vo dono baap beti ek saath mil ke apne clean freak rules mujpe thop rahe the! Ugghhh!! I just cant believe usse Mr. Khan ki yahi characteristic hi kyun uthani thi?" Replied a sad Zoya.

"OMG!! Dekhne layak scene hoga! I missed it!" Said Karan laughing.

"KARANNN" shouted Zoya.

"No no i meant vo tumhare saath aisa kaise kar sakte hai? Galat baat hai!" Said Karan immediately changing his statement.

"Yaa right!" Said Zoya sacastically.

"See sacastic mat ho aaj mera nikah mai jo bhi karu sab jayas hai!! Its my special day!" Chirped Karan. 

"Ladkiyon ki tarah hyper hona band kar!" Said Zoya finally smiling at Karan's antics.

"Mamu mere phupha banenge" chirped Raina as she entered.

Karan took the little Raina in his lap.

"Yesss!! Two in one offerrr!! I love you babyy!!" Said Karan.

"I love you too mamu!" Said Raina.

"Raina chalo mamu ko tyaar hone do! Hum phuphi ke paas chalte hai unhe bhi toh ready karna hai na?" Said Zoya.

"No! I wont go!" Replied Raina.

"Arree! Mana toh dekho kaise kar rai hai?" Said Zoya to herself.

"Kuch baato mein tujpe bhi gai hai na princess! Mai hoon yahaan meri mini princess ke saath tu jaa meri begam ke paas!" Said Karan playing with Raina.

"Par tuje disturb karegi!" Said Zoya.

"Arree mai toh ready baitha vaise bhi bore ho rha tha! Tu jaa!" Said Karan

"Okaay!! Mai aati hoon!" Said Zoya & left.


"Kitni pyaari lag rai hai meri pyaari gudiya!" Said Dilshad with tears in her eyes. 

"Vo toh lagni hi hai! Bilkul apni bhabhi pe jo gai hai" said Zoya as she entered.

"Vo toh hai!" Said Dilshad & Najma in unison and laughed. 

Zoya kept on doing Najma her last minute make up.


"O my darling i love you!!!" Sang Karan on top of his voice for his little Raina.

He indeed loved her a much as he loved Zoya.

Raina giggled in Karan's lap, laughed & clapped.

Hearing those noices Asad was sure his daughter was somewhere nearby. He opened the door to the groom's room to find his daughter giggling with her mamu as she calls him.

"Zoya isse tumhare paas chod chali gai?" Said Asad not believing Zoya could do that on Karan's wedding day.

"Arre nai! Raina ne zidd ki aur mai bhi bore ho rha tha! Issliye hum saath saath khel rahe the" said Karan cuddling into Raina.

Raina kept on giggling.

Asad adored the sight. Who knew the person he was jealous of years ago for Zoya would be so found of his & Zoya's daughter.

Asad went near Karan and sat beside him.

"Karan, i have always trusted you with Zoya first, then my daughter and now my sister! You have always been above my expectations! But Najma meri behan hai issliye kahe bina chain nai aayega, meri behan ka kyaal rakhna! Thodi pagal hai par tum bhi kam nai ho so i guess you will manage. I know tum Najma ka aachese kyaal rakhoge issliye tumne ye nikah itna pospone kiya taki tum apne pairo pe khade ho sako and i'm proud of you! Thank you for always being there." Completed Asad finally with tears in his eyes.

"Asad, mai tumhara bharosa kabhi tutne nai donga aur tumhari family ko maine hamesha apna mana hai issliye shayad itna pyaar aata hai! We are a family and family do not have to thank each other!" Said Karan getting emotional too.

Raina stared at her abbu & mamu understanding nothing yet smiling towards them.

Zoya was done helping Najma so she came to help Karan where she heard the whole conversation. It was perfect for her. Two people who she dearly loves with her daughter in their hands.

"I love you guys so mucchh!" Said Zoya hugging both of them.

"Ammi bass!" Said Raina in Karan's arms as she had enough of their hugs.

"Okaay baba!" Said Zoya.

"Chalo ab nikah nai karna? Phuphi Najma ko leke neeche aa rai hai!" Said Zoya.

"Arrree wahhh! Finallyy!!" Jumped Karan off his seat with little Raina.

Asad & Zoya just laughed it off.

All the rituals were done Karan & Najma had said "Qubool hai" to each other and binded together for lifetime. 

Zoya and Rida being Karan's sister went to Najma's room.

"Aapki suhagraat kaisi thi? Aapne kya kiya tha?" Asked Najma highly nervous.

Zoya just blushed going into a blushworthy flashback.


Zoya was sitting on Asad's bed waiting for him to enter.

Finally when he entered she was nervous. It felt like they were all new to each other. 

Asad came and sat beside her. Zoya had sensed that the feeling of newness and nervousness was very mutual.

First time Zoya was hell nervous. Asad taking the first initiative put his hand on Zoya's. Asad had touched her many times but this was different hell different.

Zoya blushed hard. Asad had regained himself reminding himself that she was his Zoya indeed.

Asad now had started to enjoy this shy Zoya. This gave him some confidence as he knew right now she wont back answer.

Asad took of the veil which covered Zoya's head. Her eyed looked down with shyness.

"Miss Farooki" called Asad.

"Mrs Khan" Zoya shot up.

She blushed at her own statement. Finally getting out of the awkwardness Zoya smiled and Asad laughed who was pulling back his laughter since he shot back to him. Soon. Zoya joined his laughter.

"Mr. Khan! You have no idea how heavy this is! Mai change karke aati hoon!" Said Zoya getting up.

"Ji" replied Asad.

They both got up together. Asad stepped on Zoya's dupatta by mistake. Zoya lost her balance falling on te bed over Asad. The force of Zoya falling was so much that Asad's lips touched her neck. It bought all the nervousness back to Zoya. Enjoying her blush Asad just played with her hair. Zoya kept her eyes down yet smiling. It was a kind of open invitation to Asad.

"Koi bhi kaam nai hota na tumse thikse! Mai madat kar deta hoon!" Said Asad huskily in Zoya's ears.

First the meaning of the words didnr soar in Zoya's mind but the tone sounded quite seductive which caught her attention. She widened her eyes as she has just saw a alien and stared at him. 

"Today indeed was the day of seeing a new Asad." Thought Zoya to herself.

Slowly and seductively Asad starting taking off the heavy jewelery. Asad noticed she looked so innocent and beautiful without those stupid heavy things. Zoya just blushed and stared at him all the while.

He started loosing his control and bent down for a kiss. Zoya responded to the kiss. It was full of love, desire and care. He was very gentle with as if she was just a feather. Zoya had just lost herself somewhere. They broke apart in the need of some air. But not for too long. They kissed again and Asad started undressing her. Zoya had no idea what was happening around her she just knew whatever was happening, she was enjoying. Asad had never knew he had such a side he had undressed himself as well as her in quite a less time. If it was a year before he would have called it 'besharmi'. As Asad unclasped her bra reliazation striked to Zoya. But it was too late. She was bare in front of him. She put her hands of her chest trying to cover herself but It was just not possible.

"No point now, i have already seen it!" Said Asad and kissed her lips again.

Zoya responded this time wildly as if showing that she loved it when he kissed her.

Zoya noticed how toned Asad was. Never in her life she had thought of such a perfect husband. But her fate was too good to her maybe.

Zoya was'nt shy anymore. She took over and roamed her hands over his physique while Asad did  the same with her little body.

They just wanted to feel each other. Control was now not possible Asad was about to tear the last piece of cloth covering her feminity but before he did that he just looked above to Zoya who nooded and he removed it. She was a beauty indeed! There was his lady love under him naked waiting for him. He removed his boxers and entered her. Zoya let out a loud cry of his name which made him stop but continued as Zoya told him to. They were one tonight. Asad & Zoya were no two different people from now on. That was decided decided by them. Finally tired both of them drifted off to sleep in each others arms covering themselves in a duvet. That was peace. The smiles on their faces were yet readable.

*flashback done*

"Bhabhi aap share nai karna chahti toh koi baat nai!" Said Najma seeing a blushing Zoya.

Asad had watched the blushing Zoya. He smiled as he remembered their first night. It was really good!

"Aisa nai hai Najma! Bas har yaad alag hoti hai. Ye tumari pehli raat hai uske saath jisse tum pyaar karti ho! Tum dono ko kya karna hai tumpe hai!" Said Zoya as she winked at Najma.

Najma blushed hard and Asad & Zoya left leaving the newly married couple alone and let Rida and their family handle the rest.

Dilshad had gone with her khala to her place as she was alone after Najma's wedding.

Karan entered the room. Najma looked at him and he understood she was scared. After all all these years he knew she was really innocent. He knew with her he had to be a bit slow. 

He came near Najma took off her veil and made her look at him.

"Itni nervous? Kyun? Mai insaano ko nai khata!" Joked Karan

Najma laughed. 

"Ye hui nai baat! Chalo ab change karlo kal jaldi uthke Raina ke school ke annual function mein bhi jaana haina?" Said Karan.

"Haa!" Replied Najma.

Karan went in the washroom to change. Najma was amazed she had really found a soulmate. She changed too.

"I dont mind taking our relationship slow. Okaay? Dont worry!" Said Karan.

"I lovee youu Karan!" Said Najma teary.

"Mee more" replied Karan.

Karan kissed her tears and gave a quick peck on her lips which amazed Najma. He qiuckly went on his side, under his duvet and shouted..

"I did nothing!"

Najma laughed at his antic and laid beside him, in his embrace. Finally sleep overcame them.

While going back in the car. Zoya was smiling all the time.

"Aisa kya ho gaya Mrs Khan ki aapki smile ruk hi nai rai?" Asked Asad.

"Hamara nikaah yaad aa gaya!" Said Zoya as he blushed.

"Nikaah yaa.." Started Asad.

"Mr. KHAN!" Said Zoya eyeing Raina.

"Aapke nikah mein mai kaahan thi?" Asked Raina.

"Aap ammi ke paas thi!" Replied Asad.

"Toh muje yaad kyun nai?" Asked Raina again. 

"Aap bade ho jayoge toh sab yaad aa jayega!" Replied Zoya.

"Pakka?" Asked Raina.

"Pakka" replied Zoya.

As they reached home Asad picked a sleeping Raina to their room and put her on the bed in between so Asad & Zoya could sleep by her side.

After changing Asad slept by Raina's one side and Zoya by her other. She changed Raina into her night suit and laid back finally after a long day. Asad & Zoya turned towards each other as always enterwined their one hand while the other one laid on Raina. It was tiring day all three of them so sleep was not far away. Their eyelids finally dropped and they drifted off to sleep.

How far had they come now. A perfect family they were. Ammi , abbu, dadi & thier little angel.

Their life is so good that they had never imagined ever off. 

Thats what we call a happy ending.Heart

The end.

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