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AsYa FF: Time to go back (Chapter 29)


"Mr. Khan, muje kabhi chod ke mat jaana! Mai aapko aapna sab kch mann chuki hoon, apna sab kch de chuki hoon" said Zoya hugging Asad tightly.

"Mai aisa kaise kar sakta hoon? Mai bhi aapko apna sab kch de chuka hoon Zoya" Asad replied with a smile responding to Zoya's hug.

They were so close to each other that even air could not pass between them. They had been so far recently that now they were not ready to leave each other.

Asad & Zoya were moving on the tunes of the song playing in the background sticking to each other like a second skin. They were in a totally different world today afterall they have not been together since so long. 

After sometime Zoya looked up to Asad yet holding him tight. Asad smiled to Zoya and she smiled back. They were so close and all above that so much in love. Desire was evident in Asad's eyes. Zoya blushed as she noticed it. Asad neared her lips with his and stopped after reaching real close to her lips. Zoya saw the hesitance in his eyes and smiled. Zoya came ahead and closed the distance between their lips. Asad was extreamely soft with her. Asad and Zoya were so lost in their passionate kiss that they had no idea that they were the only couple left on the dance floor. The spotlight was on them and everyone could see them kiss so passionately. The people around started clapping looking at the adorable couple assuming they had just confessed their love to each other.

Asad and Zoya's eyes flew open hearing the noise around them. They saw the spotlight on them and the people congratualating them for their so called 'new found love'. How much ever modern Zoya was she was shy in the such matters. Asad and Zoya were totally embaressed for loosing out to thier desires. 

Asad & Zoya made way to thier table giving all the smiling people an uneasy smile. Their food was already there. They silently had their lunch. After finishing everything they went towards the car.

"ALLAHH MIYAAA that was so awkward Mr. Khan! Sab kitna ghur ghur ke dekh rahe the" Zoya shouted finally breaking the silence.

"Sahi kaha! I guess hamara nikah ab jaldi ho jana chahiye warna aisa na ho jaye ki hum apne pyaar se haar jaye" Asad wondered but said it aloud. 

Both Asad & Zoya blushed at the statement.

Asad: Hum kahaan jaa rahe hai ab Zoya? Hume bahut kaam haina?

Zoya: Haa par.. Mai aapko mera favraite beach dikhana chahti thi! Vo kaam toh hum shaam ko bhi kar sakte hai kyunki aaj mai aapi ke ghar hi hoon.

Asad: Par..?

Zoya: No par var Mr. Khan!

Asad: FINE!

Zoya: FINE!


Karan was waiting for Najma in his car. Najma came down wearing a beautiful blue dree selected by Karan. The bindi on her head made her look so pure so adorable. Karan was mesmerised by her beauty. Najma came and sat inside the car while Karan was yet staring at her. 

"Karan?" Called out Najma.

"Hmm?" Replied Karan.

"KARAN" shouted Najma.

"Oh sorry! Kya hua?" Replied Karan instantly.

Najma: Kya kar rahe ho tum?

Karan: Ek khoobsurat ladki ko dekh raha tha.

Najma blushed. 

"I loved it when Karan conplimented me. I loved it when he teased me. I loved it when he tried to prove that i was as innocent as a 5 yr old kid. I loved my every moment with him. I had spent only 2 max 3 days with him but our bond was really strong. Talking to him this whole month was the best time in the day for me. I am attracted to him? Do i like him? Or maybe do i love him?" Wondered Najma to herself.

"Ab aapko kya hua mohtarma?" Asked a confused Karan. 

"Kuch nai! Tum chalo" said Najma equally confused with herself.

"Okaayyy" replied Karan.


Zoya stopped her car in front of the Jacob Rill Park Beach. Her favraite beach in New York. 

Zoya: You know Mr. Khan? Jab muje aacha nai lagta yaa mai lonely feel karti hoon toh mai yahaan aa jati hoon. Yahaan log hamesha kitne khush hote hai! Vo dekhiye ek bf apni gf vo icecream khila raha hai. Yahaan aake muje ek ajeeb sa sukoon milta hai,issliye mai aapko ye jagah dikhana chahti thi!

Asad: Bahut khoobsurat hai Zoya. Dont you think humein bahar jaake taazi hawa mehsoos karni chahiye?

Zoya: Hawa kya paani bhi mehsos karvani hai! 

Asad: Zoya itni thand mein?

Zoya: Kyun nai?

Asad and Zoya came out of the car. Suddenly Zoya started nearing Asad.

"Kya kar rai ho?" Said Asad unsure.

"Kapde uttariye" replied Zoya sternly

"Ji?" Replied a shocked Asad.

"Arre arre i meant coat uttariye! Aise ayenge kya?" Zoya said laughing on Asad's watchable expressions.

Zoya helped Asad take off his coat and went towards the beach. They sat on the sand taking their respective icecreams in hand. Zoya being the clumsy one dropped her icecream.

Asad: Ye lo mere mein se khao!

Zoya: Awww!! Mr. Khannn i never knew you were so romantic!

Asad & Zoya shared a cone of icecream. Both trying eat the icecream at the same time hurt their head with each others. 

After completion of the icecream Asad & Zoya were staring at the beach. Zoya looked at Asad by her side and saw the beach.

"ALLAH MIYYA WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? Stop staring at those bikini clad women" said Zoya a bit to loud.

"Ji? Mai toh vo.." Said a shocked Asad.

"Ji kya huh? Kahaan gai aapki tehzeeb tameez? Itni hot ladki aapke saamne hai aur aap?" Said Zoya dramatically.

"Zoya mai beach dekh rha tha" replied a almost terrified Asad.

"Muje sab pata hai aap kya dekh rahe the" said Zoya.

"Zoya,tum aisa kaise soch sakti ho? Mai tumhare aalawa kisi aur ko kyun dekhunga?" Replied Asad confidently.

"Kyunki usne bikini pehni hai aur vo zyaada hot lag rai hai!" Exclaimed Zoya forgetting her conservative ahmed khan.

"Tumhe hot lagne ke liye bikini pehne ki zaroorat nai! Tum toh aise hi muje ghootno pe laa deti ho!" Replied Asad lovingly.

"Sachmein?" Said Zoya lookinflg innocently towards Asad.

"Aur nai toh kya" said Asad taking Zoya in his arms."

Aftersome time Zoya pulled Asad and took him near the water. She started splashing water on him and inorder to save himself he did the same. In minutes both were wet and cold. 

"Zzoooyaaa bahut thaaanndiii haaiii chaalllooo abbb?" Asad said regaining himself.

"Jiii" Replied a Zoya getting cold too. 

Both Asad & Zoya finally drove back home.


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